Friday Flash

Flash Fiction written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Stories are listed in chronological order – earliest to latest. Hope I have improved over the years – do let me know! To help you dive in I have added snippets and color-coded it too. Green is a personal favorite, orange is not bad and I would love for you to read, blue is the darker side of life, purple is a stab at humor while black is studied silence 😉 Feel free to disagree with my coding.

  1. The Wait for the Waiting Room
    • My first flash and inspired by real life and gratitude at being able to take so many things for granted.
  2. Thinking…
    • This one was an inspired flash and it sort of just flew out smoothly.
  3. Hungry
    • Of our prejudices and (messed up) priorities.
  4. The Denouement
    • An attempt at romance and humor
  5. Safe or Sorry
    • A tricky scenario which we can all relate to.  I would like to know how you would deal with it.
  6. Sons and daughters
    • An attempt to show how not only daughters but also sons have their own angst against their parents but I think I missed the bus.
  7. Off the Beaten Track
    • When a son neatly turns the table on his mum
  8. The Stowaway
    • This one was a true flash, can’t take any credit, it just happened.
  9. 2084
    • An attempt at science fiction
  10. Her Man
    • Her husband dies but she doesn’t care for her real man is someone else.
  11. Incarcerated
    • The overburdened academic lives of today’s children
  12. Changeless
    • A story set in the future – would things be different or same?
  13. Her Nightmare
    • He’s in the hospital, she can’t find him, would her nightmare end?
  14. Unsullied
    • A different kind of love story
  15. Halved
    • Rather heartbreaking
  16. A Wannabe
    • A first blog-anniversary story
  17. Karma Strikes
    • Inspired by demonetization 😀
  18. The Road not Taken
    • Hmm a bit out there…
  19. In Another Life
    • I enjoyed writing this story
  20. Summer Vacations
    • Inspired by a real life incident when the kids were little
  21. Soul Mates?
    • A different kind of a love story
  22. Mum’s the Word
    • Mothers – need I say more?
  23. When it is Not Time
    • While on a trip, they miss the bus – unfortunate or is it?
  24. Son Speak
    • Of brothers and sisters
  25. A Brighter Future
    • Of the less fortunate.
  26. An Inconvenient Death
    • Based on a true incident
  27. Dead End
    • The girl child
  28. The Last Bastion
    • The less said the better
  29. The Chair
    • Of power games
  30. The Blow
    • I had fun penning this one also based on a real life incident
  31. Thawing the Chill
    • Of mothers and daughters
  32. A Full Circle
    • Life is a circle and it all comes back
  33. Backfired
    • He says, she says, he thinks, she thinks.
  34. Hard Earned
    • A survivor’s tale
  35. Double Standards
    • Hmm
  36. The Addict
    • Of those who love shoes
  37. The Guilty Conscience
    • A twisted tale
  38. It Happened One Night
    • A scary story
  39. Hanky-panky on the Road
    • Of all those office tours
  40. And the Oscar Goes To…
    • Of the masks we wear
  41. The Extra X Factor
    • It all depends on whether if one has XY or XX chromosomes
  42. The Battle for Supremacy
    • Of wedded blitz
  43. A Reminder
    • When the child turns teacher
  44. Stumped
    • The games couples play
  45. And They Lived Happily Ever After
    • When marriages are arranged..
  46. The Sneaky Ways of Fate
    • When destiny wills…
  47. A Pick Me Up
    • Based on a heartwarming true incident
  48. A Clean Slate
    • A comment on the unfortunate nature of human nature
  49. The Critical Ingredient
    • Love marriage or arranged marriage?
  50. Sauce for the Gander
    • Of double standards between men and women
  51. Uncharted Territory
    • The beginning of a love story – part 1 of a trilogy.
  52. Beyond
    • She says yes – part 2 of a trilogy
  53. Lost and Found
    • She says no – part 3 of a trilogy
  54. Not That Desperate
    • Lesson learned a real-life incident
  55. Better Off
    • Female feticide and social status
  56. Worse Than Death
    • When she isn’t afraid of ghosts
  57. Do Photos Count?
    • Of superstitions and double standards
  58. The Murderer
    • She committed suicide – but who’s to blame?
  59. Grounded
    • A daughter speaks to her mother on the phone
  60. Bugged
    • Arranging and disarranging a marriage
  61. The Gullible Groom
    • Hmm
  62. Surrender
    • It’s the same prompt as the above but I like this one better
  63. One Step at a Time
    • An allegorical story but perhaps something is missing
  64. One Fine Evening
    • He was mean and rude to her. He’s sorry and determined to make up. But she had other plans.
  65. The Helpline Number
    • She walks out and into trouble
  66. Missed Call
    • She’s trouble and he knows it but he can’t keep away if she’s in trouble can he?
  67. The Genie
    • Of grandparents and grandkids
  68. Mincemeat
    • Of the life of an average woman
  69. One Step Lower
    • Of her self-respect and independence
  70. Will You Walk into my Parlor?
    • Why marry?
  71. Redrawing Battle Lines
    • The constant battle between a mum and her kids – what’s for lunch?
  72. The Perfect Place for Murder
    • Couple trouble
  73. Of Moms and Sons
    • Conversations or rather non-conversations
  74. The Song Within
    • Life’s frustrations and inspiration from an unlikely person at an unlikely place
  75. Enough of Double Standards
    • Of women and societal norms
  76. Friends Forever
    • As friends can and often will be
  77. Strained
    • When at a dead end bluffing your way through
  78. Another Dead End
    • The uncooperative granny
  79. Faith & Fury
    • A personal favorite
  80. When the Calling Call
    • When you gotta do what you have to
  81. Feet of Clay
    • #MeToo
  82. A New Breed of Terrorists
    • Can safely give this one a miss…
  83. Whimsical Notes
    • The logic of children is rather tricky
  84. Monitoring the Monitor
    • Can there be a solution to the senseless killings?
  85. Why the Caged Bird Doesn’t Sing
    • His and her stories
  86. Caught in the Middle
    • Playing referee between hubby and son
  87. Restricted Entry
    • Of an unjust unfair world
  88. Full Moon
    • Betrayed
  89. The Age-old Ban
    • Waiting for the shackles to drop away

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