Silver Streaks


Hello friends! It’s been a lifetime since Arnav and Khushi enters our lives and yet I haven’t been able to move beyond it. Neither have you 😀 Encouraged by your response to my itsy bitsy Arshi stories and interest (thank you Anu!) regarding Silver Streaks, I finally did what I have been dithering over ever since I started this blog. I deleted Silver Streaks from hinditvadda (sorry if anyone was reading over there!) and plan to post them here, daily updates. There are several reasons for doing so – one is that I don’t want any of you to get into trouble (or cross-eyed) for binge reading in the office (and worse, at home!) 😀 Also I didnt want to miss out on all the fun and joy of reliving the magic of IPK era and of course make new friends. Plus I have to admit to having forgotten much of all the events that have occurred in their lives. Time for some revision!

Anyway, so here we are, at the start of Silver Streaks, which I hope you will enjoy reading half as much I enjoyed writing it. And if you have read it before, what can I say but thank you and make yourself be heard!

Before moving on the the first chapter and onward, just a few words about SS or Silver Streaks.

Ever since I started watching IPKKND one question that nagged me was what would be the fate of two such wonderful yet so different people when they were bound in matrimony?

Would they be able to rise above themselves, remain true to themselves yet be the Arshi couple that fandom has envisaged for them?

I had logged into tele-serial the  for the long haul with a huge bowl of chanas, waiting to see how marriage would be handled by these two volatile personalities.

Yet much to my disappointment, ASR toh bilkul badal gaya, even though he knew that Khushi didn’t want him to change, while Khushi, Ah well what can one say about her?

She took his reassurance of his acceptance of her to heart and put it to fandom’s test. She unlearnt lessons learnt over the past year (remember she waited patiently for him at the office before he was kidnapped; she thoughtfully offered him his space after returned home from the kidnapping) only to barge without so much as your leave not only at the office, but also at the movie hall and school (ughh). And before I had so much as finished with my stock of ‘what the s’ IPK went off air! @#$@^%&@%$#

Forgive me for digressing (blush), haan hum kya keh rahe the? Oh yes, that SS attempts to follow Arnav and Khushi through the years as they journey through life, health children, family, with their trademark nok jhok and love intact, honed and polished. 😀

When I started writing SS I it was with the intention of narrating their story 25 years later post marriage. The way I thought it would go is that after the initial coochie coo he will go back to being the ruthless businessman he was and he would treat her as an indulgent older caretaker. He would be dismissive, take her for granted, and even though he might initially encourage her to start business etc, but when it comes to choosing between kids and office, he would naturally insist that she leave all that and look after the kids after all what is more important than that for a mother and the stage would be set for friction and growing distance. And it would be interesting to see how Khushi deals with all this in her inimitable style and panache.

And that is how the story begins, but after a few chapters, I realized (belatedly) that I wouldnt be able to do justice them or their lives, without sorting out the issues that were left hanging because of the abrupt closure of IPK – such as Di. So I switched from a back and forth (confusing) storyline to a going forward mode – so apologies for the initial hiccups, which get sorted after Chapter 12, if I remember correctly. Do hang on until then!

One last word (erm you know what I mean, don’t you?) before I let you move on to SS, in this version, the story loops off from when Khushi runs off to her parents place ahead of the contract marriage expiry and instead of caving in to his threat of cutting off bijli-pani etc, she calls his bluff and confesses her separation from her husband to Amma Buaji.

Okay, that it then folks, hope you like SS and don’t forget to share your thoughts and reactions.

PS: For the uninitiated, the story is nearly 500 chapters long (5/6 short actually) and ends when it loops back to the first chapter. And don’t worry, these chapters are all penned and ready to be posted, errors and omissions included 😀

Bon voyage!

Click here for Chapter 1

PS If you are not quite sure about jumping into such a long journey how about browsing through the shorter pieces? Click here – From DM’s Desk or pay a visit to Khulasa Mami’s page Khulasa Times. She was revived with news of arrival of a brand new ASR – from Mars 😉 She of course had to pay a visit to the real ASR to sort out matters and the rest as they say is history 😀

And then there are a couple of other pages on this blog which you might like to browse through when at a loose end. Bunch of Short Stories or some enjoyable (hopefully!) and less time consuming photo tours and  Moonshine, a (now completed) rambling story about a happy go-lucky young girl who is thrust (like most of us) into another’s life clueless and unsuspecting of all that awaits her or is expected of her.



12 thoughts on “Silver Streaks”

  1. Many many dear Dhalia. So looking forward to reading the 500 chapters 😊😊😊😊 At home over the weekend and office during weekdays. 😘😘🤗🤗

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  2. Just came across your blog from Twitter and must say I’m really really excited to read your work wow 500 chapters is this for real can’t wait for it also so you have an index page on which I could find your rest of your other work and also is Arnav goes back to school finished or still on going

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shamz happy to meet you too 🙂 Arnav goes to school I think has another 2 updates to go (to be posted on Monday/Tuesday). And here’s the link to my two indexes on this blog

      first one is for IPK original and the second one inspired by the Advay-Chandni fiasco (likely to make sense only if you watched it) 😀
      Hope you will take some time out to share your thoughts on any that you may read – thanks!


  3. Can u imagine the heart attack i had to suffer when I was reading ur silver streaks (for the nth time) on myeduniya and suddenly it vanishes.. thank god i had the sense yo google for the story..

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  4. It is always a pleasure to read any. stories of Arshi. 7 years gone by but the thirst to read more on Arshi does not abate. Chanced this upon twitter and looking forward to reading it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome aboard Asha! Happy to meet an IPK fan even after so many years 😀 Hope SS will live up to your expectations. I hope you will share your thoughts and reactions 🙂


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