The Sneaky Ways of Fate

Photo (c) Kent Bonham

The Sneaky Ways of Fate

Words 102

The train chugged out of the station. He tried to the quell butterflies in his stomach, an alien city, an unfamiliar language. Jobless in Kolkata, fate had offered him a job in Delhi he had grabbed it.

In another part of the country, hectic preparations were on to send her to college.

Tonight, they would take the train to Agra.

Fate blinked. Oops! Her destiny was in Delhi.

“A telegram,” father said, “confirming admission in a Delhi college.”

Fate sighed. Her job was done.

Same city.

Same campus.

Time would lead them to Room 4027.

Biology and chemistry would do the rest.


Footnote: The numbers triggered this piece.

Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and to Kent Bonham for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by the prompt click here.

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39 thoughts on “The Sneaky Ways of Fate”

  1. Indeed a good , honest yet compelling in its own way as it is reflecting an innocence in it….Dhalia, its all predestined….very well written and a heartwarming story, loved it !

    Liked by 1 person

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