Clicks and Pics

Hello and welcome to my world of photos! When I started this blog, I had no idea what all I would be venturing into 😀 From my rambling yarn, I ventured into some heavy ponderous writings and thereon to flash fiction. And now photography – great fun! So much so that I think my photos deserve a page of their own. So here are all the photo posts in this blog – though that’s no guarantee that I would not have rambled in these either. Feel free to browse and if you like anything (or not!), don’t forget to let me know 😀

Edit 1 (2018): Hola folks! While trying to index my posts I found that it’s a big hotch-potch mess. So like my Bunch of short stories, I decided to re-organize my photo posts into more manageable and retrievable posts. So here are the links to these pages in the hope that some of you would visit and find it useful. And what better place to begin than from here? Ganapati Bappa Morya!

Just click on any of the links and make my backache worth it 😀

Cee’s Photo Challenges

Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges

Sunday Trees

Just 4 Fun

The other photo features that still have to grow before they can be allowed a home of their own are still here 😉

From here and there

  1. A Blue Sky
  2. Glimpses of Jaipur
  3. More Glimpses of Jaipur
  4. Err
  5. Travel Times
  6. Chennai’s Nature
  7. Mamallapuram
  8. On Top of the World
  9. Chasing Spring
  10. Hot on the Trail
  11. Glimpses of Durga Puja

Macro Moments

  1. Macro Moment Week 3
  2. Macro Moment Week 4
  3. Macro Moment Week 5

A Photo a Week Challenge

  1. Photo a Week: Hands
  2. APWC: Out in the Country
  3. APWC: One
  4. APWC: Fresh
  5. APWC: Zoom In
  6. APWC: Window Views
  7. APWC: Witch Craft
  8. APWC: Spring
  9. APWC: Red Bricks and Greens
  10. APWC: Green Gardens
  11. APWC: Yellows
  12. APWC: Moving Waters


  1. Travel Theme: Transport
  2. Friday Food: Veggies
  3. Meaty Matters
  4. See the Sea

7 day 7 BW Photo Challenge

  1. Day 1 
  2. Day 2 
  3. Day 3 
  4. Day 4
  5. Day 5
  6. Day 6
  7. Day 7

And oh, if you are fond of photos, perhaps you may like to check out the index of A to Z Challenge posts  – my theme for 2016 was the great Indian Wedding!

Happy viewing 🙂

  Updated on 23/11/16

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