A Clean Slate

Photo (c) Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

A Clean Slate

 Words 100

“Aren’t you scared of ghosts Nani?”

“Nah. They’re my best friends.”

“Seriously Nani, isn’t it tough staying alone?”

“It is getting difficult dear. Maybe I’ll shift to an old age home.”

“Come and stay with us!”

“Not a good idea dear. You have your own schedules. I am too old and inflexible to fit into them. We’ll get on each others nerves in no time.”

“Will you be able to adjust with strangers?”

“Ever notice how we are nicer, kinder people when with strangers?”

“Yes, but…”

“When there’s no history, no expectations, it’s easier and simpler to get along.”


Returning after a hiatus, feeling rusty. Did it work? Do let me know – have a great weekend.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thank you Rochelle for hosting the challenge and the photo prompt! To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

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67 thoughts on “A Clean Slate”

  1. It’s strange how people are nicer to strangers. But being alone and old is another story. Old people need to live with families to have more meaningful lives. I know that my 90 year old father in law and 86 year old mother in law who live with us are healthier because of the frequent interaction with my grandchildren!
    Of course this wasn’t what your story was about …. but just expressing a view point

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    1. Appreciate your sharing your views Sunita – what you say is absolutely right but you forgot to mention an important ingredient – willing, caring and loving daughter-in-law like you 🙂

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  2. It was a lovely story reflecting a different mindset,i love the way you show different aspects and mirrors sideline to understand the shadow at times, lovely story, well written and crisp….

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  3. Sad yet true. Worse still is the fact that we’re nicer to people when they’re dead and gone.

    On another note, would you be interested in Collaborating on a Story with me and a couple of other writers on Twitter? If yes, send me you email address so I can mail our ideas to you. Thanks 🙂

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  4. Have you ever noticed people happier in their age group
    Reason I feel the stage of life is similar
    So understanding of each other better
    Even though love for children n grand children is ever present
    Your story tells both sides, the loneliness of both in living alone or with family
    Old age home is a lovely option

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  5. It’s difficult to tell a complete story in dialogue, but you succeed very well in this vignette. You have a storyline, you reveal character (and I must say, I like Nani, because she’s a shrewd and unselfish person), and you have rather profound social comment. And it all flows nicely, and none of it seems forced. Well done. You’re obviously stainless steel!

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  6. Lovely story. I know many seniors would prefer to live in an old age home where they can be independent.
    Then there are many who are enjoying living with the family, with grandchildren keeping them on their toes.

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    1. 😀 Yes that thought occurred to me too but Nani is smart, she doesnt plan on hanging around until familiarity creeps in. She figures either they will leave or she would! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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  7. A wise and compassionate Nani, and perfect dialogue. Obviously we face the same challenges all over the world. People get older and remain independent.

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  8. Are we nicer to stranger? I do not think so. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful when old people are with the family if they want to. But there are certainly a lot, who say no. We had all grandparants at home when they were too old, to live by teir own. It is difficult because they have their habits, as we ourselves have our habits, and it is a change to live together. But you love each other and therefore you takes consideration. It has always worked well. It becomes problematic when they become dement or end up very sick and suffering that is the most difficult thing. If it is not possible to be with the family or you do not want to, a start in a retirement home is certainly better if you are not too old, or? So you can still do something with your new friends. Because I believe that you can have a close relationship with strangers, even in old age, when you live together.

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  9. Of course it is better for older (and younger) generation to stay with their kith and kin. But the reality is often different. Differing priorities and perspectives often put them at loggerheads and if neither party is will to budge, things can get very unhappy. Also is it not true that often when we are upset or disturbed, we have no compunctions about being mean and rude to our loved ones but we smile greet and maintain a harmonious presence in the workplace or public don’t we? Thank you for reading and commenting. Do you have a blog? I couldnt access it.

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    1. oh yes you are right, of course you have to make concessions to the other. But that is the case when one love someone, no? I rather believe that the decision-making and preparation step will involve more uncertainty and anxiety than when they are living together. Well, and in the family, you might be more rude, than you are with strangers. But in the family you also learn to deal with it and becoming sensitive. You just have to communicate that, don´t you?
      Yes I have a blog but I want a reboot and have deleted the entries. best regards

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      1. In a fair world that would be true but in reality not everyone is on the same page at the same time. He or she maybe willing to communicate but I may not be. And by the time I get on board the other party is on his/her own high horse. And so it continues 😀 Look forward to reading your pieces whenever you are ready 🙂

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  10. hmmm, this risk, not to surf on the same wave at the same time and be ready to communicate, is always given, when the priority is not the same. The one is about making his personal activity ready, but the other wants dinner now. I think that is a matter of the effort and the priority you set. Two alpha animals will have a harder time than one alpha animal and someone who is always fun to take care of others, even if he has his own projects. Of course, the best is always to have common interests.

    Yes, and I try to start my blog in finding a line …. hmmmmm.

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