Chapter 170: ASR Reminisces

About 2 years ago continued

Khushi’s eyes fluttered and fell before the intensity in his eyes, “H..h…haan, hatiye aap, ab der nahi ho rahi hai kya?” she recovered, “I still need to shower and change,” she moaned as she glanced at the clock.

“Theek hai Khushi,” Arnav took her stuff, “I will pack these in my suitcase, you go and take your shower,” He waited till she was in the washroom before opening his case and putting away her clothes, a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

By the time Khushi had showered and changed, HP had arrived and taken away the cases. Irritated at her tardiness, Arnav hustled Khushi; there was no time to eat. All RMians were gathered to bid adieu to Arnav, Mamiji’s eyes turned as big as saucers, “ee kaa, single ticket par double tripwa haain! Eee kauno bimari hai ka tum dono ka, shaadi bhi without application aur ab holiday bhi….!”

Khushi flushed but Nani cut in authoritatively, “Manorama!” her voice cracked like a whip, “Aise koi bahar ja raha ho toh toka nahi karte,” she smiled at them both affectionately, “Jaaiye aap dono achche se ghoom kar aayie, yeehaan ki chinta naahi kijiye, hum sab hain na,” Nani blessed the couple, Khushi hugged her emotionally and had to rush through the rest of the goodbyes as they were running short of time; thankfully Yash had fallen asleep, so Khushi was spared the guilt of having to leave an unhappy wailing child in her wake.

In the car, Khushi suddenly realized that she had not spared a thought for either Di, Ankit or Anya and all three were likely to be waiting for her; strange Di ka phone bhi nahi ayaa, Anjali knew that Khushi would be coming over at around 4 pm to spend the weekend at her place, phir bhi? “Di?” she turned to Arnav part guilty, part worried, “Relax Khushi, maine Di ko bata diya tha that I insisted you come along,” he shrugged, “She was most happy for us, you really worry too much you know.”

Khushi made a moue, “Yeah, of course she would have been happy for us, but disappointed as well na? And Ankit would probably not even remember, but Anya, she will be upset. After all I promised to help her with her school project.” Khushi felt bad for the disappointed little girl.

Arnav smirked, “Oh no no Khushi, you got it all wrong, Anya was even more happy than Di was!”

Khushi’s eyes were round as saucers, “Really! How come?”

Arnav grinned widely, “Oh I told her I was taking you along for a more important project!”

Khushi looked at him confused, “What proj….” she turned a beetroot red, “Arnav!” she squeaked scandalized, “No you didn’t say that did you?” She put up her hands to her suddenly hot cheeks.

Arnav slid his arm around her and murmured, “Yeah, I told her the main reason we didn’t have a baby was that we hadn’t had our honeymoon yet. Initially she wasn’t too convinced, she had a discussion with Di but wasn’t still satisfied as she couldn’t remember Anjie having a honeymoon, so she called up her guru, who after consultation with her superiors confirmed that a ‘honeymoon’ did seem a pre-requisite to babies!”

Unable to help herself, Khushi laughed and then smacked her forehead, “Hey Devi Maiyya, what if she expects me to land up with a baby in tow!” she shook her finger at him, “Aap hi sambhalna usse, waise I wouldn’t mind if,” she suddenly recollected herself and glanced at the driver, she looked away smiling.

Feeling a bit awkward (pata nahi Arnav ne Di ko kya bola, aur Anya ne Di ko kya bola) she called up GM to make her apologies and bid them goodbye; that went off pretty well, though she strongly suspected she heard an undercurrent of laughter in Di’s and Bhaiyya’s voice; Anya was more upfront, “Mami try very hard ok?! And don’t fight with Mamu, and don’t forget to lock the door and…”

“Ok ok, bye Anya talk you later,” Khushi hurriedly disconnected the phone, Anya was practically shouting at the top of her voice in excitement and that too in the presence of her parents. Her cheeks felt as if they were on fire, “Anya bhi na!” she muttered as she thrust her phone into her bag, Arnav looked at her knowingly, “Ah she must have given you fresh instructions!” He was openly laughing at her.

“Apni amma se nahi baat karogi Khushi,” Arnav poked her.

She glared at him, “Bahut mazaa aa raha hai na hume aise embarrass karke? Aap hi ne kuch bola hoga Anya ko!”

Arnav simply grinned, “Guilty as charged!” She punched him.

She called up her parents who took the news in their stride and wished them a happy and safe journey. Khushi then started fussing, “Aapki dawai toh hai na, I got some candies as well…”

“I hope no lollipops?” Cut in Arnav with a pained expression, ‘Arnav Singh Raizada with a pink lollipop in his mouth!’ He shuddered and closed his eyes and thought, ‘Khushi tumhare liye kya kya papad belne padte hain!’ It would take a long time before he could get that image out of his mind. (Mymind and ASR seem to be on the same page eh?)

They had arrived at the airport and within a short while they were all checked in and waiting for security check to be completed. As Khushi stood in the ladies cue, she overheard a girl talking on the phone; she was clearly excited and thrilled about her trip and kept mentioning her visa ‘pangas’. Khushi suddenly frowned in suspicion, visa! Yeh toh socha hi nahi, mana ki tickets can be arranged but visa aur woh bhi Saturday ko!

As soon as she was through security check, Khushi picked up her purse and attacked Arnav even as picked up his belt to wear it, “Zara bataiye hume aapko itni jaldi humara visa kaise mila, woh bhi Saturday ko, yeh offices toh weekend ko bund hoti hai na!” she clearly smelt something afoot.

Arnav calmly buckled his belt and slid his laptop back into the bag, “Relax Khushi come let me show you the Delhi airport, yeh tumhara pehla flight hai na, but first let us eat something, you must be hungry and tired, subah se you have been running around.” He solicitously put his arm around her.

She glared even more suspiciously at him, “Arnav, aap humse kuch chchupa rahein hain…”

He grinned, “Maine kaha tha na ki main Arnav Singh Raizada hoon kuch bhi kar sakta hoon…”

“Haan toh aap Mauritius embassy bhi khulwa sakte hai kya?” Khushi was not so convinced about his capabilities in that direction.

Arnav shrugged rather nonchalantly, “Sure; koi shaq? After all you do have your passport and visa don’t you, otherwise how could I get it at such a short notice?”

Khushi continued to look at him disbelievingly, “Wohi toh hum samajhne ki koshish kar rahe hain,” she frowned suspiciously, “Kahin aapne pehle se hi…”

Arnav was affronted, “Bharosa nahi hai mujh par? Mere capabilities par?

Khushi was in a dilemma, she nibbled her fingers, “Nahi woh baat nahi hai, par,” she hesitated, how to say it without offending him and that too they were leaving for their honeymoon, par pucca daal main kuch kala lag raha hai.


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9 thoughts on “Chapter 170: ASR Reminisces”

      1. Seriously yaar, kitna tarsaya hai🤣🤣
        Thrice the suhaag sej was decorated for Arshi n not even once it was put to use.. 😅😅
        N so many times Arnav used to increase her acidity n dhakdhak…poor Khushi

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      2. ASR is Shatir 😎n more aware or should I say experienced😉😄. But poor Khushi was so naive about all these things… ASR with all his antics used always make her all flustered… he always knew how he n his nearness affects her

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