Sunday Flash Fiction

Like fiction? Well you are at the right place with lots to read, good bad and ugly 😀 In an effort to make it easier for you to find my 200 word stories I have listed them here. Going a step further, like the Friday Flash (and other short story pages here), I have included snippets and color coded them too.  Green (light and dark green 😉 for my personal favorites, orange not bad but perhaps you would take the time to read and let me know where it really stands, blue women stories, purple for humorous ones (I think!), pink for kid speak and black for studied silence for fear of incriminating myself.

  1. SPF: The Troubleshooter
    • Some kids being kids. One of my earliest pieces so let’s just leave it at that.
  2. SPF: Holidays!
    • Just another family trip in one car
  3. SPF: Dead Meat
    • The boys are having a party and Vijay turns up without the booze. Inspired by a real life incident.
  4. SPF: Freedom
    • Continuing Rapunzel’s story after her Prince Charming rescues from her tower.
  5. SPF: Exposed
    • Of husbands, affairs and gossip mongers
  6. SPF: A Fatherly Lesson
    • Of how a father teaches his son a lesson. Based on two horrifying newspaper reports
  7. SPF: Something Fishy
    • A more or less true story from my childhood 😀
  8. SPF: David vs Goliath
    • Hmm less said the better
  9. SPF: Daffodils
    • Also inspired (but not entirely true) from an incident at school when I about 8 years old.
  10. SPF: The New Age Fairy Tale
    • An inspiring tale of a young girl who beats the odds. I have tried an only dialogue story.
  11. SPF: The Misfit Miss
    • Another girl who refuses to toe the line and follow set standards
  12. SPF: Food for Thought
    • The eternal battle between caution and call of the heart
  13. SPF: Nowhere
    • The cry of a lonely mother
  14. SPF: Ground Rules
    • When a new bride makes her position clear once and for all.
  15. SPF: Nipped in the Bud
    • A slanging match or is it a budding romance?
  16. SPF: The World Cruise
    • Naina is caught between an evil but ailing husband and a willing beau. Whom or what will she choose?*
  17. SPF: Converted
    • Of applying and imbibing what is preached.
  18. SPF: Practical Lessons in Desensitization
    • Hmm…
  19. SPF: Tricks of the Trade
    • Some tricks and tips on life in general and marriage in particular
  20. SPF: Return Gift
    • Hmmmm…
  21. SPF: Happy New Year
    • A big house, one crotchety husband, one long-suffering wife and the phone rings…*
  22. SPF: How Heaven Saved Us
    • Life on earth is about to end, escape vehicles have been built. Now comes the tricky part who will die, who will be saved. I am a bit confused about the title though…
  23. SPF: It’s a Match
    • What matters while searching for life partners
  24. SPF: A Benevolent Dictator
    • He loves her and spoils her and always puts her first – or does he?
  25. SPF: The Amusement Park
    • An attempt to do a thriller, it started well I think but perhaps it fizzled out – but how about you being the judge?
  26. SPF: Of Time and Monsters
    • A pampered daughter she finds the love of her life. But there’s a problem and her father has little choice but to make the ultimate sacrifice.*
  27. SPF: Lessons in Practicality
    • The show must go on, right?
  28. SPF: To Cut A Long Story Short
    • A little girl learns her lessons well and applies them on her brother.
  29. SPF: A Toy Story
    • Of childhood and memories
  30. SPF: Masked
    • Of judging a book by its cover.
  31. SPF: Ill-timed
    • About the adventures of a workaholic absent-minded professor
  32. SPF: Mired
    • A David and Goliath story
  33. SPF: Taking a Stand
    • When enough is enough and knowing what is more important
  34. SPF: Monstrous Tales
    • Of brothers and sisters
  35. SPF: The Many Hues of Love
    • Not diamonds, chocolates or flowers, the other ways of love
  36. SPF: Once Upon a Time
    • Autobiography of a dragon king
  37. SPF: Look Within
    • Another one of those on life’s purpose and philosophies
  38. SPF: The War Within
    • The everyday conflict of a homemaker, to a larger or a lesser degree
  39. SPF: Accursed
    • A haunted house, a village scandal, the real story? Depends on who is telling the tale.
  40. SPF: Escape Velocity
    • When the triple talaq was banned I went overboard.
  41. SPF: Come into my Parlor
    • Of a matchmaking bulldozing colonel
  42. SPF: Taking the Highway
    • Of being able to see the writing on the wall
  43. SPF: The White Wedding
    • In matters of the heart, the head always loses
  44. SPF: Laughter the Best Glue
    • Trying to decode what makes a marriage last
  45. SPF: Home Sweet Home
    • When siblings come together again before they are parted forever.*
  46. SPF: Calling Her Bluff
    • Ill at ease while honeymooning with a man who is almost a stranger, she has visions of a previous life.
  47. SPF: Not So Ill-fated
    • The same premise as the above yet with a different twist
  48. SPF: Not Like Us
    • A mother cautions her child. A tricky one but I think I pulled off what I wanted to – do read and tell if I am exaggerating.
  49. SPF: Shoe Bite
    • Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.
  50. SPF: Turning the Tables
    • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
  51. SPF: An Entangled Mess
    • Of old age and fading memories
  52. SPF: Forced into the Backseat
    • The tough task of letting children fly
  53. SPF: The Conformist
    • A poem (ish) story
  54. SPF: Blast from the Past
    • An attempt at a spooky story
  55. SPF: A Letterbomb
    • An alien story
  56. SPF: Where Ever You Go
    • Mums will be mums
  57. SPF: You’ve Got Mail
    • A writer’s tale
  58. SPF: Life Notes
    • Of life’s lessons learned little late
  59. SPF: A Rough Draft
    • A personal achievement
  60. SPF: Reality Bites
    • Of dreams and lost opportunities
  61. SPF: The Perfect Getaway
    • On the way to the perfect vacation

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