Chapter 425: Sherry the Wolf

Khushi stared at Anjali shocked, “Nahi Di aisa toh nahi hai Sherry!” she exclaimed, “kya sach main usne koi khabar nahi li?” she demanded incredulously.

Anjali shook her head decisively, “Anya swears she didn’t tell him, we didn’t inform him,” she shrugged helplessly, “toh phir how would he know? Haan he did call up around 9 pm last evening, just casually, he didn’t say much and quickly disconnected the phone, I did find it odd for he is not one to just call up to ask haal chaal,” Anjali said ruminatively.

Khushi nodded, “Haan that must have been when they had some fight and she must have stormed out and he would have got worried and tried to find out if she had contacted you all, and then rung off when it didn’t seem like she had,” Khushi tried to join the dots.

“Haan aise hi hua hoga, but he should have at least informed us that Anya was missing?” Anjali was very upset, “How can he be so callous and indifferent! Mana Anya behaved in a very thoughtless and impetuous manner par Sheru bhi toh kuch kam nahi hai! Woh aise kaise kar sakta hai?”

Khushi shook her head, bewildered and incredulous, “I never thought Anya would behave so childishly, always thought she was rather a mature girl,” she sighed, “And now Sherry as well, I cannot believe it of either of them,” she paused trying to justify their actions, “Of course I don’t know what exactly happened,” then hesitantly, “He didn’t hit her did he?”

Anjali shook her head, “Nahi, at least I don’t think so, because I did ask her ‘maara kya?’ toh she started crying even harder, ‘marna hi sab kuch hota hai kya? Isnt this my home anymore? Or am I no longer your daughter but your brother’s wife and therefore your daughter-in-law? Can’t I come here if I want to? Koi problem hai toh bataiye, I will go away from here,” tears slid down Anjali’s cheeks, “bechari bahut hi pareshaan hai, I didn’t want to upset her even more so I didn’t question her further,” she shook her head, “not that there was much scope for the children kept us fully occupied throughout the night.”

Khushi shook her head worriedly, “Di why don’t you take a nap, I am here for as long as I am needed, don’t worry, main sab sambhaloongi,” She gave Di a gentle push.

“Oh but, what if the children wake up? They are familiar with me, phir bhi mere paas bahut mushkil se aa rahien hain, aur tumko toh jaante bhi nahi,” she worried.

“Don’t worry Di,” Khushi smiled, “I will manage, aur waise bhi I can always wake you up in case the situation bigad jaaye, right?”

Anjali gratefully squeezed her hand, “thanks Khushi, I think I will lie down for a bit,” she left the drawing room.

Khushi peeped into Anya’s room – aww the twins looked so adorable she couldn’t wait to cuddle them aur Anya – her heart went out to her, so pale and exhausted she looked, let her rest, things would look better and different once she had recharged her batteries.

Just then, Khushi’s phone rang and she hurriedly withdrew from the room for fear of waking the sleeping angels, “Haan Arnav boliye,” she said softly.

“Tum bolo, kya hua?” Arnav said curtly.

“Hmm abhi toh kuch pata nahi chala, they are all sleeping, Di bhi abhi rest karne gayi hain, it seems the kids were up all night so they are all tired out aur kuch bhi baat nahi ho paayi,” Khushi updated Arnav.

“What does Sherry say?” Arnav asked.

“They haven’t talked to him yet,” said Khushi.

“Kyon? Main baat karoon?” he threatened.

“Arre nahi nahi, hum kar rahein hai na baat,” objected Khushi, “please don’t interfere and let us sort it out.”

“Yeah right, abhi tak nahi kiya toh kab karogi,” snorted Arnav disbelievingly, “I am calling Sherry,” he decided to take the bull by its horns.

“Don’t you dare Arnav,” Khushi instantly snapped, “Achcha nahi hoga hum keh dete hain,” she warned.

“Like I care,” he retorted rudely.

“Please Arnav aap samajhne ki koshish toh kariye,” Khushi said in a placating tone, “How about if you and I have a disagreement and Kishu bhaiyya calls and pulls you up? Tab kaisa lagega aapko?”

There was silence as the arrow hit home.

“Why are you getting so worked up, ho jayega sab sort, thoda time lage shayad, aap apna kaam kijiye please,” Khushi urged.

Arnav knew when he was beaten – he grunted and disconnected the phone.

Khushi heaved a big sigh of relief and sent up a prayer of gratitude to DM – please let better sense prevail.

Khushi nibbled on her nails, dithered a bit then took a deep breath (what if better sense did not prevail? hai toh aakhir Laad Governor hi na – aur agar usse pata chal gaya that Sherry had no idea about the whereabouts of wife and children or that he had not even bothered to inform her family phir toh – Khushi shuddered), she sent up another prayer and dialed, “Hello Sherry kaise ho?” she asked in a neutral tone.

“I am good, how are you?” he too responded guardedly.

“Hmm sab theek, and your mother? How is she? Delhi main hi hai na?” Khushi tried for some small talk.

“Ji, she is ok,” said Sherry and fell silent.

There was an awkward pause; Khushi said casually, “How is Anya? And the girls? I believe they have started walking? Ab toh bahut naughty ho gaye honge?”

There was silence at the other end, “Bhabhi, lets stop beating about the bush ok?” Sherry said wearily, “I am sure you know that Anya is in Delhi because I find it impossible to believe that you wouldn’t have been informed about their arrival.”

Khushi bit her lip even as relief flooded her, she too hadn’t been able to believe that Sherry could be so callous and indifferent no matter how big an argument they had had, “How do you know that they are here in Delhi?” she asked, “I believe Anya left without informing you? Aur tumne bhi koi khabar nahi li,” she said in an accusing tone.

“Just because she didn’t inform me doesn’t mean I wouldn’t know where she is,” he said rather cryptically.

“But how do you know? Khushi insisted.

“That’s not important Bhabhi,” he said curtly, “Ok bye Bhabhi.

“It was a surprise to see Anya and the children in Delhi,” Khushi rushed in, “Sudden plan tha kya?”

There was silence for a while, “Anya’s ka plan tha, ussi se poochiye,” there was the faintest note of bitterness in his voice. But mostly he sounded low and lost.

Khushi’s heart went out to him, she instinctively felt it must be some major MU between the two, besides she always did have a soft corner for Sherry – perhaps it was because he often reminded her of Arnav, “Kya hua Sherry?” she asked, “koi jhagda hua kya?” she said in a coaxing tone.

“Anya ne bataya nahi?” the bitterness was clearly audible this time.

“Nahi abhi tak toh nahi, actually there hasn’t been much scope for any heart to heart interaction so far because the babies were very cranky and unmanageable,” Khushi admitted.

“Babies! Unko kya hua?” Sherry was instantly all concern.

“Nahi, nahi aisa kuch nahi,” Khushi rushed to reassure, “Just that they probably weren’t too comfortable in a new place and were up most of the night,” Khushi trailed off.

“I hope they aren’t coming down with something,” Sherry worried, “They are usually such angels, no trouble at all, possibly Delhi’s heat must have got to them, Anya ko sochna,” he abruptly broke off, “I got to go now Bhabhi,” he hesitated, “Anya theek hai?” the words seem to be wrung out of him.

“I guess,” Khushi said, “She is sleeping now and so are the babies.”

“Ok bye Bhabhi, just feed her will you?” Sherry said strangely.

“Feed her matlab?” Khushi was puzzled.

“Kuch nahi Bhabhi,” he backed out, “Bye.”

“Par Sherry,” Khushi called out urgently, “Tumne bataya nahi hua kya hai?”

“Bhabhi, its better that you ask Anya, she is the one who left, I didn’t ask her to leave or thrash her in a fit of rage, if that is what you are concerned about,” he paused, “Waise bhi I wouldn’t want to spoil her fun, I am sure she cant wait to pour out her tragedy about how she has been saddled with the world’s most insensitive, uncaring and selfish man,” he disconnected the phone.

Khushi made a face as she stared at the dead phone in her hand – bade miyan toh bade miya chotte miyan subhanallah!


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 425: Sherry the Wolf”

  1. Looking forward to seeing what made Anya leave her Sherry and come to maika.
    After the heavy rain during the night it a lovely sunny day. The colourful leaves(yellows, reds, and bronzes) are dancing in the light breeze. Looks lovely. The Robin has come round a few times; Nice to see a flash of red when it flies.
    Good night Dahlia Have a great Sunday.

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