Chapter 513 Shubh Shubh Bolo


Khushi looked around in surprise. Her brow cleared after she managed to place him. “Shubham. Aap yahan?”

“Ji. Coffee?” He held out the cup. “It’s hot.” There was a faint note of urgency.

Poor boy.

She hurriedly took it from him. “You shouldn’t have.” She protested. “I don’t…”

“So they’ve deserted you.” It was a statement not a question.

“Nahi nahi. I only insisted. They wanted to…”

“But they shouldn’t have let you win…”

“Koi jung thodi hai!” Khushi exclaimed. “Anyway I was too exhausted to walk all the way to the guest house and they promised to be back in half-an hour.”

“Yeah right.” Shubham walked away.

Strange boy. Nice coffee. Thank you bhi nahi bolne diya.

“Maam, sit here,” Shubham reappeared carrying a plastic chair.

“Arre! Yeh kahan se laye.”

“One of the stalls.”

“But what about him?” Khushi objected.

“He barely gets a chance to sit with the crowd. Besides just a matter of half an hour right?” He looked at his watch, “Of which 13 minutes are already up.”

“Keeping a watch are we?” Khushi couldn’t help commenting.

He shrugged. “Adat se majboor.” Did he darken or was it a trick of the light? “I am naturally observant.”

Khushi raised her now empty cup. “Very nice coffee. And much needed. Thank you.”

Shubham took the cup from her before she could protest and chucked it into the dustbin.

“Kuch aur lengi? The rolls are very good. Although I am not sure whether aap non-veg…?”

Khushi shook her head. “No thanks. The coffee is what I needed.” She smiled up at him.

But he wasn’t there – she blinked.

Phir gayab.

What the!

She spied him in the distance running up to a couple walking ahead with a kid in tow.

Oh friend hoga

But to her utter surprise, he grabbed the toddler and seemed to crush him in his arms.

Uska baccha hai?

Or was he child molester?

Khushi was distressed.

There was a commotion and a crowd gathered obscuring Khushi’s view. Uneasy, Khushi stood up.

Did he need help? Or was he crazy? Chotti didn’t much care for him. Although Guddu almost idolized him. She also liked him.

But ho kya raha hai wahan par?

Oh shukriya Devi Maiyya.

She sank back on to the chair. He was coming back.

“Kya hua?” Khushi asked the moment he was within earshot.

“Kuch nahi.” Shubham shook his head and looked back as someone came up at a run.

“Thank you. Thank you.” He wrung Shubham’s hand and was almost in tears.

“Arre. All good only.” Shubham said awkwardly. “Nothing.

“You saved his life.” The wife joined them also crying.

Shubham looked even more harassed, annoyed even. “Please be careful about what you hand over to children. It can be very dangerous for them.”  He sent them on their way.

Kuch nahi?” Khushi mused.

Shubham gave a ragged laugh. “Haan, kuch nahi.” he sounded embarrassed, “As they passed by I saw the man hand a pen to the little boy who immediately put it into his mouth. I was thinking it could be risky and the next instant the boy jerked and stumbled. He had choked on the pen cap. I just..,” he shrugged and gave a self-deprecatory laugh. “I was just there at the right time.”

“Thank Devi Maiyya for that.” Khushi smiled. “And little bit to you too.”

This time Shubham’s laugh was more genuine.

“You are observant.” Khushi nodded.

“I told you Maam.”

She looked at him. “I thought you were working in Delhi?”

“Yes Maam. I came here to participate in the football tournament.”

“Oh right.” Khushi nodded.

“Deva settled down?”

Khushi smiled. “As much is possible without football!”

He laughed. “Woh bhi karlega jugaad sooner than later.”

“I hope so.” Khushi slid a hand down her aching leg

“I don’t think the girls will come back anytime soon.” Shubham looked at his watch, “Already been an hour. You must be tired what with all the rehearsals…”

“Oh!” Khushi looked up, “Did you see the program?”

“Yes. And very good too.”

Khushi smiled pleased. “Yes. The girls were brilliant.”

“All credit to the teacher.”

“Shubham tum bhi na.” Khushi was amazed at how comfortable she felt with the boy.

“Ek minute.”

Now what? Khushi wondered as Shubham dashed off again.

Shubham returned soon enough, on a bike. “Come Maam, let’s get you to the guest house.”

“Oh Shubham!” Khushi was overwhelmed. “You shouldn’t have. The girls…”

“Even if they come, you’ll have to walk. And it’s a good 20 minutes’ walk.”

Khushi blenched.

“I don’t have the keys….”

“They won’t dare say no to ASR…”

“They know ASR?” Khushi frowned

“Of course,” Shubham nodded, “And woe betide anyone who crosses swords.”

Khushi laughed but still dithered. “But how will the girls know?”

“Text them, or I will, ” Shubham revved the bike, “The guy from whom I borrowed the bike is having some snacks. We don’t want to make him wait do we?”

Sighing Khushi acquiesced.

“That was fun!” Khushi smiled as she attempted to smoothen her wind-blown hair.

“Never been on a bike before?”

“No!” She laughed.

“I hope ASR won’t kill me.” He accompanied her inside.

“Why would he?” Khushi scrabbled for the key which she had insisted on for safekeeping as she didn’t trust them.

Shubham shrugged. “How dare you risk her life?”

“Aisa kuch nahi hai,” Khushi denied flushing. Did the whole world know? “Perhaps I was once a great deal but now I am old deal.” She tried to make light of it.

Shubham looked down at her with an inscrutable expression. “Once a deal. Always a deal.” He walked to the reception counter and threw over his shoulder. “Waise I was talking about Angelika Singh Raizada.”

Of course!

Grimacing Khushi followed him inside. He had wrangled the key from the receptionist and insisted upon escorting her to the room. “Would you like to eat something?” He asked. “Dinner toh nahi kiya…”

“Arre nahi!” Khushi exclaimed, “I couldn’t eat anything now. The entire evening I have been chomping on something or the other.”

“Good night.” He was gone before she could thank him.

Such a kind considerate boy, Khushi mused as she unravelled for the day. Wonder why Chotti didn’t like him. Or was she protesting too much? And him? Looks like he had a soft corner for her. Par aisa kyun laga? Kuch bhi toh nahi bola. If anything he was critical and disparaging. Phir bhi. Kuch toh hai.

Yeh ladkiyan kahan reh gayi? Khushi fell asleep worrying and didn’t wake until the next morning.

Anya was asleep on the bed beside her while Chotti was sprawled on the sofa quite dead to the world.

Famished, Khushi washed up and changed. After a quiet breakfast at the restaurant  [Kapi and idli] downstairs, she went for a stroll around the campus. Strangely she felt at peace here. More than she was in the States. Aisa kyun? Kuch bhi toh nahi badla. In fact, wapas jaakar she would have to pay tax for her daring…was that what she was looking forward to?

Hey DM was she a glutton for punishment? Or was it a case ki isi bahane kuch toh interaction hoga. Better than the cold dreadful silence between them. That was even worse. Nahi kuch aur hai. She stepped aside to let a bunch of giggling girls pass by. But they stopped.

“Wonderful dance program Aunty.” Khushi looked up in surprise. The girls had stopped and were smiling at her. “How we wish you stayed nearby then we could have a dance party every weekend!” One of them gushed.

Khushi laughed. “Time hai aap logon ke paas?”

“Jeene ke liye thoda time toh nikaal hi lete!”

Khushi nodded smiling and walked ahead. Jeene ke liye thoda time toh nikaal hi lete

And that’s what was different.

She felt alive.




When was the last time she had felt like this?

All at once a crowd, cheers and claps from all.

Except one.

His hands were in his pockets.

But the expression in his eyes made her feel like she had never felt before.

Agar aaj yahan hote toh aise hi dekhte kya?

“Mom!” Chotti and Anya were upon her. “Kahan gayab ho gayi? Uff really a one for giving heart attacks. Kal raat ko and now.” Chotti grumbled even as she linked her arm with her mother.

Khushi laughed and squeezed her. “Kyon? Kya socha? Ma has eloped with Shubham?”

“That’s not funny!” Chotti dropped her mother’s arm.

“Of course it is.” Anya piped up. “I wonder why you think it’s not funny?” She high-fived with Khushi as Chotti turned red.

“Of course it’s not funny,” snapped Chotti, “That’s my Mom. What about Dad?”

“What about him?” Khushi shot back. “Woh apni duniya mein mast hai. Maine socha main bhi thodi masti kar loon.” She spread her arms. “Mahol hi kuch aisa hai.” She gave a blissful sigh.


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33 thoughts on “Chapter 513 Shubh Shubh Bolo”

      1. Exactly! In NY, everyone is invisible. Here, she gets some recognition, acknowledgement and love! Although, I think Khushi can make friends everywhere she goes.

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  1. Aha! so its choti and shubham , huh?. oh well time will tell. i like that K is feeling good about herself.
    the updates end too soon yaar, shuru karte hi khatam :(. Sigh!

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      1. You know recntly came across a Turkish romantic comedy drama called Ask Laftan Anlaman. This too is based on an office romance and the protagonists are so
        Similar to arnav and khushi in the early days. Really enjoyed it. Would recommend a watch my dear lovelies 😉

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      2. Oh, tell me about obsessions. me and them go hand in hand, though i have yet to recover from the IPKKND fever!!! I remember when i first came across your story (the first one), i spent night and day on it , truly like an obsessive bitiya, till i finished it!! no easy job i tell you, going through 500 chapters, phew! :).
        about the turkish drama, some of the scenes are uncannily like IPKKND, i remember it being aired on Turkish tv too , so maybe the CVs decided to take some inspiration from there. who knows !!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah I heard that as well; as I said I watched a bit here and there, the Khushi spark was missing in the girl I felt. But ho sakta hai i saw very little and not the pertinent scenes. I am honored and touched at such dedication to obsessive 500 chapters 😀

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  2. Good Morning Dahlia. Missed you yesterday. Shubham to the rescue and his praise and care made Khushi feel better .(She wished it was her LG) The ride on the bike was fun. Anaya and Khushi joked about her running away with Shubham but Anjalika S R is not amused. (just like her dad). So Khushi has decided to have fun. Aaj mousam hai suhana or Arnavjiko irritate karnaka bahana.😉
    Thank you for the update.

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  3. Hello Dahlia, thought you were busy travelling so wasn’t expecting an update…thank you so much my dear. Yeh Shubh sab pata rakhta hai…choti ke programs ka and tapak jaata kisi bahane…kabhi cousin ki graduation or kabhi football 🙂 Is doctor ko itna time kaise milta hai ??
    I like him for his persistence and chivalry, very charming indeed 🙂 Good for Khushi, will he be an ally in coming days, maybe fill the void left by Deva…someone Khushi can turn to, it will be interesting to see how choti deals with that…want to know where there relationship is at? Now don’t say Waqt batayega.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Agreed! What about ASR though? What does it take to get him to warm up to someone? Anya married his brother. Anjali married Khushi’s brother. Question is who is Shubham related to?

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  4. Hello Dji, sry der ho gayi par aana toh tha hi😊.. My most fav dialogue has to b- once a deal, alwayz a deal, shubhamji ye apne liye bole ya ASR ke liye, jo bhi ho kamal ka bole 👏🏼👏🏼 Toh khushi bitiya is getting bike rides, enjoying life, not bad bitiya, lagi rahi ho. Ab ye Ms. ASR ko kahe 🌶 lagi😉 I think khoob jamega rang jab mil baithenge Khushi, shubham aur deal😀

    Zindagi masti se bitayenge
    Der raat bike ride par jayenge
    Hum toh khushi hai je
    Khush ho kar dikhayenge

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    1. Je baat! 😀 Ab kya hai na, rishta na sahi, khayalat to similar hona chahiye right? 😀 Mirchi lage toh bhi apne akad mein swallow karta jayega ASR – remember the dal wala scene lololol

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  5. After so long I could feel Khushis naughty thing is back with a bang…its awesome …you are back….i love their muses….the hidden unacceptable feelings for love..

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  6. Khushi has devi maiya on her side forever….shes adoarble and will make friends in the wink of her eye….its beautiful the way you are ….threading in one stream…


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