More Short Stories

Hello and welcome to my blog. Of late I seem to be too caught up on other matters to find time to cook up new stuff. But since you are here I would hate for you to leave empty-handed. You could visit my About page to check out all the stuff I have attempted to poke my fingers in to. Or you could read some of the short stories that I have indexed on this page ranging from 500 words to 3000 words.  To ease your browsing and tempt you to dive in, I have included snippets and color coded the stories.  Green for my personal favorites, orange not bad but how about reading and letting me know where it really stands, blue women stories, purple for humorous ones (I think!) and black for studied silence for fear of incriminating myself 😀

  1. How He Saved the Day
    • Anish has had a bad day and it’s just going to get worse but he manages to come out smelling of roses.*
  2. Affairs of the Office
    • Is Adi having an affair? Or is Sheena? Perhaps it’s Riteish. Why dont you read and check it out for yourself?
  3. The Misconception
    • Sia dumped Lalit and decades later she turns up on his doorstep with a strange demand.
  4. The Little Things in Life
    • Trupti is furious with Anand. Will he say sorry?
  5. A Narrow Escape
    • Of matchmaking mamas and eligible bachelors*
  6. The Trap
    • While his wife is away, Naveen invites his girlfriend home. No his wife doesnt come home early. And the funny thing is it was meant to be horror story but  many found it amusing. So I am a bit confused as you can see with the color coding bit…
  7. Echoes of Another Love
    • A love story with no humans, animals or living characters! Can you guess who the narrator is?
  8. The Test
    • A skeptical prospective groom tests her literacy skills. She too demands her pound of flesh. Based on a true incident from the interiors of India.
  9. Righting a Wrong
    • Hmm not sure I can recommend this one, wonder what I was thinking?
  10. Miscarriage
    • Based on a newspaper report, how everything is always her fault even in the eyes of the law
  11. The Vacation
    • The banter and bickering of an elderly couple*
  12. Die Another Day
    • The name is Bond, James Bond 😉
  13. Regret
    • This one was published (for free) in a magazine (my first!)*
  14. The Garbage Guy
    • How a garbage collector taught me one of the most important and unforgettable lessons of my life.
  15. Mind the Fish
    • An account of a new bride’s first adventures with cooking.
  16. Bestsellers Galore
    • They fought and went their own ways. He misses her and wants her back. Will he get her back?
  17. Out of the Ordinary
    • Money is missing from home. The maid is obviously the culprit. But how to bell the cat? Based on a true incident.
  18. The Elopement
    • Lily wants to run away with her BF. But now her granny is sharing her room. Will she have to give up her plans?*
  19. The Inheritance
    • When money comes in, everything goes for a toss. A bit involved and complicated, and will require full attention to keep track of who is doing what.
  20. The Scent of Love
    • What happens when Dayaram, the hardworking serious quintessential office clerk falls in love? I saw this story happen in my head but I think it could have been shorter.
  21. Come Walk in my Shoes
    • All stories are about the loneliness of the elderly, how they wait for their children to spare a few moments but does anyone think of the pressures of the youngsters? Also a bit on the longer side.
  22. Brothers in Arms
    • Brothers being brothers
  23. Fighting a Losing battle
    • A favorite bickering couple – Arnav and Khushi
  24. Arnav Goes to School
    • A 6-part completed story of a father trying to manage his children
  25. Sonu aur Titu ki Lovely
    • An 11 part completed story inspired by the Hindi Film Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety

Random Musings

  1. Mystery of the Song
    • Someone in my neighborhood insists on playing the same song over and over again. Why? That’s what prompted this post.
  2. Power of Three
    • Just trying to understand Hindu philosophy and thinking.
  3. Which Way
    • An account of my first train journey alone
  4. Meaty Matters
    • Just some foody stuff

Feel free to disagree with my color coding – thanks for visiting


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