Chapter 145: ASR Showers Khushi

Khushi came back from office and the silence at RM hit her. She of course knew that Naniji had gone shopping with Di, but where was everybody else, had the workers finished their work? She wondered excitedly, now she could go upstairs right!

She grimaced, nahi, I have wait for the Laad Governor’s permission, she trudged off to the guest room and stood still in surprise. All their stuff had vanished from the room, even Devi Maiyya was not in her usual place. Pucca kaam khatam ho gaya hai, she thought happily as she waddled back to the lobby. But when was this Laad Governor going to come? Suppose he came back very late from office, would she have to wait till then? I need to change, freshen up and my things are upstairs, she grinned triumphantly and pulled out her phone, “Hello, Arnav, looks like the workers have finished their work, so I can go upstairs right?”

“No Khushi, you will have to wait for me,” Arnav vetoed her request.

“Par kyon? Khushi wailed, “I want to change and my stuff is upstairs, I am very uncomfortable in these clothes,” she said slyly.

“Maine kaha na Khushi, you will have to wait for me,” Arnav spoke in her ear, she turned around in surprise, there he was grinning triumphantly at her, “Chalein?” he put his arm around her, “R..rukiye!”

“Kya hua Khushi?” Arnav was concerned.

“Pehle aap apna kasam wapas lijiye,” she wagged her finger at him.

His eyes crinkled as he grinned, “Are you serious?!”

“Ji haan,” Khushi was adamant, “Apna kasam wapas lijiye.”

He burst out laughing and then struck up a pose and put his hand on her head with a flourish, and said in a deep voice, “Jaao kanya, hum tumhe tumhari kasam se mukt karte hain.”

He burst out laughing again, while Khushi looked at him in amazement, “What was that?”

He shrugged, “Yehi hoga, if you watch so much TV in the bedroom.”

She pulled a face and slowly moved with Arnav up the stairs.

“But Khushi,” said Arnav as he helped her upstairs, “I don’t get it, how does this kasam business work? I mean everyone comes with their lifespan on earth fixed right? The time and place of our death is a predetermined event but yet breaking a kasam can change destiny? Unbelievable!” He marveled at the folly of man, then, “Hey Khushi what a wonderful way to commit murder! Just give somebody kasam about the one whom you want dead and now all you have to do is to get the other guy to break the kasam and voila, the victim is dead and the police is stumped!” he laughed.

Khushi punched him and made a moue, “Kar lijiye mazaak, par yeh vishwas ki baat hai, aap nahi samjhenge, aur waise bhi I don’t like this marne maarne ki baatein in front of the baby.” she protested.

“Ok ok,” Arnav dropped the topic, waise bhi they had reached their room. Arnav pushed open the door, and she could see their clothes and other stuff was back in the room and so was Devi Maiyya. But Khushi was disappointed. Of course she was happy that the room looked bright and fresh after the whitewash, but that was the only difference she could make out.

Arnav was looking down at her, “Kya hua?”

She shook her head and smiled reassuringly, “Kuch nahi, bahut achcha hai, its looking very neat and clean, good for our baby,” she squeezed his hands and moved inside the room.

Arnav slipped a hand over her eyes and gently turned her towards the right and dropped his hand to her shoulder, all the while keeping his eyes focused on her face not to miss any change in her expression, surprised, confused, a big O and a wondrous smile lit her face as she spied a door decorated with flowers leading to another room, “Arnav!” she gasped in awe and delight as she walked in and saw what was clearly a baby room.

A big spacious room with minimal furniture, a baby cot, a comfortable sofa, a rocking chair, a big basin for bathing the baby, with a diaper changing table in the farthest corner. Convenient and thoughtful storage space, open shelves and drawers lined this section. At the other corner was the washroom. While there was no exit towards the poolside, huge French windows gave a clear view to the poolside. The room was done up in lime green and one wall was a mural of the jungle, infested with animals of all sorts.

Khushi looked at Arnav and tried to speak, but the words stuck in her throat, tears streamed down her cheeks, he gathered her into his arms and let her cry, finally spent she sniffed and hiccupped, “I am sorry Arnav, yeh sab aapne kiya it is so beautiful, never in my dreams could I imagine such a wonderful room for our baby.”

Arnav nodded happily and said proudly, “Yes, even I am pleased with the outcome, I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t go for the traditional blue or pink,” he shrugged, “couldn’t wait that long! But you can change it later if you wish.”

Khushi shook her head, “It is perfect, the lime green color is so soothing and taken with this wall mural, it feels as if we are in touch with nature, aaphi ka idea hoga, hai na?”

He nodded and hugged her, “Par Arnav, how was this possible, I mean I didn’t even know that there was a room next to our room!”

Arnav grinned, “Actually my room was a twin set, but if you look carefully, the connection had been cleverly concealed and merged with the wall,” he shrugged, “I was alone, I didn’t need two rooms,” he hesitated as if struck and then mused, “I wonder why I didn’t remember about it when we were fighting over the washroom,” he looked down at her, “Possibly I wanted to share the room with you, hoping against hope….but tum ho ki, doosre shaadi ke baad bhi you kept me at an arms distance! I think I must be the only man to have married the same woman twice and yet missed his SR both times!”

Khushi blushed.

Khushi hesitated and then hugged his arm, “But Arnav, like I told Asha Nani, I want the baby to sleep with us, at least initially.”

Arnav clasped her hand, “Of course Khushi, that is up to you, but you don’t to need to worry, because there is a baby monitor placed in this room and actually it will be as if the baby with us, and you can be in tune with all the activities of the baby,” he grinned and winked, “of course the baby wouldn’t have access to our activities!”

Khushi shook her head at him and punched him.

She nodded her head towards the rocking horse and a train set ready to chug off on the floor, “What’s that Arnav? Our baby won’t be able to play with that for quite some time!” she laughed at him.

He rolled his eyes, “I know that Khushi,” he shrugged, “I thought the room was looking a bit empty and then I thought we should give something to Yash and Ankit when they come over for the ceremony. The rocking horse is for Ankit and the train set for Yash.”

It was Khushi’s turn to hug him for his thoughtfulness, “But what about Anya?” she asked him.

He made a face, “I couldn’t decide, and besides she is a big girl now, so I thought we could give her cash?” he said hopefully.

Khushi nodded her head, “Good idea, though I should ask Di to keep a strict watch on her, that girl is growing too big for her boots,” recalling her last conversation with Di.

Arnav was instantly alert, “Why what happened?

“Kuch nahi,” Khushi decided against telling Arnav, pata nahi kaise react karega if he got to know Anya advised his Di to ensure ‘protection’, he would probably promptly buy her a chastity belt!

She waved her hands towards the bathing/changing area, “Aur yeh sab bhi aapne kiya?” almost disbelievingly.

Arnav looked sheepish, “Nahi, Di and Nani helped me with that stuff.”

“Achcha!” Khushi nodded as so many things became clear. Toh Di aur Nani ko bhi pata tha! Khushi went inside and opened the drawers, diapers and other necessary toiletries had been stocked in one set of drawers. The other set of drawers held baby clothes, Khushi held them up wonderingly, they were Ankit’s clothes, she buried her face into it, tears again threatened to overwhelm her, Di had gone to so much trouble for her!

“Woh Nani ne kaha, that the baby should first be dressed in old clothes, so Di took out Ankit’s baby clothes,” Arnav rushed to explain, “You can buy more stuff later.”

Khushi shook her head and smiled mistily at him, “Hum jaante hain.” She hugged him happily, “Thank you! This is the best Godh Bharai gift that anyone could ever receive!”

Arnav hugged her back and then moved back to look into her eyes, “Tumhe kisne kaha ki yeh tumhare Godh Bharai ka gift hai? He cupped her face and murmured, “This is a gift for our baby, tumko kyon doonga gift, ab toh sab kuch baby ke liye hi hai,” he said.

Khushi looked at him speculatively, pucca kuch toh hai, he was teasing her, she made a face and punched him, “Toh humare liye kuch nahi hai?” she made a sad face.

He shook his head, then said casually, too casually, “Oh I almost forgot! I have do something for you.”

“Kya hai?” asked Khushi her eyes sparkling.

“Ek line hai tumhare liye,” he said seriously.

“Ek line!” Khushi was astonished, “Koi sher hai kya? Woh bhi ek line ka?!!!


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 145: ASR Showers Khushi”

    1. Ab kya karein despite being a true and diehard Khushi fan yeh Arnav bhi na second fiddle play karna pasand hi nahi karta aur kuch na kuch karke aage badh hi jaata hai – at least kabhi kabhi 😛

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  1. I guess he took the cue from Asha Nani’s conversation about having a baby room and achieved both in one shot.

    How thoughtful of him. I never knew that baby should be dressed in old clothes. new knowledge for me.

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