Kaha Suni

Hai re Nandkisore!

Pata hai kya hua?


Jiska darr tha.

Kya? Kuch samajh nahi aya?

Lo hum batate hain (humne toh socha kabhi poochoge hi naahi 😉

The other day as I finished my interview with ASR and was making my way out of RM wrestling with the unanswerable questions and unthinkable answers when the thinkable happened.

I lost my way and (naturally) found myself by the poolside. Being the shameless eavesdropper and voyeur of IPKKND fame I had no hesitation in moving towards the Arshi bedroom. Yes the door was open and I just flew in.

Oh didn’t you know? I turned into a fly for this assignation. Besides, I was tired of walking around RM and I was actually trying to turn into a crow, fly a straight line…err oops sorry, I know this isn’t about me…

ASR entered the room.

Phir kya hua?

Phir jhumka gira re – Khushi ke kaan se, hai hai hai, gira jhumka jhumka ~aaa~aaa.


Hum crazy hain?

I protest your honor. Yeh sach nahi hai. Hum sach keh rahein hain.


Kasam Baanke Lal ki aur Jai Kanhaiya Lal ki 😉


Batati hoon batati hoon uffo suno toh sahi…

Khushi’s jhumka flew out of her hand as she pulled it off her ear. She went, “Hai re Nandkisore,” but her words were drowned out by a What the!

Arnav stopped in his tracks as he spied the missile headed his way. His lips thinned and he glared at it until the jhumka faltered in mid-flight and plopped into his outstretched hand with a soft apologetic tinkle.

“Woh humara hai,” Khushi said.

“Did I say it was mine?” Arnav dropped it into her palm as if it were a live wriggly snake, “Why must you always be all over the place?” he grumbled, “and where the hell is my Singhania file.”

“Why don’t you wear that damned file around your neck?” Khushi shot back.

ASR took a threatening step towards her. Khushi took two. He shook his finger in her face. “File ka pata hai ki nahi?”

“Na kahoon toh?” Khushi narrowed her eyes.

“It’s not funny Khushi.”

“Okay let me look. Lo, yeh padi file. Aap bhi na.”

ASR snatched the file from her hand and threw it on the dresser.

“Yeh kya? Isiliye maangi thi file? To test me? Why are you so annoying?”

His fists clenched and his eyes shot sparks.

Horrified, Khushi clapped a hand over her mouth, “Oops! I meant annoyed.”

His lips twitched.

“Meri Angrezi gareeb hai na.” She said mournfully but her eyes gave her away.

“Pagal.” ASR shook his head resignedly.

“Achcha bataiye. Why are you so…so cheesed off?”

ASR turned on his heels and walked out to the poolside

“Arnav!” Khushi followed him and I too buzzed around his head hoping to detract him but he just swatted me away.

I…Okay okay fine fine I won’t hog up any more screen space.

“Arnav! Kya hua? Batao toh sahi.”

He rounded on her and stalked her until she hit the wall. “As if you don’t know.” He punctuated his words with a blunt finger punching the air.

“Nahi pata. Aapki kasam. Karwate badalte rahe aapki kasam…”

“Oh shut up Khushi.”

“I will, but only if you tell me ki kya hua?”

“He’s back.” ASR wore a bleak look.

“Who?!” Khushi gasped and her eyes widened. “Sh…Shyamji?”

ASR darkened. “What the hell! You still haven’t forgotten him? And you still insist on adding the ‘ji’?”

“Oho chodiye na! Itna ghooma ke kyon baat kar rahe hain? Seedhe seedhe nahi bol sakte?”

“Tum kissi cheez ko seedhe rehne do tab na?”

“Ab humne kya kiya?”

“Why did you send that pesky Khulasa woman?”

Yikes! They were fighting over me!

“Usse goli maariye. Stick to the point. Who’s back?”


“Addu? Who on earth is Addu?”

“Addu or Adrak I mean Advyay Singh Raizada is back on earth.”


ASR raised his hand. “He’s a distant cousin. He had migrated to Mars. But now all of a sudden he’s back. And…” he clenched his fist, bared his lips in a grimace before turning away.

“Arnav!” In a flash Khushi was in front of him. “Aapko batana padega! Aapko humari kasam.”

“Kasam? Not again Khushi!” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“Bataiye na. Please?”

“After that Khulasa woman came, I did some investigations of my own. Apparently Addu’s come to earth in search of you.”

Of me? Why?”

“I don’t know.” Arnav shrugged. “He was seen burning a photo which looked like yours. And then smashing up unfinished sculptors…dekho,” he thrust his mobile into Khushi’s hands.

Khushi scanned the clipping and undertook some inbestigation of her own.

“Aap bhi na! Addu has a girl of his own!”


“Yeh lijiye.” She showed him the clipping. “But, he’s really mean! Worse than you.”

“Exactly! No sane person would deliberately risk waiting for the fire to burn his ladylove before rescuing her. It’s all hogwash. He actually wants you…”

“Rubbish. Abhi pyaar nahi hua hai. Baad main hoga. Sorry bol dega aur woh usse maaf kar degi. Phir sab RV RV ho jayega.” Khushi clasped his hands and twirled around.

“What crap!”

“Aise kaise?” Khushi protested. “Aapne bhi toh hume first floor…”

“First floor, first floor, tang aa gaya hoon main justify karte karte. Woh ek hadsa tha, a momentary lapse…”

“What about the first night when you imprisoned me…?”

“I was a different man then Khushi…”

“Haan toh Addu is also a different man now. Pyaar sab kuch theek kar dega.”

“Aur nahi kiya toh?”

“Woh pyaar nahi hai.”

Rabba ve began playing and ASR metamorphosed into Arnav. He forgot what he was angry about and drew Khushi into his arms.

Things became pretty steamy and unwilling to intrude upon their very private moment I flew off.

Kmami’s very last flight of fancy before being inundated with a brand new season of IPK3

Ab aap bhi kuch bol hi dijiye! 😀

13 thoughts on “Kaha Suni”

  1. Dear KM,

    From now onwards I shall bookmark your adventures to read it when I am feeling down because you are hilarious, dearie. You make me spit my tea, choke on my biscuit and laugh like a madwoman in front of my family. If they had any suspicions that I wasn’t okay in the head, you have confirmed them.

    And ‘a momentary lapse’? Was it not your oily hands, but you would rather die than admit that, my love, wouldn’t you? 😀

    This particular journey of yours is more than welcome because after travelling back home, I was feeling so down. It’s so quiet in here. I had grown so attached to my extended family that I cried at the airport.

    P.S I must pester Dahlia to let you have more space in her blog and bother her with an email soon.

    Your most ardent fan.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha I am pleased to know that. Hopefully she’s inspired to write another interview.

        New material? I have not sniffed anything yet. Do let me know. I get a kick out of theories of heroes being from Mars and the top secrets that the house fly reveals 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have been commenting in the MED . I hope you have seen it .I am still not watching the new show but one of your prediction has come tue. ADSR is now clean shaven like ASR. I must say he looks devilish handsome but has not tempted me to the serial. Looking forward to more of your Khulasa Times.

    Liked by 1 person

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