Chapter 385: No Sorry…

Arnav was startled out of his (phoney) reverie by the doorbell and was in fact, taken aback to see Rawat, a senior employee of his carrying a big basket, “Good morning Sir,” he bowed obsequiously, “Sorry to disturb you so early in the morning, actually Sir we had kept a puja this morning to thank DM for all her kripa and also for sending Khushi maam without whom I shudder to think what could have happened to our son,” he shook his head and then offered the basket, “this is the Prasad, please accept it.”

Arnav stared at him, feeling a bit out of his depth and not quite able to make sense, “Your son…?” he groped in the dark.

“Ji Sir DM ki kripa hai, bilkul theek hai, maybe they will discharge him in a day or two,” he prattled voluble in his relief, “Pata hai Sir, kal at the hospital there was panic as he suddenly worsened, and to top it, the required medicine was not available at the hospital, I would first have to go to the ATM withdraw cash, go to the market to purchase the medicine but then my wife, a heart patient fainted,” he shuddered theatrically, “pata nahi kya hota agar Khushi Madam nahi hoti but thankfully she was there and in no time she had made arrangements for the money, the medicine and my son was saved,” tears glittered in his eyes as he smiled at Khushi who had come up silently behind them, “Aapka bahut bahut shukriya Madam,” he gushed.

“I am glad I could be of use Riteshji, waise bhi yeh sab to DM ki kripa hai,” she brushed away his gratitude while accepting the Prasad, “Aur betu theek hai na?” she asked concerned.

“Ji Madam, thank you for everything and sorry that you were held up because of us yesterday,” he bowed and took his leave.

Khushi turned away to deal with a protesting Guddu in HP’s arms while Arnav wrestled with his thoughts, that was his employee’s son Khushi had gone to see, in fact he had told her to go and see him a couple of days ago – dammit kya kya nahi sunaya usko maine

Udhar Khushi was locked in another battle, “Mamma, this isn’t possible, I am so late,” Guddu objected, “They are very strict about timings in school, suppose they don’t let me in?” he pleaded.

“Toh kya hua?” Khushi paid no heed, “You come back home, par,” she shook her head at him, “Don’t get your hopes up, aisa kuch nahi hoga, I will just call up the Principal,” she looked around for her phone, “Mera phone…”

The penny dropped and she turned to glare at Arnav who looked away.

Khushi marched to the telephone book and searched fruitlessly in it. Not one to give up so easily (and taking a tip from Chotti), she googled it on the net and called up the Principal and fixed up for Guddu’s day at school, “There,” she aggressively shut the laptop and put down the phone, “Ab theek hai? Now go to school and take care,” she cautioned, “And if there is any problem, call your Dad,” she said with vindictive pleasure.

Arnav made a face, “Come on big boy, I will drop you to school,” he picked up his bag while HP picked up Devansh, “Khushi let me know what the doctor says and HP, make sure to take out the wheelchair that is in the store room,” he ordered.

Khushi seethed at his high-handed attitude, unbelievable! He was walking away! Guddu could have gone to school with the driver and Arnav could have stayed back to talk to the doctor, “I will email you,” she said stiffly not wanting to speak to him, pata nahi phone uthayenge bhi ki nahi, she thought resentfully.

Arnav walked back to her and offered her his personal phone, “Here keep this other phone of mine,” he said in soft mild tones, clearly offering an olive branch but Khushi was not so easily appeased – she wanted her pound of flesh. She crossed her arms defiantly and looked away with her nose in the air, determined not to give in so easily, pehle kaan pakad kar maafi maangenge, tabhi hum maanege, she told herself sternly refusing to look at Arnav, samajhte kya apne aap ko Laad Governor, he just has to crook his finger and I will come running, after what he said, fat chance, she fumed.

Arnav looked at her stiff mutinous stance; his lips twitched (she thought she looked fierce and dangerous enough to scare him – little did she know that he found her extremely cute and adorable when she jumped on to her high horse expecting him to abjectly and profusely apologize for his misdeeds – fat chance); he reached out and pulled the front of her kurta and casually dropped the phone down the front of her dress.

Jolted, Khushi gasped in horror, her face was a round O as she glared at him, embarrassed clutching the front of her dress.

Struggling to maintain her dignity, she closed her mouth and gritted her teeth all the while glaring at him furiously – unrepentant, he just gave a lazy triumphant half-smile before walking off, “Call me if you need anything,” he called.

Flushing Khushi fished out his phone and protested rather feebly, “Na…hi karenge,” but he had vanished.

Laad Governor kahin ke, samjhte kya hai apne aap ko, ek sorry bhi nahi bol sakte hmmphh, she fumed to herself, even as a small smile tugged her lips – he really was incorrigible, koi aise phone dalta hai kya, HP ya phir Guddu ne dekha hota toh?

RV ko toh bas bajne ka bahana chahiye – hai ki nahi!


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 385: No Sorry…”

  1. “Come on big boy, I will drop you to school,” he picked up his bag while HP picked up Devansh,

    i just went into lol overdrive……. about hp picking guddu…… like a sack of potatoes !

    “….he reached out and pulled the front of her kurta and casually dropped the phone down the front of her dress.”

    arnav really knows how to get under khushi’s skin!

    Liked by 1 person

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