A Tangled Web – 2

Khushi indulged in a bit of eyewash. But there was work to be done – no doubt it wouldn’t bring wealth power or recognition but nevertheless somebody had to do it.

With a heavy heart she went about her chores.

The phone rang. It was Poo.

“Hello Poo, how are you?” Khushi was happy to hear from her. Something to take her mind of that irredeemable incorrigible Laad Governor.

“You had a fight with the Big Boss?” Poo went straight to the point.

“When don’t I?” Khushi laughed, trying to make light of it. “But I didn’t know it was broadcasted over the National channels! Oh I get it – Aman ne kuch kaha hoga. Ab kya kiya ASR ne?” Khushi asked with trepidation.

“He asked Aman to cancel the anniversary plans in Singapore.”

“Anniversary plans? In Singapore?” Khushi was confused. “Kiske saath?”

“Kya Bhabhi. Aap bhi na! Of course aapke saath aur kiske saath?”

“Nahi Poo, humara anniversary toh…” Khushi paused, “for when was this planned?”

“You tell me Bhabhi. If ASR can remember it…”

“6th June?”

“Are you asking me or telling me?”

“Don’t give me lip young woman.” Khushi suddenly felt light, almost euphoric. “Dekh rahi hoon, aajkal ASR ka side kuch zyaada hi le rahi ho.”

“Jo sahi hota hai main ussi ka side leti hoon,” Poo sniffed. “Should I let Aman cancel the tickets and other arrangements?”

“Aman ki bhi khabar leni padegi. Why is he sharing personal confidential information with you?”

“Self-preservation Bhabhi self-preservation. Besides, aapko toh pata hai, I am Aman’s unpaid secretary, whatever he doesn’t like, he dumps it on my table.”

“Aur yeh self-preservation ka chakkar kya hai?”

“Aman got a major tongue lashing. ASR is hell bent upon cancelling the entire Singapore trip, which does not make good business sense. There will be unpalatable repercussions which ASR will blame Aman for not foreseeing and insisting that he go but yet the Big Boss is not ready to listen to anybody except you …aisa kya keh diya aapne unko ki he is behaving like a wounded bear?”

“Wounded bear?! I like that, galati woh kare par kasoor mera? Not fair.”

“Bhabhi woh aap jaano aur aapke Laad Governor. I just thought you should know. If it’s okay with you I will cancel everything, no problem…”

“Poo! Wait. Sochne toh do?”

“Aap sochke bataiye. I have got to go.”

“Achcha achcha theek hai theek hai Miss Busy Bee. Yeh toh batao how is our Devi?”

“Oh she’s fine!” Poo laughed. “She asks about you all often.”

“Aww. Bring her over. I also miss her. In fact why don’t you let her spend the day with me after school someday? Perhaps a weekend or a holiday?”

“Theek hai. But first the Singapore trip…”

“Okay fine. Let me think…”

“Isme sochna kya hai Bhabhi? He planned with such care to give you a surprise and you went and fought with him. How mean!”

“Yeah right.” Khushi rolled her eyes. “I’ll call you back. Chotti’s calling. Hello?”


May as well have said what the hell Mom Khushi thought a tad bit resentfully.

“Uff!” Khushi put a hand to her head. “Is this anyway to talk to your Amma?”

“But seriously Mom! So much of coordination and meticulous planning and you had to go and bust it.”

“I knew it! I knew it! This couldn’t be all your darling daddy’s plan.” Khushi huffed. “I am sure you put him up to it! And he wasted no time crying on your shoulder isn’t it?” Khushi protested.

Why was everybody blaming her?

“Oh please Mom, you are doing Daddy an injustice. He planned everything himself but he let the cat out of the bag when I told him I might drop in home in the first week of June. And he didn’t cry on my shoulder. He just messaged me to tell me it was okay for me to come as you guys weren’t going anywhere.”

“Oh!” Khushi chewed her lip. “Good I guess. I would hate not to be home when you have time to come. When are you coming home?”

“No I am not coming home. Ever. Unless you go to Singapore with Daddy.” Her voice faded. “Have the reports come? Okay, call the patient in.”

Khushi put the phone down. Yeh achchi tanashahi hai. Pehle ek Laad Governor and now ek Lady Governess as well.

But she wasn’t KKGSR for nothing – that Laad Governor just couldn’t say whatever he felt like whenever he felt like without any repercussions could he? She had had enough of it…her phone rang again.

“Okay Mom, so you are going right?” It was Chotti again.

“Look Chotti, you focus on your work and let me deal with this…”

“I would let you deal with it but you keep messing it up. Last time it was Dad who forgot the movie date and now you are acting all pricey and weird…”

“That’s not fair Chotti. You always take your Dad’s side. You don’t know what happened, or what your Dad said…”

“So what? Da always takes your side doesn’t he? Besides, it’s your fault. You are the one who pampered Daddy, let him get away with everything short of murder and now it’s too late to expect him to change isn’t it?”

“Oh so it’s my fault now?”

“Of course! It’s too late to protest. Now don’t be mean to my Daddy. You know he doesn’t mean half the things he says! Darling Mama, come on say you’ll go, please Mama?” Chotti calmed down and coaxed sweetly.

Khushi sighed. “I guess. But, but,” she spoke over Chotti’s whoop, “I am handling this my way, so just stay out of it my Sasuammaji will you?”

“Anything you say Bahurani,” Chotti retorted smartly, “love you Mom, you are the best muaaahhh.”

Khushi put down the phone a rueful grin tugging her lips. Yeh Chotti bhi na. Clearly she would have to go to Singapore now but she did hate handing victory to that ASR on a platter – he had hurt her with his thoughtless comments.

But he only said that because he panicked and was desperate for you to agree to go along with him.

Achche se nahi bol sakte the?

But you know him. He probably doesn’t even remember what he said.

Bas kar Khushi. Stop making excuses for him.

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