Chapter 208: The Solution

“If it’s not this, it’s the other,” Tanya fumed as she swished past Rajani to Aditi’s cabin.

Now what? Rajani fretted. Another typo?

“Avantika!” Rajani called as she passed by with her cup of tea. “What happened?” she nodded towards the cabin.

“Poor Tanya caught in power games.”

“I don’t understand.” Rajani said.

“What the Chief proposes, the Boss Lady disposes. But they don’t say it to each other. They pass messages and give earfuls to Tanya.”


“Yes. Oh.” Avantika drained her cup. “But why are you so low?”

“Nothing.” Rajani shook her head. “Had a late night. Brother went off to Canada.”

“I see. Missing him huh?”

Rajani mumbled indistinctly and turned back to her work.

Harsha’s mask had fallen off the moment they had dropped off Ritu and Abhi at the airport. “What the hell did you say to your father?” He ground out as he swerved out of the airport.

Rajani’s heart gave a leap. Papa had talked to him! But what had he said?

 “I don’t understand. About what?”

“About us. About…damn all women. Can’t be trusted to keep their mouth shut.”

“I don’t get it. What did Papa say?”

“Papa said, not to worry beta,” he mimicked Suryakant, “if you can’t have a baby the natural way you can go for IVF.”

Rajani heart fell to her shoes. This was Papa’s solution?

“Why does he think we need IVF?” Harsha bore into heres.

“Papa…he was just trying to boost you. I was upset about…about not having a baby and,” Rajani scrambled to save the situation, “he…he probably thought you were depressed and was only trying to be helpful…”

“Helpful? How? By giving free advice? Do you know how expensive IVF is?

Rajani shook her head.

“Rupees 2 Lakhs per cycle and no guarantee that it will be successful. I V F.” He ground out derisively.

“Papa said he would give the money…” Rajani said defensively

“He said he would. He hasn’t has he?” Harsha sneered.

“He will.” Rajani promised.

“Papa,” Rajani called up her father on the way to office, “what did you say to Harsha? He’s really angry and….”

“About what?”

“You know about what Papa!” Rajani snapped. “I told you Papa we don’t have any…any…and now you want us to go for IVF?”

“Rani beta we can’t run away from situations that are handed to us. We have to make the best of what is given to us. If he…if he cannot, I mean if he does not, then it is best you go for IVF…”

“But for what purpose Papa. Isn’t it better to separate out, take a divorce…?”

“What nonsense you speak Rani!” Her mother jumped in. “Do you want to your father to die of shame?”

“Why should he die of shame? What’s his fault? What’s my fault in this?”

“It is always the parents of the girl’s fault. In our society, nobody blames the boy. Only the girl…”

“Let them blame me! I don’t care. Please Mamma, let me get out of here. I…I will go abroad, over there nobody cares who you are…”

“But we care. We will be here. People will point fingers at us and whisper behind our backs. Do you want your parents to live a life of shame and exclusion?”

But you have no objections to my living this life?

“Hey!” Avantika clicked her fingers, “where did you disappear?”

“Sorry. You were saying?”

“And on top of it, Nidhi just sent a message saying that she is on 10 days leave.”

“Ten days! Now? But I thought she was planning to take off for her wedding next month?”

“Exactly. And Tanya had made arrangements for a typist. But,” she looked around and lowered her voice, “I heard that Vijay,” She sighed impatiently at Rajani’s blank look, “Oho, the guy in sales, her boyfriend,” Rajani’s expression cleared, “it seems he landed up at her home and threw a massive tantrum.”

“No!” gasped Rajani horrified.

“Yes. He was thrown out. But her parents got worried and that’s why she was married off so quickly and quietly.”

“Oh.” Rajani could help adding her bit of masala, “That day also in office they had a major moment right here…”

“Don’t you girls have any work?” Aditi stood behind them.

Avantika slunk away and Rajani bent assiduously over her work, disconnecting her phone. Again. She was in no mood or position to talk to her mother. Besides what was there to talk about? This was her fifth call since morning. Pushing aside everything, she tried to focus on her work. But then Harsha called.

“What?” she whispered. “I’m busy.”

“So busy that you can’t even pick your mother’s phone call? Your father is in hospital.” He disconnected the phone.

Rajani panicked. “Hello Mamma? What happened? Is Papa okay?”

Nisha was weeping hysterically quite unable to speak. Drowning in guilt and panic Rajani stood up with the intention of transporting to Chandigarh instantly. “Rani,” her father’s voice was weak and low.

“Papa!” her legs gave way. “How are you?” she brushed away her tears.

“I’m okay beta. Had some chest pain…”

Chest pain!” Rajani stood up again. “I’m coming.”

“No need beta.” Suryakant soothed her. “Harsha is here.”

“Harsha!” She was taken aback.

“Yes. When you didn’t pick your mother’s phone call, she panicked and called Harsha. He was in Ambala for some business work and he came over instantly. He only took me to the hospital and arranged everything.”

“Oh.” Rajani was silent. “But…but Papa, you are okay?”

“Yes beta.” He said reassuringly, “I am fine. My blood pressure had gone up. But now it’s under control.”

“Your heart…”

“Yes. They’ve given some medicines, but I am okay. They will probably discharge me tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow! I’m coming.”

“No need beta. Told you Harsha is here.” He sounded exhausted.

“Okay Papa. You rest. Take care Papa.” She wiped her face and called up Harsha.

“What?” He was curt.

But she too had been curt. Besides he had come through when needed. She swallowed and ignored her bruised feelings. “Thank you Harsha. I don’t know how to even…” she choked up.

“It’s okay.” He said gruffly. “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” was all she could say.

Harsha wasn’t all bad!

Perhaps she was too immature.

Perhaps she did overreact.

Perhaps she needed to work harder at this relationship. If he could put his differences aside, so could she.

She would make this work.

And that would keep Papa healthy and happy.

She loved him so, she couldn’t bear to be the one to cause him any pain and anguish.

She wasn’t important. Papa was.


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15 thoughts on “Chapter 208: The Solution”

  1. Sorry Dahlia. Please stop this torture. I cannot blame anyone but Rajani. Why is she still asking permission to separate? She keeps changing her mind about Harsha.
    Good morning from sunny Navsari.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. I have read similar stories and their reasons for staying in abusive relations until something gives in. Rajani is not being abused physically(once almost) or sexually by her husband. She wants out of loveless relationship but keeps finding excuses to stay in that relationship. Should I feel sorry for her , make excuses for her inability to make up her mind and stick to it? I am unable to do either.
        It is almost midnight here but I am still in London time zone. Last night I missed the opportunity to see the lunar eclipse. Too many tall buildings obscuring the view. Very upset about it.
        Good night Dahlia.🌚😒

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Rajani is being emotionally manipulated and blackmailed by those very people whom she blindly trusts and hence is unable to see the writing on the wall. She is like that proverbial captive elephant which doesnt escape even when the chains are taken off.
        I have to admit I vacillate between wanting tear out my hair and feel sorry for her. But then neither is going to help until she takes that decision. This story is mostly as a means to rant and let out steam and hope that some equally dithering confused young girl will read this. And hopefully she will be able find parallels and get out before it is too late. Or am I being too hopeful?
        Oh that is something to be upset about 😦 Why didnt you climb one of those tall buildings? Or shouldnt i ask 😀 I got a bad case of leg pain with all that standing around but it was (to rub it in) mesmerizing. 😀
        Still in London zone. Clearly not so easy to convince the mind is it? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel like pulling out my hair..or should I do that to rajani?
    Exactly this attitude of the parents make the girls feel like they have no one to turn to and to take drastic steps. And then the parents say that had-they-informed-us-we-would-have-done-something.
    I think there is no escape for Rajani as long as she cares for her father more than her own life and sanity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the thing! All her life she has been cared for and guided by her parents. How can she suddenly break free and know for sure what she thinks is right? Especially if she has never been encouraged to think independently or is of a naturally timid nature.


  3. Somehow I don’t feel sorry for Suryakant or Nisha.. Maybe I’m a just a mute reader of their life story.. but still he isn’t evoking even an ounce of sympathy after what he has done to Rajani. What Harsha has done is not something out of the league.. after all the ahujas have invested so much in him, they should be calling him with full rights.. with respect to Rajani not receiving the call, who would when the conversation is always so frustrating 😎😎

    Liked by 1 person

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