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Words 101

 It was tough to leave home, leave Mamma and go to school.

Don’t worry sweetie, Mamma promised, it’s just for a few hours.

Until it was time to go to the hostel.

Don’t worry, you’ll be home for the vacations.

Then she was married.

Mamma, I want to go home.

His home is your home.

But he keeps telling me to get out of his home.

Ignore him. You have full legal rights…

 I don’t like staying where I’m not wanted.

 You can’t live alone!


 What would people say?


 Just grit your teeth and hang on. I did.


Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and Ted Strutz for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this photo, click here.

Wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year and thank you for reading!


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38 thoughts on “Mincemeat”

      1. Basically, you should not care what people say who do not play a role in our lives anyway. The people who are important in our lives will always be with us and accept choices. Maybe they are not completely satisfied but they will not stand against us. Of course, that depends on the culture. But I do not know this differently and know enough examples from the family where it was like this!

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      2. Yes, this is indeed a problem. But then, we have the chance to let our family learn! : ) The most beautiful families are the families which had hard times together, which learnt a lot about tolerance. Even with older people ( parents or grandparents, who are suppost to care a lot about what neighbourhood says) you realize, that they learn that the most important is to be happy, not to fit into a norm.

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  1. Home probably an illusion for many……sometimes there is no home, Home is to be redefined now, a place you built for your survival and your safety….Always wish that it should never be…..

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  2. Yes, What will people say. Mamma had to endure so why can’t her daughter do the same.She had ample practice growing up; First the school, then the hostel and now cruel husband. There is no escape except the death. Why is she keep going to mamma? She is educated, she should make a stand and stand on her own.
    She has to make her own happy life.
    I loved the ‘Heath Robinson’ contraption in the picture.

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  3. A great campaigning polemic against bride-burning. You capture very clearly the awful situation that too many women find themselves in – unwelcome and exploited by husband’s family, and unsupported by their own.
    I love that you take such a strong political stance!

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    1. I always wanted to write light humor pieces but these days I just can’t seem to help ranting – like it or not. But I really appreciate your warm and generous encouragement. Thank you

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  4. How sad. We go on for years hoping it will improve. There are both ups and downs. I was never told to get out of the house. I refused to be bullied. I feel so sorry for women (and some men) who are physically abused. My husband was bipolar but had his good moments and loved the children. Good writing, Dahlia. — Suzanne

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  5. Poor girl, it doesn’t seem as if she’s wanted anywhere. Maybe a divorce will get her a nice little place somewhere and then she can make her own decisions without everyone else butting in.

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  6. What a horrid way to live… and just because Mamma did, doesn’t mean she can’t break the cycle! Poor thing has quite the road ahead of her if she does…

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