Chapter 90: Khushi is Upset

It was relatively relaxed (especially now that he was fed) Arnav who returned to RM. In fact, now that he was sure Sahil would recover with little or no lasting complications and the fact that most of the costs for the damages could be recovered through their foolproof insurance investments, he was feeling quite charged and raring to go at this new challenge that awaited him. ASR BG blared loudly and triumphantly in the background as he strode into his room.

He froze in his tracks at the sight that greeted him.

Khushi zipped up the last of the suitcases and smiled at him cheerfully, “Oh good! You are back! So glad you had dinner at Di’s place, you must have been so hungry and Di ko bhi achcha laga hoga, hang on, I will get your medicines, the new lot, trip ke liye mangvaye the, that is lying downstairs.” She rushed away.

Arnav stiffened as the other reality came crashing down, he had totally forgotten about it. Tomorrow they were leaving for their honeymoon to Mauritius, for 10 days! How could he forget! How could he go? How could he tell Khushi, the first time she had asked him for something! Khushi had been so excited about their trip, her first ever to the seaside. He clenched his hands and gritted his teeth as he walked to the poolside.

Arnav’s dimaag raced picking and discarding possibilities, should he ask Khushi to postpone the trip? No, Payal’s baby was due, the AR Designs would take at least another 3-4 months before it could be totally functional, crucial decisions would have to be taken at each juncture; Khushi too was planning to kick start her business in a few months time, and she had enrolled for a distance MBA program, time was in short supply; it was now or never!

Till how long after a wedding was a ‘honeymoon’ a ‘honeymoon’ one part of his dimaag wondered idly, any trip after a wedding should count right, he argued; Should he delegate the responsibility of AR Designs to Aman (or perhaps send Aman to Mau…Nooo…what was he thinking…(ooops sorry that Khulasa Mami slips out now and then!)?

No! This was his baby, his passion, he just couldn’t trust somebody else to take care of it at this critical stage, AR Designs needed him in now, he would never be able enjoy at Mauritius, but Khushi ke khushi ka kya, doesn’t she deserve better? Why should she always have to sacrifice? Hadn’t she done enough already, now again she would have to play second fiddle? First to his ego, pride and prejudice, then to his Di and her baby and now to AR Designs!

He sighed frustrated and ran his hand through his hair, what to do dammit! He prided himself on his decision making abilities, his fairness and sense of justice; why did it always have to falter where Khushi was concerned? No he couldn’t do this to her again, he turned and looked at the neatly lined up row of suitcases, he grimaced, Khushi was so set on going, she had been so happy the whole of last week, so excited, her brilliant smile, her childish exuberance with which she planned their whole itinerary, her sudden shopping spree every little bit came back to haunt him, taunt him; that’s right, do it again Arnav sneered at ASR, ‘break her heart again, this should be easy, you’ve had so much practice.’

ASR nodded grimly, ‘yes I will tell her, but I won’t break her heart, you will see, main samjhaoonga usse, she will understand, she would never want to do something that I wouldn’t want to…’

Arnav sneered, ‘yeah sure, go ahead, you selfish brute, why does she always have to ‘understand’ why does she always have to take a backseat, why can’t you for once think about her feelings, it’s not like AR Designs would fall apart if you are not there, accept it, there is nothing to fall apart, how much work can get done in a week-ten days? Aakash and Aman are capable; but you won’t delegate will you, just because you are such a control freak’ Arnav attacked ASR.

ASR’s lips thinned, ‘ok ok here’s the deal, we will go to Mauritius but only for a couple of days, maximum four days, I don’t care, that’s my last offer, take it or leave it.’

“What happened? What are you thinking?” Khushi stood concernedly at his elbow, “Office ko le kar pareshaan hai?” she asked sympathetically as she put down the tray on the table and hugged his arm, “Don’t worry Devi Maiyya sab theek kar dengi; sabse mehtvapoorn nobody was mortally wounded, suppose this short circuit had happened during office hours?” she shuddered as she hugged him closer, “Rahi baat office ki, hume bharosa hai aap par, in no time you will have it up and running,” she smiled confidently at him.

Arnav (goaded by ASR – tell her now dammit, go for the kill, this is right opportunity, go on, what are you waiting for you idiot) looked at the packed suitcases and then looked at her with deep regret, “Khushi, I know you are looking forward to our trip to Mauritius, and this is the first time you asked me for something, that too at my insistence, but I am really sorry, I won’t be able to go…” he faltered as hurt flashed in Khushi’s eyes before she masked her shock.

Arnav rushed in, “Ok Khushi don’t be upset we will go, but we will just go for 4-5 days ok?” he put his arm around her comfortingly.

Khushi jerked his arm away, cut to the core; tears sparkled in her eyes as she stiffened her trembling lips and glared at him, “Aap samajhte kya hain apne aapko?”

“Khushi,” ASR tried to placate a clearly upset Khushi, “Please try and understand…”

“Nahi” Khushi raised her hands and jerked them down in strong negation, “Nahi, hum nahi understand, humari aukat hi kahan hain understand karne ki?”

ASR closed his eyes in frustration, “Come on Khushi, aukat ki baat kahan se aayee?”

“Aapne abhi ki, you just showed me my place, my status in your eyes, and let me tell you Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, nothing has changed since 2011, to have come so far and yet realize nothing has changed, “ Khushi’s voice rose and then broke as tears rained down her cheeks.

“Khushi” Arnav said huskily as he raised his hands to cup her face, but she was having none of it, she pushed him away, wiped her tears and opened her mouth to continue her tirade, just then there was a knock at the door.

“Khushi Bhabhi,” called HP.


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 90: Khushi is Upset”

  1. Why does HP has to emerge at the wrong time. Then agsin its bound to happen, somebody has to come and disturb them…

    ASR… sometimes he is,,, oh no… let me correct myself, most of the time he is the selfish .b.tch…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am feeling so sad. It should come as no surprise to anyone including Khushi that nothing matters before AR Designs (except Anjali of course) Now even if they go it would be a happy honeymoon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How can ASR be so stupid? Even us the readers know, leave the readers, even Aman or Mama or HHBB Mami will know Khushi would never go for a honeymoon at this time, that she will be there with him through all these as a pillar of support, not just for him but for the family & even the AR employees too if she can manage all that by her own. So how come he thinks like this?? But other times he can read whats on her mind even from a slight change in her expression. uff, Yeh ASR bhi na! 🙂 & from Khushi’s point of view it was really ‘nothing has changed’ if he thinks that she wants to go to Mauritius now.
    Btw.. that inner thought of ASR “perhaps send Aman to Maur..” really was hilarious.. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 Bechara ASR is so concerned about his Khushi’s khushi ki kya kya soch leta hai 😀
      That’s the problem na, nobody understands ASR. Ek toh his entire world has come crashing down and again Khushi has to pay the price, usko kaisa lagega? He’s just trying to be fair to Khushi 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha ha 😀 ASR or bechara! 😛
        ya i see your point Dahlia.. still sometimes I do feel like hitting him on his head, jab really sochna hei tho kuch sochthe nahi, jahan samjhna chahiye udhar sochkar kuch ulta hi matlab nikal deta hei.. *face palm* even till today I dont understand what was all that drama after the infamous terrace scene. I mean if someone else had seen Khushi been hugged (or looked like hugging Shyam) and the dialogue about leaving Anjali, any sane person would be definitely asking for an explanation, I guess even HP would have asked “Khushi deedi, aap ye kya kah rahi thi” even a tongue tied Akash would atleast blabber “Khushiji, aap.. jijaji.. vo… i mean.. if you dont mind me asking” etc.. I guess if Anjali had seen them together even though she might act like it was nothing (pati parmeshwar Shyamji cant do any such thing) she will atleast make her presence known and said “aap log yahan kya kar rahe ho, niche aajaayiye” etc.. But ASR??? He had to go and ‘think & think’ and then come up with such nonsense about Khushi.. he never even once asked Khushi what she was doing with Shyam there on the terrace.. & then straight to blackmail… but when his car-parts got stolen, he directly went & asked her what did she do with his gaadi ke purse.. seriously??? I have always felt ASR ki hoshiayri and shatir dimaag bas aur sirf khushi tak hi hei.. it was just by mere luck (& hardwork) AR empire bangaye.. 😛 i know i know that was too much..
        Ok i have blabbered enough.. its not that I dont like ASR, i like them both, but sometimes ASR is just too much ki hum control nahi kar pate! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. We all know that Khushi will never be upset about cancelling the trip.
    At the same time, Arnav’s thoughts are justifiable too!
    Let me see how you deal with this current situation.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. To be honest, is baar I am on ASR’s side. Bechara he was just trying to do right by his wife. And obviously his guilt and he was actually being sensitive. Ab khushi itni self sacrificing hai (jitna ASR imagine bhi nahi kar sakta, toh sympathize kaise kare?), toh samajh mein kaise aayega ASR jaise logo ko (which includes me btw).

    Liked by 1 person

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