Chapter 503: DSR vs ASR

“Hey Dad! Wait up for me!” Chotti called as she hurried to catch up with ASR striding off ahead (blasting away the mere mortals in his path with his trademark ear splitting BG score – get the picture? 😉 ) But woh toh apne hi dhun mein the – What the….how dare Devansh! Uski himmat kaisi hui? Samajhta kya hai apna apko? Itna asaan hai ki videsh mein padhai karna? Akele rehna? Usko pata hi…


Kya jaanta hai logon ke baare mein? How they are waiting to….


“Angel!” He stopped and looked back. “Kya hua?”

“Kya Dad!” Chotti grumbled as she limped up to him, “kab se bula rahi hoon. But aap toh sun hi nahi rahe. Bas apne pyaare Deva ke baare mein hi sochte rehte hain, meri toh koi value hi nahi hai aapki nazron mein,” she sniffed valiantly brushing her cheek.

“Aisa kuch nahi hai Angel,” Arnav attempted to pacify her, “Dikhao kahan chot lagi?”

“Kuch nahi,” Chotti clutched his arm to prevent him from dashing away again, “Woh heel pehna hai na…”

“Aur heel mein toh tum dance bhi kar sakti ho?”

Caught, she giggled. “Aww Dad you know me so well! Only you. Nobody but you.” She vowed as she hugged his arm tightly.

He looked down at her, his lips curving the tiniest bit. “Jhatpat Chotti.” He said without heat.

She laughed. “Oh Dad I’m hearing that after ages! But seriously I can jhatpatao only you Daddy dearest. Only you!”

“No need to patao anyone else.” He grunted resuming walking albeit minus the overloud music.

“Ha! Me and patao anyone else? I don’t need to!” she sneered. “Aisa koi bhi nahi hai is poori duniya mein,” he looked down at her, “I mean apart from family members of course.” She grinned at him.

He looked back and his lips thinned again. “Where the hell are they?”

“Must be coming. Aajkal Mom is a slow coach. Plus you were in a mad rush.” She twinkled.

“Text them that we have gone back…”

“No! Daddy you can’t do that. Da’s been raving about the biryani at that shop for ages. I came only to eat the biryani.”

“Minx.” Arnav said fondly. “Let’s both eat and go back. They can do what they like.” He clearly wasn’t done being mad.

“Aate hi honge Dad.” She pulled him inside one restaurant. “Let’s order. Da’s favorite is the Hyderabadi biryani. Which one will you have? Which one do you think Mom would like?”

Arnav looked helplessly at the menu card. Apna hi nahi pata toh Khushi ke choice ki toh…

“Whatever.” He mumbled. His phone rang. He grabbed it like a lifeline.

Chotti rolled her eyes and got up making motions to indicate that she would go and call the late lateefs.


Khushi’s tears fell thick and fast.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had the luxury of crying on a shoulder. When had the tables turned? How did it happen that her son was the one to comfort her? Why should he need to?  Her heart ached for Guddu, for herself, for…

“What’s the matter Mom!” Chotti hissed. “We’ve been waiting for you for ages now. Khana bhi order kar diya. Here take this,” she thrust a napkin into Khushi’s hand who sniffed gulped and attempted to clean up. “Come on,” she dragged her by the arm, “Dad is ready to send out a search party.”

“Doesn’t look like it,” Deva muttered as he spied Arnav on the phone. “Or is he calling the police?”

Both the ladies shushed him.

“Very prescient of you to bring the napkin,” Da ribbed Chotti as they slid into their seats. He had taken a quick note of his Dad’s uncompromising expression and attempted to divert the smoldering topic.

“Mujhe pata tha, that she would be howling away to God’ glory,” Chotti said with morbid relish. “Kya Mom,” she complained, “you didn’t cry like this when I left Delhi. USA kaun sa itna door hai? Ab toh log Mars bhi jaa rahein hai!”

Khushi smiled brightly, “Nahi woh, just that it was such a surprise, so sudden,” her throat was tight.

“Dekha!” Chotti charged her brother, “bola tha na ki thoda thoda karke prime kardo warna…”

“Tumhe pata tha!” Both Arnav and Khushi charged Chotti.

“Haan toh?” Chotti dismissed them, “I know everything!”

Guddu’s lips tightened. Not everything

“Toh batana chahiye tha!” Khushi protested.

“Tumhe pata hona chahiye tha!” Arnav snapped. “Tumhara beta hai, kya kar raha hai, tumhe pata hi nahi? What kind of a mother are you?”

Khushi stared at him aghast. How dare he blame her for this? Add salt on her wounds?

“Aapko bhi toh pata tha?” Guddu brought back the spotlight to himself.

“Excuse me?” Arnav was at his superior best.

You are excused.

It was on the tip of Deva’s tongue but mindful of his obviously distressed mother beside him, he restrained himself. “Anki bhaiyya ne bataya tha na when he met you guys that I was applying?” He met Arnav’s blank eyes with his simmering ones, “Ya phir aapne socha isko nahi milega?”

Arnav’s lips tightened.

“Oh good! I am starving.” Chotti drooled as providentially their order arrived and the topic turned to more urgent matters at hand and ek nayi jung shuru hui.

“Yeh kya hai?” Devansh was affronted, “Bina poochei hi order? Tumko pata bhi hai kya speciality hai yahan ki?”

“Ji haan,” Chotti stuck out her tongue at him. “Humne kahan na, hum sab jaante hain.” She indicated the steaming bowls, “Dekh toh lo!” She smirked as Devansh went from annoyed to sheepish.

“Kaise pata?” He served himself.

Chotti preened and pulled up her collars. “A magician never reveals her secrets,” she said loftily.

“Arre Guddu kitni baar toh bola hai ki yahaan ki hyderabadi biryani bahut acchchi hai,” Khushi smiled at them both.

“Yes Mom, but uski bhi 10 different varieties hain yaahan par.”

Chotti preened even more. “Dad lijiye na. Mom?”

“Yes thank you.” Khushi said, while Arnav just dug in. “Hmm very nice.” She nodded appreciatively.

“Itna bhi kuch khas nahi hai,” sneered Chotti, “I think you make better biryani.” She looked at Devansh in a provoking manner.

He shrugged. “Haan toh? But it’s similar to Mom’s biryani right? Isliye hi toh aata tha yahaan.”

Khushi teared up.

Arnav made to get up but Chotti held his arm. “Come on Dad! Why are you so mad?” She took the bull by its horns.

He took off his napkin and pushed back his chair. “I’m done. I’ll be outside.”

“Dad!” Chotti wailed but subsided at Khushi’s pleading look.

“R..rehno do Chotti, let him go. Go on eat up.” She stuffed a spoonful into her mouth. “There is a different masala. Can’t identify it. Mm let me see.”

Chotti looked worriedly towards the door but Deva should his head at her. She rolled her eyes. “I am full. I think I’ll go and join Dad.” She scooted out of her seat. “How much more are you going to eat?” She grumbled.

“Waste jaane doon?”

“Pack kara lo. Come fast. Dad’s not too happy.”

“When is he?”

Chotti walked away.

“Guddu please. Rehne do na,” Khushi pleaded. “Already naraz hain aur upar se tum…”

Already naraz hain


His temper rose.

“Main kya?” Deva shot back, “Sagar mein boond. Lagat hai confront toh karika padi.” Deva said in a sotto voce.

Hey Devi Maiyya.

Sambhal lena.



“Toh bataiye kya problem hai?” Deva said in a challenging tone to ASR once they were back in their hotel room. [Haan haan hotel mein they not with Akaash et al. Ooo ka hai na, distance and traffic made it a practical convenience. Relationship toh theek hi chal raha tha – so long as distancing was maintained.]

Mujhe tumhe kuch bhi batane ki zaroorat nahi hai

It was on the tip of ASR’s tongue but giving in to the pleading in Chotti’s eyes (he refused to look at Khushi) he stayed silent.

“That you are worried about how I’ll manage alone, that you will miss me, or,” Devansh paused, “that you don’t like that I am slipping out of your control.”


Yet ASR’s eyes blazed.

“Guddu!” Khushi was horrified. “Aise kaise keh sakta ho?”

“Kyon? Kyon nahi keh sakta?” ASR found his voice. “Bada ho gaya hai. Layak hai. Waise bhi jaise sikhaya hai waise hi toh bolega.”

Khushi choked on her anguish as he slashed her.

Once again

“Why are you taking it out on her?” Devansh confronted his Dad. “Yeh toh unki seekh hai ki main baat kar raha hoon. Aapka beta hota toh kab ka yahan se chala gaya hota. Par aapko toh yehi samajh aata hai na. Run away and kahin ka gussa kahin aur nikalo.”

“Guddu bas please,” Khushi’s voice was low and hoarse.

But Devansh wasn’t done. “Aur maine aisa kya keh diya? You were shy to articulate your thoughts so I just gave a few options.” He shrugged. “You don’t have to choose from them – unless the shoe fits.”

Khushi’s legs gave way and she flopped into the chair.

Arnav turned away to leave but Devansh stepped in front of him. “Kya problem hai Dad?” His voice was soft and coaxing. “I will go. I’ve worked hard for this. I want this. But it would mean a lot if I have your consent and blessings.” He bent down and touched his feet.

Arnav’s hands were clenched into a fist.

“Dad?” Devansh straightened and tried one last time.


PS: Just to break the tension but mostly because I am stuck – what does Anya call Khushi? Dekhte hain kisne kitne achche se SS ‘revise’ kiya hai 😀

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49 thoughts on “Chapter 503: DSR vs ASR”

  1. Anya call Khushi? I thought it was “mom” no?
    Devansh — what else is he hiding? His relationship with the person he got married to in the one-shot?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry my mistake — I misread the names!
        I was still thinking of Choti!

        With regards to your question on what Anya calls Di – Angie of course!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Dahlia, this is tougher than I thought. ASR ka ek ek shabd goli ki tarah laga hai seedhe dil mein. 😦 Why is he doing this? You know before, whenever he used to say things in anger, even if they were not justified, it was quite clear he had spoken them with anger not bitterness. Here, it seems like he is doing so with this bitterness. It is actually hurtful. More hurtful than say “tum toh chahti ho Di ghar se jaaye” ya “tum toh apne bhai ka side hi logi na” or even “because you dont have a character Khushi”. Words have so much power, and Arnav is being so so careless with them. I think this hurts more because here it seems like he doesn’t want to repent or like he really means them! 😦 This is heartbreaking!

    P.S. Anya started calling Khushi Choti Bua but later after Anki’s birth graduated to Mami!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Full marks Mysa😁 I also thought so but wanted to confirm 😋
      Reg ASR he was always unkind and reactive. And not just Khushi. Remember when he told Di it was his house? That’s who he is. Entitled and privileged ruled by his ego without which he would be like.. Like.. Like.. IPK Ek Jashn wala Arnav🤪 Also quite indigestible. So take your pick.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. It’s not that. He’s reactive and all that… But maybe this time it hurts because I feel like he doesn’t really regret saying these words. To hear things like “what kind of mother are you?”… I don’t know how anyone can survive that. It’s said with the sole intention to hurt. Is he really testing Khushi’s boundaries after all these years? This hurts. 😦

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Of course it hurts. And he has no compunction about speaking what is on his mind. Besides he is upset and lashes out to the only person who he thinks can take it. Not that he cares whether she can or not. He is upset and wants to destroy something someone

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Maybe Arnav’s pov would help. I guess I’m really not seeing why he would be so cruel. It’s almost making me want to give up on him and that’s saying a lot. So if I could know what’s really going on in his head… I might be able to give him the benefit of the doubt. Need to put all the speculations to rest, you see? At this point it’s hard to see them go back to rabba vey… It’s almost like kyun dard hai itna tere hi Ishq mein. And Ishq? Woh bhi hai kya? Would this finally break Khushi’s undying love? Pata nahi. It just hurts, is all. It’s making me all morose.

        Liked by 3 people

      4. I would have. But aaj dil toota hai mera Khushi ke liye. 😦

        Hmm, let’s see devils advocate? So of course all his insecurities are causing him to create a distance from Khushi. Somewhere his ego is having trouble accepting that A&D had to take AKC’s help. Plus the Choti-Jatin fiasco hurt him too. So he is equal parts frustrated with khushi and angry at himself. He thinks if he spends all his time at work, he can prove he needs no one. Not Khushi. Not AKC. ASR is, was and will remain a self made man. And then comes Devansh…. Mini ASR.. Challenging his authority. Which he is not ready to give up at any point. He obviously resents the fact that Deva won’t take over his business and neither would Choti? Maybe resents Khushi for supporting them indirectly? Not sure. Plus Devansh not needing him anymore hurts him. The idea that he is not his hero anymore. In fact maybe on some level Devansh siding with Khushi is probably the reason for this lash out anyway. How dare he take Khushi’s side? What does he even know about what I am going through? It was his biggest fear that his kids would find out about his past with Khushi… And on finding the fact that even without that, they (read Deva) don’t hold him in high regard…. That must hurt his ego. Pehle Akash tha worship karne ke liye… Ab woh bhi nahi hai. Khushi karti thi lekin jabse usne AKC sell kiya the power balance tilted in her favor, so he can’t expect unbridled adoration from her. Anyway I digress. But these are probably few of the thoughts going through his mind. I could be close or perhaps completely off the mark. Just a guess, anyway.

        Liked by 3 people

      5. Yes but you know before even with ego I could see his love. It’s hard to see his love here. I guess I resent this ASR, because I think like ASR. You see the irony?

        Liked by 2 people

      6. Yes perhaps. Like ASR, I can’t find comfort in this. if I was Khushi, I would have. I think she’s definitely going to need devi maiyya to get through to this Arnav.

        Liked by 2 people

      7. The thing is isse bhi zyada kathin raaste se guzar ke bhi kya mila use? She’s at an age where she is wondering (methinks) how can he does this after all they have been through and she is correct. I guess if he had been this cruel when there was no history, it would have hurt less. But after everything they have been through, to have to end up listening to words like this is just plain evil. I can’t really pardon ASR here. There better be a groveling redemption track for him.

        Liked by 4 people

      8. Yehi toh baat hai. Kuch milne ke liye thodi kiya usne.
        She did because she loved her family and him. And now whatever he dishes out she will have to take. Or not. Yehi toh dekhna hai. Itne saalon mein kuch badla ki nahi.

        Liked by 3 people

      9. Let’s just thank God, I am not Khushi. 😛 I wanna rabba vey too but let’s not shortchange her. She deserves an Arnav-ji who wouldn’t let her get embarrassed in public and would dance Teri Meri with her. She deserves an Arnav-ji who would be super thoughtful and create an app for her to manage her business… She deserves an Arnav-ji who would renovate AKC so she can be a kangaroo mom. She deserves an Arnav-ji who wouldn’t mind being called impotent just so she doesn’t think somethings wrong with her. If there was ego, there was love too. Where is this Arnav-ji? Waldo’s easier to find!

        Liked by 3 people

      10. You’re wrong! Couldn’t find Waldo😂😂 But yes thanks for reminding ASR of his Arnavness. Maybe that will bring him back. Or make Khushi be more patient and wait… For Godot🙃

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Sare zamane ka yehi sawaal hai ki aakhir problem kya hai Mr. Raizada 🤨.. kyun 10 feet long lahrein paal rakhi hai? Aakhir aisa bhi kya kar diya khushi ne? Jo tum daiyaa ho ko gale laga baithe & rabba vey ko kuchal dala🤦🏻‍♀️aaj toh ASR ki performance bilkul Naagin 5 main inki entry kara deti, vish aadmi ke roop main, aakhir itna vish jo tha inki zubaan main😉

    Deva, beta tumne na junior ASR hi banana hai bas 1 toh tum fashion wale ASR nahi honge & 2 shayad khushi ki khamoshi samjhane wale honge.

    Chhoti tum aaram se biryani khao, thodi yaha bhi bhijwa do, saath main khayenge aur dekhenge ye tamasha😊. Kya kahti ho chhoti, deal😜

    PS- humko lagta hai paper out ho gaya hai Anya ki khushi wala, toh cheating nahi karenge😂😂

    Liked by 4 people

    1. ASR aur Nagin 5 ki entry😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hilarious😭 Gosh pet mein dard ho gaya 😆😆 Ma hai na. Samjhega Deva. Biwi hogi toh phir wahi Nagin 5 🤣🤣🤣
      Deal bas ek shart share karna padega😋
      Bina cheating ke paas hote kya? Sach sach batana. Ya phir answer pehle hi dek liya tha?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well i would have go bk, read these 500 chapters again & replied after some day🙈 par jawab toh dete hum😘

        Since i m in lucknow rt now & having biryani too, hyderabad wali share kar lete hai, deal..😊

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Indeed why ASR is so mad. after suffering from heart attack and spending time in hospital,
    he had started seeing things differently. Then what had changed now.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Arnav turned into ASR the Rakshasa. He is angry but why is he hitting Khushi with hurtful words and actions. It can’t be that he does not realise what he is doing to Khushi but why? Is he goading her to break free or does he wants to be free? Deva tried to get his blessings but He is not happy. He is angry with Deva for deciding to pursue his own dream but surely he should understand. He had no choice but to work hard for his family so that they can fly, be what they want. Kuch to gadbad hai? But what? Thank you, Dahlia, for the update, albeit an upsetting one.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Right now I cannot see the end of the dark tunnel. Sirf andhera hi andhera hi dikh raha hai. He seems like a volcano waiting to erupt and destroy everything in its wake.

        Liked by 2 people

  6. That was a beautiful, cute albeit small loving banter between father-daughter duo…. a much needed soothing balm amidst the silent thunder looming large ahead!! Such a beautiful relationship between the two!!
    The tug of war between father and son, DSR vs ASR riding on thin ice… could go either way!!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I loved how DSR said – Unki seekh isiliye baat kar raha hoon ! Extremely proud of the way he stands up for this mother and is really showing a mirror to Arnav. If someone as young as DSR can compartmentalize his emotions, shouldn’t ASR by now learn to do it as well ? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I think families are like this…but words hurt too deeply, as they rest on the pile of good and bad memories but they hurt….that right, my daughter wud say thats not fair maaa” but sometimes relationships after a while are only standing on thin rope of words only na….
    Dont like it….too much going on….rabba veeee kab aayega?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I am with MysticAura, Arnav’s boorish behaviour is baffling at this point. I want his POV… pretty please Dahlia, with bells on and all things jalebi and nice. I can’t find even one tiny redeeming feature to cling to at this point and that is painful. It’s not Khushi but me singing Kyu dard hai itna tere ishq mein 😔

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Apko kya lagta hai Ruchi ki hume ASR ka POV pata hai? Kash aisa hota 😦 Abhi toh philhaal woh no-entry containment zone mein barricaded hain 😛 Wonder if he could be tempted with all things jalebi and nice? But then again he might think uska competition aa gaya hai 😀

      Liked by 2 people

  10. I agree Arnav is always like that. I agree, we always excused him as soon as he -what is the correct word?…redeemed, manaoed, asked for forgiveness (did he ever do that?) – cross everything, as soon Khushi forgave him. Most of the times Khushi has managed to take the blame as well. Is it another of her mistakes which was added to the never ending pile of mistakes?
    Devi Mayya ko chodo, Dahlia ne kuch achcha hi sochaa hoga. Hum intezaar karenge with heavy heart for time being.
    I loved the way, the kids are looking out for their parents. I can understand Deva siding with Khushi, but Chottii? Does she think her dad is right or is she just doing the balancing act? Deva is not Khushi. He is really a mini ASR. Let’s see whether he gets something out of this Laad governer. Khadava karela, oopar se neem chadha.

    Liked by 1 person

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