Chapter 160: Rising Stress Levels

As Khushi’s due date approached, Arnav became more and more stressed out; he was very restless and would jump up at the slightest change in Khushi’s expression. This is turn made Khushi restive and she was always on tenterhooks, pata nahi what will start of this Laad Governor and in self defense and in the interests of world peace or at least RM and GM (not to mention MM and LM) began wearing a smiling mask, much like the initial contract wedding days.

But she couldn’t help but complain to Anjali, “ Di dekhiye na inhe, aap hi samjhaiye, as it is it is so difficult to sleep and when I do manage to doze off; woe betide if I even make hiss of discomfort, bas instantly he will push me awake, ‘kya hua Khushi, hospital chalein?’ Khushi shook her head dolefully as Di and Nani laughed and Arnav’s lips tightened, “Aapko pata hai Di, doctor ko bhi pareshaan karke rakha hua hai, aur kitni baar toh raat ko phone bhi kar diya, she complained to me, so now every night I confiscate his phone, switch it off and hide it before going to sleep.”

Arnav sat mutinously with Ankit, their relationship remarkably evident for all to see. Anjali laughed and said, “Khushi, long time ago I had read this joke on Reader’s Digest about a similar couple. One evening as the heavily expectant wife sat relaxing on the bed in front of the TV, she was amazed to see her husband glare at her as he rushed to suddenly take a shower and get ready to go out, “kya hua, where are you going?” she asked him concernedly. He glared some more at her and barked, “You can sit there if you like but I am going to the hospital!”

Everyone burst into laughter, even Arnav, then he perked up, “Yeh idea achcha hai, main ek kaam karta hoon, I will get Khushi admitted to the hospital, phir koi tension hi nahi rahega! Kyon Khushi, idea kaisa hai,” he got up ready to put his plan into action.

Khushi sighed frustrated, “Haan apna tension door karne ke liye, hume jail main bund kar denge hai na? Di, aap kuch kahiye na?” She pleaded to Anjali.

Anjali got up and cupped Arnav’s cheeks and said affectionately, “Khushi theek keh rahi hai, ‘Totte bhaiyya’ abhi se hospital! Waise bhi hospitals are a source of infections, and best to spend as little time in the hospital as possible.”

Arnav was convinced, but then he got another bee in his bonnet, hospitals were a source of infections! Ab kya karein? Should I make arrangements for home delivery? Khushi was ready to scream, uff yeh LG bhi na, hey DM sab sambhal lena, warna sab ke liye musibat khadi ho jayegi. DM’s blessings were very much needed, what with ASR/LG in full attendance and not to mention Indradev in full form, due to continuous and heavy rains, long snarls of traffic pile up were witnessed on the roads of Delhi each day and just stressed out LG even more; what if they got stuck in traffic while she was in labor, the idea of shifting to the hospital seemed more and more attractive to Arnav. He fussed, fretted and threw tantrums at the drop of a hat and Khushi was at her tethers end.

She couldnt sleep and Khushi chewed her nails to the bone, finally she called her brother over and consulted him, “Bhaiyya, I am very worried and concerned about Arnav.”

He was surprised and concerned, “Arnav! Why what happened?”

Khushi knotted her fingers, “Kuch nahi, but he is already so hyper and stressed and it is all I can do to keep him calm and collected. But I am really dreading what will happen once I do go into labor; I would prefer to go for a natural delivery but that may take hours and you know how Arnav is. He would throw a fit for God knows how long; I shudder to think how you all will manage him in my absence.You do remember what happened during Di’s delivery don’t you?”

Just then Arnav came by, he took in Khushi’s worried expression and glared at Khsitij even as he slid his arm protectively around her shoulders, “Kya hua Khushi?” he asked concernedly.

Khushi shook off his hand and said “Kuch nahi.”

“Kuch toh hai” Arnav shot another black look at Khsitij, “Something or someone is definitely worrying you.”

Khushi resignedly nodded her head, “Yes something is bothering me and stop glaring at bhaiyya, he is not the one bothering me.”

Arnav clenched his hands, “Who is it tell me?”

Khushi pushed him gently to face the mirror, “There that is the one bothering me.”

“Me!!!” Arnav was taken aback and affronted, “What did I do, and I have been on my best behavior too!” he was extremely put out that his beloved wife was discussing him with her brother; he turned to go.

Khushi held him back,”Humari baat toh suniye; I was just trying to warn Kishu bhaiyya and perhaps chalk out a strategy…

“Chalk out a strategy! cut in Arnav, “Warn him about me! What do you mean Khushi?” Angrier than before.

Khushi smacked her forehead, “Ok ‘warn’ is perhaps not really correct, actually I wanted to prime him and plan for the course of action during my delivery.”

Arnav looked all at sea, “What do you or he have to do with the delivery? That’s your doctor’s job isn’t it?”

Khushi rolled her eyes and flopped on to her chair, “Hum aapki baat kar rahe hain.”

“Meri?!” Arnav was incredulous, “What do you mean Khushi?”

Khushi closed her eyes wearily, “I am worried about your reaction and subsequent actions when I do go into labor. I can’t sleep nights wondering how you will cope during that time or how the others will manage your tantrums in my absence. Abhi se you are so stressed out, pata nahi tab kaun sa toofan khadi kar denge?”

Arnav had the grace to blush, though Khsitij rushed in, “Relax Chatanki, tum bhi na, you worry too much, he will be fine, we are there and I am sure Anjali will be able to calm him down don’t you worry.”

Khushi nodded her head resignedly, “Haan of course, Di can work her magic no doubt, but there are other babies to take care of as well, suppose Ankit too needs her then? Phir kya hoga?” Khushi was almost in tears, “Now I am worried about Di and Ankit as well.”

Arnav sat with his arm around Khushi’s shoulder with a sheepish expression on his face, “No Kshitij, she is right, I am very likely to misbehave and create problems for everyone,” he shrugged helplessly, “And frankly I cannot even promise to behave….”

Khushi pushed him, “Even if you did promise I would never trust…”

“Achcha achcha relax both of you,” Kshitij stepped in, “How about if I prescribe some mild anti-anxiety medicine, just to tide over the day Khushi is in labor? They are very safe, effective and not at all addicting.”

Khushi wasn’t too happy with the suggestion, but Arnav jumped at the lifeline, “Yeah great Khsitij, do that and then Khushi can stop worrying.”

Khushi still hesitated, but then the memory of how Arnav had panicked (and threatened to murder Khsitij) during Di’s labor overrode her sensibilities; she acquiesced and safely stowed away the medicine in the bag that was packed and ready for her to take to the hospital.

Just the thought of the medicine in her cupboard helped Khushi sleep that night!


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 160: Rising Stress Levels”

    1. True! When I was taken to the labor room (a no-man’s land) the husband (despite being a doc) stood outside with a juice for me for about two hours before a friend came and relieved him of the burden 😛

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  1. “Arnav sat with his arm around Khushi’s shoulder with a sheepish expression on his face, “No Kshitij, she is right, I am very likely to misbehave and create problems for everyone,” he shrugged helplessly, “And frankly I cannot even promise to behave….”” -> So glad he knows himself. Maybe Arnav should regularly take anti anxiety medication to stop overworking his brain so much! 😛 He’s such a delightful character to explore. He’s got rangeeeeee! ❤

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