Chapter 279: ASR ki Di

Anya was now in class eleven and had always enjoyed studying but in a casual way. But ever since her talk with Nani about Aisha, she had turned into a complete nerd cum geek focusing on studies hoping to use this as a means to distract Aisha. And wonders of wonders, her strategy worked, the more effort she put in and excelled in her studies, the more Aisha was provoked and encouraged to study even harder. After all she was the Guruji! And as their competitive spirits kicked in, there was just no stopping them – sometimes Anya won, sometimes Aisha – it was an addictive exhilarating game, in which they were both winners. Seeing their single-minded devotion and focus, Khsitij got a separate porta-cabin built on the terrace where they could study to their heart’s content and Aisha often ended up staying over at their place.

The fallout was that Ankit became very lonely.

Once Anjali had joined ARD full time, Kshitij had cut down on his work. He worked half days at a clinic and then he was home, pottering about in the garden or learning/playing music. Of course he had had grand visions of being the ‘mom’ for his kids in the absence of Anjali – but with kids things never go according to plan do they? Moreover what Kshitij didn’t realize was that much of a mom’s job is just to be there – to be available for her children if needed (and hope that she isn’t needed!). The kids were happy that their father was home and was referred to in the event they couldn’t open a bottle of ketchup or they wanted to order something, but by and large they were happy in their own world. Ankit was happy playing with his toys although he preferred his Di’s company and Kshitij found that time hung heavily on his hand – biwi not at home, kids mast in their own worlds – slowly he began seeing patients at home in the evening a couple of days a week, a couple of hours in the late afternoon. Things reset to this changed schedule and everything fell into place.

Anjali was on top of the world, happy at home, – thrilled to bits with her family; and professionally too she was soaring, she had started a new brand ‘Ankiya’s and had opened a boutique of her own, she often traveled in and out of the country for shows etc.

But then slowly as Anya grew older, the pressure of studies increased, she became more involved in academics, Ankit became isolated. He was jealous of the time Anya spent with Aisha – he felt angry and irritable; nothing held his interest except computer games and football. Homework became a major bone of contention, voices would be raised, doors would be banged and food not eaten – mostly by Ankit. Kshitij was quite at his wits end, he was more than happy to cut down on his appointments to be with Ankit but he understood and heard the message loud and clear – I want my mum dammit.

Khsitij tried to explain to Anjali but she took it lightly and teased him, “Oho Kshitij kaise psychiatrist ho? You can’t handle one seven year old child, that too your own son?”

Khsitij looked at Anjali ruefully and shook his head, “He misses you Anjie, he needs you, I can’t make up for his mother can I?”

Anjali still refused to accept it and laughed it off, “Oho Kshitij seedhe seedhe yeh kyon nahi bolte that you are missing me? Why are you hiding behind Ankit?” she pouted.

Khsitij shook his head, “Achcha baba, I am missing you – now what do you propose to do about it?”

Anjali patted his cheek, “You are a big boy, you can take care of yourself waise bhi,” she crinkled her nose at him as she smiled mischievously at him and said, “it is good to miss your wife, pyaar badhta hai, hai na?”

Khsitij sighed, “Anjali you are missing the point, this is not about you or me, this is about Ankit, with Anya busy studying, he feels a vacuum in his life, which only you can fill, half the time he goes to bed without his dinner because I didn’t let him eat some junk food or the other, his studies are suffering, he cannot even do simple addition subtraction sums, he has become rude and destructive – do you want another Chotte on your hands?”

Anjali glared at Khsitij, “Isme Chotte ko beech main laane ki kya zaroorat hai, aur Chotte itna burra kya hai?”

Khsitij reached out and held Anjali’s hand, “Anjie, I didn’t mean it like that, but you will admit your Chotte is not the world’s most suljha hua person, that his EQ is rather dicey,” he shrugged helplessly, “I just don’t like the fact that despite having a mother, a super mom at that, he should be deprived of her touch and care.”

Anjali’s eyes pooled with tears, “Theek hai, if you say so, I will leave my job.” and sniffed valiantly.

Khsitij threw up his hands, “I am not saying that Anjali, I am giving you the facts as they are, according to me, the rest is up to you, adjust your timings, leave your job or take up another assignment,” he banged the door on his way out.

Anjali bit her lip as she jumped, Kshitij was really mad at her now, he never banged doors, she did that if she were annoyed with him (like when he had forgotten their dinner date), her heart sank, maybe he wasn’t exaggerating, and maybe Ankit did need her? But she needed the job; the job defined her – motherhood and wife-hood was no longer enough, she not only enjoyed her job but also reveled in the power of her position, she felt charged up and on top of the world, the hustle bustle of the moving crowd around her asking for her, demanding her opinion, her advice, her suggestions, surrounded by clothes of different colors, textures shapes, designs, she loved it all – could she give it all up? But what other choice did she have?

“Kshitij,” she found him in the music room cleaning his guitar, “I am sorry, please don’t be angry with me, you always say that if we want we can find a solution to any problem, so please can you help me find a solution, I don’t want to leave my job, or even,” she trailed off guiltily.

The guitar twanged as Khsitij put it down on the chair with more force than was necessary, “Ankit is NOT a problem! He is our son and you are his mother, that is all there is to it,” he glared at her, “What ‘solution’ do you want me to offer as a surrogate mother to Ankit now that Anya is preoccupied with her studies?” Anjali flushed guiltily, “I know,” Khsitij nodded his head, “You want him to go over to RM and stay there during the day so that he doesn’t miss you right? But you forget he is growing, he needs to study, do his homework to keep pace with the class, pull up his slipping grades, woh kaise hoga, zara batana?”

“Nani ko yahin bula le?” Anjali said in a small voice.

Khsitij looked at her incredulously, “I don’t believe this Anjali! How can you be so selfish and uproot Nani! She is getting on in years and set in her ways, and now just because you need her, you will uproot her? What about your darling Chotte, the kids?” he was furious, “And do you think he will sit down and study with Nani?”

Anjali was cut to the core, “I don’t understand, why such a big fuss about his homework? Can’t he do it with you?” she attacked him.

Kshitij crossed his arms, “You really don’t listen to what I say do you? I have been telling you for so many days now that he just doesn’t want to sit down for his homework and we have a massive argument everyday and he insists that he wants you or Anya,” he raised his hand, “I know and I have tried all tricks in the book but he is adamant because he knows that is not possible and hence translates into no homework, but tum ho ki kuch samajh hi nahi aata tumhe,” His dimples stood out in sharp relief, “Ya phir samajhna hi nahi chahti?”

Anjali bit her lip, “Theek hai baba theek hai, naraaz kyon ho rahe ho? If you insist, I will cut down on my traveling to spend time with Ankit theek hai,” she put a hand on his arm and shook him gently, “In addition, Ankit can go over to RM whenever he has holidays or even after school at least a couple of days a week and we can also keep a tutor for him, problem solved!” She smiled cajolingly at him.

“Yes dump all your ‘problems’ on Nani,” Khsitij threw down the duster and walked out of the room.

The gist and the essence of this skirmish floated over to RM and its inhabitants soon enough.

“Nani, do you mind if Ankit comes over here sometimes?” Anjali said a couple of days later as she came to drop off Ankit for the day as it was a school holiday.

Nani looked confused, “Isma poochne wali kaunsi baat hai? Aur poochna hi hai to Khushi bitiya se poocho.”

“Nani aap bataiye, Khushi will have no problem I know that,” Anjali was sure of Khushi.

“Problem with what Di?” Khushi appeared with Arnav, who leaned forward to give his Di a hug.

“Dekho na Khushi, this Ankit has become very naughty and unmanageable,” she shook her head, “Actually Anya is so busy with her studies that she has no time for him and Ankit is bored and lonely,” she hesitated, and said in a rush, “Toh I thought if he came over somedays, he could have some company?” she looked hopefully at the three of them.

“Sure Di,” Arnav said, “As Nani said isme poochne wali kya baat hai?” Khushi nodded her head in agreement.

Anjali smiled happily and hugged Nani, “Thank you! Waise hum toh Nani ko apne ghar chura kar le jaane wale the, par Khsitij ne daant diya warna,” Anjali shook her head ruefully and pouted.

“Kya baat hai Di?” Arnav was immediately alert.

“Arre kuch nahi Chotte,” she smiled at him affectionately, “I told you na, Ankit has become quite a handful, Khsitij feels I should cut down on my work and spend time with him, par bachche toh badmashi karte hi hai na?” Anjali stood up, “Chalein? Aren’t we getting late?”

Suddenly Ankit came charging from nowhere, “Mamma! Are you leaving? Isnt it your holiday ever?” he complained.

“Not everybody is lucky as you are Ankit!” she patted his cheek affectionately; “Look at your Di, always studying right? It is your age to have fun and masti, enjoy yourself, I will be back before you know,” she consoled him.

But Ankit’s face became thunderous, “Nahi! You always say that, you are never home, you never have any time for me,” his face worked furiously and then he vanished before he lost his newfound dignity in public and began bawling like a baby.

Anjali looked at the rest apologetically and bit her lip, “Pata nahi Ankit ko kya ho gaya aaj kal, I think I pamper him too much,” she shook her head and smiled at Arnav, “Par tumhare saath jo galati ki I wont repeat it!” she linked her arm with his and said, “Come let’s go, we are getting late for the meeting aren’t we?”

“Sure Di,” Arnav nodded his head, he looked towards the direction where Ankit had vanished and then looked at Khushi.


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19 thoughts on “Chapter 279: ASR ki Di”

  1. Anjali is being very obtuse here. I feel sorry for Ankit. Presence of mum is very important in the children’s lives. Even if she does not help or can’t help with homework her presence in the house means a lot. Hope Anjali will realise it before too long.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Many mothers wait for the kids to grow up they go back to their careers. We all have dreams and aspirations but we decide to have kids and do not have the family to help(like Anjali), the dreams and aspirations have to put on the shelf. There are mothers who have to work and I am sure they find it very difficult to leave their children with a childminder.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. It is always a tug of war – always late, for office or work, even with the best of family support. And something that no amount of feminist protests can rectify IMHO


  2. Arre kuch nahi Chotte,” she smiled at him affectionately, “I told you na, Ankit has become quite a handful, Khsitij feels I should cut down on my work and spend time with him, par bachche toh badmashi karte hi hai na?” Anjali stood up, “Chalein? Aren’t we getting late?”
    It appears that Anjali does not understand what Kshitij said and does not try to understand her son either. She does not want there to be a problem to burst her happy bubble and thus turned a blind eye to it.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Anjali has always had a penchant for blinkers. At least now Kshitij is there to force her to face reality before events spiral out of control.
    Going to the other extreme to over compensate for what she did with Chotte is not the answer!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Ab sab toh Khushi nahi ho sakte na? But the question is should everybody be like Khushi – completely self-sacrificing? Isnt that what we didnt want Khushi to be and yet now when Di wishes to be herself we criticize her? Just sayin 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Being self sacrificing to the extent that Khushi is, ultimately causes misery and discontent. So, that is not the solution. You have to find a balance that works for you and your family. Kshitij and Anjali chose to get married, they chose to have a child. They owe a duty of care to that child. Regardless of how it impacts their careers. Anjali needs to sit down and speak to her child. That doesn’t mean she has to give in to all his demands. Children are also adaptable.

        Anjali is in the grip of euphoria. And why not. She seems to have found her calling in life. But, that doesn’t justify ignoring your duty.

        Liked by 4 people

  4. Anjalie is missing the point here. She wants to have her fame and power and ignoring her responsibiliy as a mom.

    Once you get the taste of success in your professional life we ignore the rest of our responsibilis and try as hard as we can to maintain the success at professional life.

    I feel sorry for the boy.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Its not about her sacrificing like Khushi. She can cut down a bit on her travelling, that doesnt mean giving up on her dream. Her family needs her, specially the boy needs her time.
        What if his scores goes down and affects his academics. As result he was not accepted in a reputable university?
        Her carrier would save him? But her love might save him..

        When children comes into the picture they should be the first priority.

        Her husband cut downs on his work. He did it on his own, and he is trying his best to solve the issue yet, the boy demands her presence.

        Actually it was their fault is raising his hopes high on demanding their presence in his life. Anjalie was a stay home mom for few years and spend all her time with her family and all of sudden she is so so busy that she could not even spend holidays with them.
        Like Antik has highlighted today.

        She can still be the boss and flourish her carrier yet spare few minutes with her falimy.

        I m sure if she tries to explain the importance of her carrier to her son he would understand. He would not understand it right away, but spending more time with him and explaing it bit by bit he would give in.

        The talk Anjalie had with Chotti, the girl demands her time as well as presents from her. And she agrees on her terms. If this was the way Antik was raised fullfilling his demands, it would be a tough job to make him understand.

        We spoilt them in the name of love and at the same time we expect them to bahave like a mature grown-up..

        When the mature people don’t understand the need of the younger, how could we expect them to understand us.

        Liked by 3 people

  5. Hi ! A new reader alert ! I have randomly read in last few days your posts and loved it. It is sometimes the mundane questions you raise and give your take on it. 😍
    But this post makes me want to say something 😊
    You raise an issue many a married working woman faces and even more so when they have kids who are young.
    I have a view but look forward to how you address it.
    What impressed me is how you have kept Anjali character true. She never acknowledges that Ankit grouse may have some validity. She wants to pass her burden to Nani ( well Khushi really who has a lot of help unlike her) …And my her positioning. Could anybody say no to her ! I will be surprised if she even knows that she is been unfair to Khushi.
    I look forward to how Arnav handles this. Will it be about Di and burden Khushi or he will acknowledge that it is Di and her hubby family issue and they need to find a solution on their own.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Shraddha and welcome aboard🌹 I always feel triumphant and exhilarated when someone is forced to break their self-imposed silence. And it is interesting that some things dont change. The last time I was posting SS it was Di who came to my rescue and this time too 😀 Di is an interesting character isnt she? I always saw her as something of a male ASR (oh well perhaps slightly more manipulative) Anyway I am glad you find this an interesting situation and sincerely hope you will share your views and opinions after the characters have resolved the issue (or made it worse 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hope you will do so more often! Cheers

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you Dahlia. The sweet talking folks who gets others do their dirty work and
        our loved by all ( and cry bucket loads if someone dares to expose)..I just love how you have written this. 😍
        So what would the male ASR do ?

        Liked by 3 people

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