SS Season 2

Har hum ho



Ab kya boloon main?




Hum jaante hain aap kya soch rahe hain

Ab aaya na uunth pahad ke neeche! Kya boli thi dandanate huye – chalo ek baar phirse ajnabi ban jaaye….

Haan haan theek hai theek hai. Once a sanki always a sanki.

Aur woh kehte hai na – Never say Never!

Waise sab aap logan ki hi galati hai.

Humne toh apna pitara bund-wund karke andar kar diya tha. Phir kya dekti hoon?

Ek chintiyo ki baraat chupke se qatar lagaye andar jaate huye

What the!

Tumhari himmat kaise hui?!?

Na Hello Na Bye Bye Na Kushal Mangal bas apne hi dhun mein andar bahar andar bahar.

Hmm kuch karika padhi.

Sad sa Winnie the Pooh se note lagaya

Koi tas se mas na hua haan parantu qatar aur lambi hui


Stricter measures required – password dala – dalte dalte mein bore ho gayi par phir bhi silencia ka tala na khula.

Dhat tere ki! Bekar mein apna hi kaam badhaya.


Phir Kya Hua Yeh Na Puchho
Kuch Aisi Baat Ho Gayi


Kuch Ajnabi Hasinaao Se
Yun Mulaaqat Ho Gayi
Wo Achanak Aa Gaye
Yun Nazar Ke Saamne
Jaise Nikal Aaye
Ghata Se Chaand


Bas kuch chand alfaz

haal chaal

Aur kuch sawal


Dimaag aisan ghooma ki phir revise karna padha SS

Dahlia ka bhi maatha thanka

Akhir hua to kya hua?

Ankit live-in pe gaya ki nahi?

Mishti flash in the pan thi ki actual mein koi thi?

Aur Shubham? Uska kya?

And of course

Arnav and Khushi

Unka kya?

Khushi dukhi dukhi rehne lagi ki todh ke bandhan bandhi payal?

Dahlia ki unglia thartharai


Uff chodo yeh sab nautanki right?

Ab mudde ki baat par aate hain!

Iss baar hum dheere dheere chal lenge

After all itne din lockdown mein jo rahe

AD is very unpredictable and uske upar Dahlia – pata nahi kahan chali jaati hai. So jab tak hai jaan err I mean feasible hum postiyaange but at weekly or fortnightly intervals. Also as this is a continuous saga of people who come and go there may not be a The End in the traditional sense – although if any of you have a craving for that kind of closure it has already been done with and can read it here whenever you like – The Wager and The Stowaway.

I hope all of you and yours are safe and well. Take care and read on.

Err well if you have a minute or two to spare a bit more rambling oo ka hai na, bahut din hui gawa ramble kiye hue. Literally. I haven’t been outside of my house building since 22nd March 2020. Actually once.

Uff ramble within a ramble….

Anyway toh hum kahan the?

Haan, while rifling through my older files documents drafts etc I found the post (my first post ever on IPK, actually anything related to fiction!) which led to Silver Streaks about a year later.

I was wondering if you would be interested in reading it?


No problem – just click on Chapter 501 and off you go. And this time I won’t make any feedback request as I have learnt:

Those who will,

anyway will.

And those who won’t,

anyway won’t.

Hey you will gals – you know who you are for Season 2 is especially written for you and because of you – thank you for being there hamesha!

Toh ab wapas chalein apne original rambling question par – Yes?

Go on and scroll down

Reality check

Dated 2011/2012 sometime post the forced wedding (but before the kidnapping track because then Khulasa Mami was born 😀 )

Please read in that context

Questions and more questions; answers anyone?

Friends, readers and writers, spare me a moment of your precious time, for I come to question you. I have several questions and seeing the brilliant bunch on a single platform, I would like to request you all to introspect and help me find answers to them.

Like you, I am a diehard fan of IPKKND and the story of Arnav and Khushi has captured our collective imaginations and we wait with impatient bated breaths for their final confession so that we may all go back to our humdrum lives, minus the palpitations.  Arnav and Khushi are more than just ‘reel’ characters they have become ‘real’ people and all of us here would like nothing better than to see them kiss and makeup.

For all of fandom the wait becomes interminable for the two star crossed lovers to unite forever and more.

What is it about these two characters that have enslaved us, what is it that makes us intensely feel KKG’s pain and love, yet we all just as intensely and passionately bleed for ASR’s agony and betrayal? Is it the story, is it the characters, is it the actors, is it the portrayal, a blend of all of the above? Or is it just our search for love in its purest form and a desire to have the same for us that makes us yearn that at least theirs should be fulfilled?

However, the primary question that dogs me is what next? Do you truly believe that these two strong dynamic differing personalities can actually lead a happy married life?

Before you all decide to murder me, let me explain. The reason why the question arose in my mind was that even without the MU, ASR has certain rather preconceived notions and complexes, which are an integral part of his psyche and actually make him ASR.

In an interview (I forget where), BS and SI were asked what they liked about KKG’s character and they answered, “everything, what’s not to like?” (well more on that later) and for ASR’s character, they liked nothing, in fact SI went so far as to say the best thing about ASR’s character was Barun! And I do believe she was right.

Let us separate BS from ASR and what do we have? If ASR was not a handsome man with beautiful brown eyes, would he have evoked the same passion, the very same feelings in KKG (and indeed fandom)?

Although ASR hurt KKG several times over the past few months, post MU (the worst according to me was “ek haath se taali nahi bajti” quite unforgivable I thought), even before the MU he has left no stone unturned to repeatedly hurt KKG, both physically and emotionally. Come to think of it rationally (please girls, keep your cool), how much different is he from SMJ? At the slightest clash of wills, at the slightest of pretexts he physically grabs KKG on innumerable occasions.

Tsk, tsk

Just because he is ASR, he is forgiven, yet SMJ has never (at least not to my recollection) physically grabbed hold of KKG [edit: err well perhaps later he did].

ASR has repeatedly let KKG know of his scant respect for her, what he thinks of her status, the nature of her “gold-digging” ways. In addition, he is proud and indeed flaunts his shatir dimaag and massive ego.  He prefers to trust his own thinking over that of others and do his own thing, indeed even where his beloved Di is concerned. Remember the episode where he yelled at his Di for wanting to retain Khushi’s services against his wishes? He was pushed to say what he thinks, but does not say “This is my house!” again quite unforgivable I thought.

If this is his attitude towards his Di what chance does KKG stand? Yet KKG cannot “breathe” without him (and neither can apparently fandom); why, why does this person evoke such love in KKG. Is she a masochist? Are all female fans guilty of the same?

Do you really believe that once the MU has been cleared, these characteristics of ASR would also disappear? Would they not rear their ugly heads time and again to create new MUs and heartaches?

There has been talk of ASR dying and only Arnav surviving, but is this feasible, and indeed even desirable, for who knows whom KKG actually loves?

Remember, she has to accept the Shaitan to get her Prince and the Shaitan comes free with the Prince.

Of course, the best argument and the answer to all the above questions would be that in the matters of the heart there is no logic, there is no reason “why” and indeed this would be a valid argument as far as KKG goes. Marriages are made in heaven etc etc.

But what about fandom? Why is fandom bent upon pushing their dearest lovable Khushi to a future that can only bring her more heartache? This is what I find inexplicable. Answers anyone?

Coming to KKG, the young lady has stolen our hearts and she can do no wrong. But is she so flawless (not that this is a prerequisite to love)? What about her lack of courtesy and manners even in her early days at AR designs where she burst into meetings without so much as by your leave? She openly challenged ASR’s authority at his office, which is just not done and she could have easily been thrown out on grounds of insubordination. Post MU also she was guilty of similar a kind of transgression and despite cringing fandom forgave her for she was under a lot of stress.  She is a large-hearted person with a caring nature. I can just imagine sometime in the future, an employee thrown out of his job due to whatever reasons (incompetence, laziness you name it), comes to KKG and weeps his sob story to her (wife and kids dying of hunger, such a big punishment for such a tiny mistake). She would instantly be up in arms and demand that he be reinstated (with possibly an apology thrown in!). Would her dearly beloved be office trained enough to bow to his lady love’s unreasonable demand? I somehow doubt it.

Then there have been glimpses of her over the top behavior on more than one occasion. Imitating your late-grandfather in law, that too when your position is dicey is one example. Gate crashing another’s classy party with lassi and desi girl just because your sister is not comfortable is again just not done. As Akash’s wife, Payal would have to learn to adjust to such parties and this was a wonderful opportunity to do so, but KKG ruined it and ASR was mad, and justifiably so, at least I thought so. Similar parties and events are also on the cards for KKG as ASR’s wife, what would she do, how would she interact with the snobbish high class society? Would she be able to cope, conduct herself with sobriety and elegance, project herself as a fit partner for ASR or again create some ruckus and raise ASR’s blood pressure? Remember ASR is very class and image conscious, while he himself may not like or appreciate his wife’s over the top behavior, he would like it even less if a third party were to comment adversely. Well girls, at least to me, the stage is set for an explosive, lose-lose situation.

Of course these would just be incidents and events that would ultimately lead to a more mature and stable relationship with each party understanding and accepting each other’s domains and respecting the authority of each. But not before a number of bitter words have been exchanged many tears shed and major changes in personality and behavior implemented till KKG becomes a shadow of her former self and transforms to KSR.

KKG has no qualms or hesitation in owning up to her mistakes and apologizing gracefully. However, ASR is another ballgame altogether. By his own confession he has a big ego and past incidents have revealed his difficulty in apologizing, especially where Khushi is concerned. At best he can offer an olive branch in lieu of an open apology (but challenged he would deny it as a peace offering).

As I see it, once the relationship would have settled into regular domestic bliss, ASR, volatile temper would have erupted with monotonous regularity, ASR would take her understanding as par for the course and on occasions even justified ranting. Both ASR and KKG have a habit of running away and not answering each other’s questions. Post domestic bliss, ASR would not even think of discussing, leave alone apologizing for his rude and cruel words and would in all likelihood be brushed under the carpet without proper burial and Khushi’s list of unkind words and cuts would just keep growing and festering. I mean how much can a girl forgive, forget and even justify? There would definitely come a time when she would think, has it been worth it?


Ab yeh toh tab ki baat hai. Ab bas ek sawaal hai? Were these questions answered in Silver Streaks? Kuch reh toh nahi gaya? Kya kehte ho? Haan haan koi zabardasti nahi hai. Strictly for jinko kuch kehna hai warna koi baat nahi 🙂

Oh ek aur baat (kisiko toh bolna padega na!) To maintain a book format of this series (and the previous ones like SS and Moonshine) and prevent the chapters from running in reverse order I have to post the chapters as Pages. All good, except if a Page is posted a notification does not go out to blog followers – crazy right? But there it is. I generally tweet the chapter soon after I post. If you are not a tweet person (I still am not) please let me know your mail ID ( I am in the process of compiling a mailing list of regular readers and can send an email along with theirs, if you like.

Aur ek aur baat (you know what I mean 😀 ), hum bahut dino, nahi saalon baad returniyaing to khichdi pakaoing – kahin Ek Jashn Yahan Bhi ke tarah ho jaaye to plij inform ASAP. Baaki aap sambhal lena – hamesha ke tarah.

Toh phir shuru karte hain (finally) lekar Devi Maiyya’s ka naam.

Click here for Chapter 501

Or if you are new here click here for Chapter 1 of Silver Streaks

41 thoughts on “SS Season 2”

  1. Omg omg omg i had hoped to finish the previous read before you started posting again but AD! And it still wouldn’t leave me alone. Arrrghh! And yet again, I am just here to let you know I am going to read this once I have the time to patiently savor it!!! Argh can’t wait. Thanks for the email and would love it if they keep coming. 🙂

    Marked as Reserved. 😀

    BTW aapka email dekhke first response was dhak dhak… Dhakdhak. 😀 So excited!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Btw can’t resist replying to that looooong post… But i daresay SS touched upon almost all of those issues. The fact that you gave Khushi a personality above her obvious naivete and short sightedness was a big plus for me. For anytime I think of how Arnav Khushi would be after the show ended, this is where I come. You already know I have read SS multiple times! And each time found a new facet to marvel at. (which is saying something because IPK happened to me this year (yeah 9 years too late but kya kare lockdown mein mental health ka kuch keh nahi sakte :P). The only issue I guess which I thought of wasnt covered in SS was about the growing pile of resentment…. And I have discussed this multiple times in my comments.. But I guess we are going to explore that now, aren’t we?

      Uff I am so excited. I want to finish reading SS again and then continue but I don’t think I have so much patience! But I am definitely gonna restrain myself until I have the time for a cup of chai and uske saath karenge Arnav Khushi ka phir se swagat… 😀

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Yay! I am glad that SS did stay on the path of Reality Check – phew. But yes I hope to explore that festering resentment vis-a-vis indifference. I am as curious to know yeh journey kis mod par hume khada kar deta hai :D. Hope you get your cuppa soon 🙂

        Liked by 3 people

  2. Okay I got to comment about the ASR vs SMJ comparison. As annoying as that is, my obvious vexation about that direct comparison is making me psychoanalyze myself. (Slipper slope to tread during isolation :P). Now I might possibly sound like a defensive fan girl but I just wanna put this out there.. ASR was definitely cruel. (btw I have skipped a lot of the initial episodes as I don’t like watching conflict. 😛 so I may be missing a lot of context too but I’d rather hold the img of ASR I have in my mind than tarnish it) but I can’t see how the comparison with Shyam is fair. ASR merely reacted to Khushi Kumari Gupta. Shyam on the other hand plotted and planned. And yes his (ASR’s) reactions have disturbing elements something I possibly might not forgive in real life if I was bearing the brunt of it, but you know if there is one thing I have realized, it’s that two people have their own chemistry of what’s okay and whats not okay between them. It’s not really black and white and judging it from a third person pov not always fair. Now as reactive as ASR was, Khushi kept challenging him and bringing out the worst in him too. I guess what I am trying to say is what ASR did was not fair at all. I would question his upbringing and his past but even that doesnt justify how ruthless he sometimes was. Like ASR himself says in SS, if he was on Khushi’s side, he would have never forgiven ASR and I guess I agree. But my point is that when I really look at Shyam, his intention from the beginning was cheating, lying and manipulating and I guess for me that’s such a strict no-no that I am willing to forgive ASR. 😛 and btw Khushi ko sab aise hi dukhiyaari bana dete hai lekin she had no business challenging ASR like she did. I guess life is unfair and she paid for her naiveté and her stupidity. And I have rambled, but what I wanted to say was that while ASR was reactive, Shyam’s intentions were vile right from the beginning. Sometimes jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi hai… So yeah Shyam seemed like a good person while ASR an ass in the beginning but we all know how that turned out didn’t we?

    Another imp question that always comes across is what would have happened if Khushi had revealed the truth right at the beginning, atleast to ASR and I really want to believe that he might have reacted but he would have come around and wouldn’t have been stupid enough to do contract marriage. I guess some parts of the show were written stupidly just for drama and for the sake of my sanity I want to believe that such things don’t happen to anyone in real life. (I mean contract marriage and all that jazz, not lecherous nazar from jeejus). Btw not sure if you have caught up Ye Hai Mohabbatein, but I used to sit with my mom for a couple of episodes and right in the beginning they show the same track. And it was really commendable how they portrayed Divyanka’s reaction. I guess that was the first time I looked at TV and thought, wow progress.

    Which brings me to my next ramble… Jab IPK ke episodes start hote hai there is a disclaimer saying ye karyakram samajik kuritiyo ke khilaf awaz hai and it really really vexes me for the statements they have made throughout the show are anything but. Khushi admitting part in why Shyam strayed was the biggest one for me. I could never forgive that piece of writing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have to agree with most of what you said except I lost you in the end – Khushi admitting in part🤔 also haven’t seen Yeh Moh.. BTW in retrospect I think I also made the comparison out of sheer perverseness😛 Perhaps I also wanted to grab some eyeballs who knows🤷‍♀️🤓

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Where Arnav says sab tumhari galti hai and she agrees to him. Agar hum nahi hote toh shyam ji ye sab nahi karte trope. Ugh. Disgusting.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Your defensive fangirl mode has company ☺️
      What an interesting analysis of both ASR and SMJ… Gul and her obsession with 3’s 🙄 ASR was always very straightforward. You got the feeling his dealings would be done with integrity. Quite unlike the lascivious Jeeju. NK was the all the fandom at A & K’s haldi when he caught the leering Jeeju. Of course, the one scene that still makes me sick is a shirtless Shyam in Khushi’s bedroom after showering in her bathroom. How did Anjali even think it was okay for him to go there despite his insistence?!

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Hello Dahlia. There are a lot of points you raised but I want to talk about SMJ and ASR.To begin with, there would have been no IPKKND without SMJ.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Sorry, Dahlia, I cannot remember pressing post comment. Anyway, Shyam was a grey character, to begin with. He was a likeable .had good manners, polite and very helpful. Only during the Teej celebration, we came to know that he was married to Anjali, the sister of ASR. After that, the grey started to become darker and darker and became Shyam (black)
    ASR, on the other hand, was as we saw him rude and violent at times. And he did not change much. The leopard cannot change his spots . And he himself said ‘main aisa he hoon’Unlike Akash , he did not promise the ‘rose garden’ to Khushi.
    One time Khushi was comparing what would be her life with ASR and Shyam. She was wearing a yellow and black sari and asked ASR how did she look and he said like a taxi.😀
    While Shyam praised her saying she looked beautiful whatever she wore.
    However, ASR prided himself that he had a shatir dimag and that ‘dilse nihin,dimagse kam karta hoon’ But it was his heart which won most of the time. His actions were impulsive.
    Shyam appeared to be smiling and polite but was very calculating and dangerous. He married a lame Anjali because she was very trusting. She was his meal ticket but once he saw Khushi he wanted her. He started to plot to get rid of Anjali and her brother ASR and get all the money and then marry Khushi.
    So we had a story of Sundari and Shaitan who became a Prince (not all the time) and Sham who became a beast and remained so till the end.
    I don’t know Dahlia if it makes any sense but it is my point of view.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Made perfect sense Ferdi – and loved the fact that you got in an emoji 😀 That taxi incident was really funny! Although it was Sankadevi’s imagination working overtime, if I remember correctly. Shyam was pure evil while ASR had shades of grey.

      Liked by 3 people

  5. So email id is
    This shyam & Arnav debate has one & only difference- evilness. Shyam doesn’t contemplate whether to kill or not, agar devi maiyaa ki kripa daiyaa ho par hoti toh woh successfully 2 murder kar dete. Arnav on another hand bas hool hi dete rahe, kara toh sab bitiya ne, kidnap se bachaya, james bond ka bhojpuri flop version karke daiyaa ho 1st reveal kiya & phir theatre act karke finally out kiya. Bitwa toh out karne ke liye aakash chahiye, police bulane ke liye NK. Acting bhi nahi hoti bitwa se tabhi toh resident actor of RM is NK- kuch bhi bana lo- arnav ya shyam, kisi ke bhi opposite- mami ho ya khushi🤦🏻‍♀️

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Dear Dahlia… Good luck for your second innings of SS. You are going to rock it, as always, with your trademark style, rambling away to glory 😘
    Iam just going to enjoy reading your writing and have fun…. right behind you !!

    P.S. Absolutely no comparison between Shyam and ASR 😛 🤪

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha of course not but kya karein adat se majboor bhi toh hain😛 Aur khabardar jo saath choda. After all rambling ki permission toh aap hi ki hai😁


  7. Dhalia wow you are rocking I came back to see all your comments, rambling loved reading all of them ….Yiiipppee dhalia is back with a bang..iloved every bit of it….
    looking forward to more always….Dont you dare let her goooonowwww


  8. I am late coming here, Dahlia. Maafi 😔
    Right now I’m beaming away like the chaand you have compared us to 😏
    “Wo Achanak Aa Gaye
    Yun Nazar Ke Saamne
    Jaise Nikal Aaye
    Ghata Se Chaand”

    Liked by 2 people

  9. My name is Sharmeen and i go by the pen name Arshiaddict !,! I hope that tells you what i an hopelessly addicted to. Your story silver streaks or should i say Arnav aur Khushi ka dastaan is one of my first reads on IPKKND, and suffice to say i loved it , well hated Arnav at times for being the bossy , dominating , always blaming khushi for everything types. But i loved it bas!
    You will wonder why there are not any commemts from me if i loved it so much , well in my defence i will say that as these stories so long ago and i did not see any acti ity by you so i did not commemt. But with the new season you can expect to see me.
    Please send me the email as and when you post new chapters. I have sent you a message to the gmail account too. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I am new to this blog but have already read all the chapters.I am so happy you have started season 2 and no matter how many seasons pass in between Arshi magic will never fade.I would like to get notifications for new posts my mail I’d is Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Wow, sorry, late to the party, but loving the comments here! Clearly a passionate group of fans for you, Dahlia :). All the best, and I’m so glad you’re back in writing mode! All the best. Suraja

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow Suraja so good of you to drop in – grinning from ear to ear 😀 I am also thrilled to be writing again, although to be honest I was kinda hoping to pick up something else that is on the back burner but clearly I have to first deal with this unfinished business. Thanks for the much needed wishes!


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