Chapter 337: A Lil Hanky Panky

Happy days were here again at RM – Anya bimaar thi toh sab pareshan the aur ab she was in the seventh heaven of delight and her joy was infectious.

She was in a fever of anticipation the next day as Sherry had promised to come and take her to choose an engagement ring. The wedding itself was a little later in the year, seven months to be precise i.e in February. The weather would be ideal but more importantly Aisha’s desire to dance at Anya’s wedding could be possible only then.

As you may remember, she had been involved in a serious car accident and though she had been discharged from the hospital, the road to recovery was long and painful. Anya would have liked to go over the States to visit her ailing friend but she herself had just barely begun to recover – naturally all concerned vehemently opposed that plan. Then Anya had a brainwave, she could have a hasty wedding and then be off to the States for her honeymoon, “What do you think?” she looked hopefully at Sherry as they chatted with Anya and Yash on Facetime.

“Nahi!” wailed Aisha, “Didn’t I tell you I want to dance at your wedding, and I don’t want to see pics of me in wheelchair, can’t you wait a bit before getting married?” she was almost in tears.

Anya’s phone flashed, it was a message from Aisha, ‘or are you pregnant?’

‘NOOO’ Anya instantly messaged all the while glaring at her across the seven seas, Aisha grinned unrepentantly tears vanishing in an instant, looking perkier than before. Anya’s heart almost broke to see her dearest friend so injured and helpless that she couldn’t even sit up for Facetime; she couldn’t deny her this simple wish could she?

Later, Anya looked hopefully at Sherry, “Would you mind very much if we postpone the wedding very much?”

Sherry was in a fix – anything Sherry could say be highly inappropriate and misconstrued – after all who knew better uska dimaag bhi toh aise hi kaam karta tha! (ufffo now don’t tell me you guys don’t get it – agar Sherry agreed, i.e. Haan bola toh iska matlab her wishes and feelings didn’t count for much aur Na bola toh iska matlab he didn’t really care about the wedding or for her that much, ho sakta hai family pressure main aakar hi shaadi ke liye hi haan bol diya ho? – worse he was taking pity on her seeing her health condition?) Sherry was well and truly caught between the devil and the deep. But then he did love to tease Anya.

Sherry took a deep breath and took the plunge – he shook his head and shrugged, “I have no problem if you cancel the wedding altogether, waise bhi tumhe to pata hai na,” he heaved a great sigh and looked at her mournfully, “I was forced to propose to you – mera bas chalta toh…ouch!” he broke off and exaggeratedly rubbed his shoulder where she had punched him, “Theek hai,” she said distantly, “Let’s call off the wedding,” she sniffed.

“What! And risk annoying your Maamu again? Aur Chotti ko kya boloonga? Nahi nahi shaadi toh ho kar hi rahegi,” he shook his head, “The later the better.”

Tears slowly pooled into Anya’s eyes – Sherry was horrified, “Anya!” he said urgently, “Come on! I was just pulling your leg!”

Anya turned away, her shoulders shaking alarmingly, “Anya! Sweetheart come on, please don’t take it heart, I really was kidding,” Sherry was distraught as his attempts to soothe Anya fell on deaf ears; he forced her face up to reveal a red laughing face – she waggled her eyes at him, “Khabardaar jo mujhse panga liya toh!” she threatened direly, “If you even try to shut me out like last time, I swear I will turn into a deadly ‘daiyan’ and torture you mercilessly,” she looked at him sternly.

“Ok ok!” Sherry raised his hands and surrendered gracefully and submitted to his collar being pulled aggressively, “Ab bolo, any problem with postponing the wedding?” she glared at him challengingly.

“Oh no no not at all! In fact I would prefer to defer the wedding,” Sherry was all compliant and eager to please but now it was Anya’s turn to be taken aback, “Why?” she asked suspiciously with a sinking heart all her bravado vanishing in an instant.

Sherry shrugged apologetically, “Woh kya hai na, as I told you before,” he said with a ludicrous expression, “I am really not too keen on marry a Bag of bones,” Anya’s face was a study; Sherry crowed with laughter as he gathered her into his arms, “Khabardar jo mujhse panga liya toh!” he mimicked her and then yelped, “Ouch!”

“Kya hua?” Anya was instantly concerned.

He rubbed his arms tenderly and grumbled, “All those bones,” she punched him and flounced off his low laugh accompanying her. A small smile broke across her face as she walked off with a glass of ‘boosted’ milk; she blushed as she caught Sherry’s knowing supercilious smirk, “Yeah kiddo,” he murmured softly as he followed her to her room, “Drink it up and more often, you definitely need it.”

She put down the glass with a thump, her eyes sparkling with challenge, “Forgotten about what I said I would do if you called me ‘kiddo’ again?” she closed in on him.

He stood his ground and smiled as he held out his arms, “Nope,” he shook his head, “in fact banking on it,” his arms closed in around her and she raised herself on her toes to give him his just deserts.

They were lost in the heat and passion of the moment and it is difficult to say how long they would have continued in this vein but for a muffled giggle; they broke apart hastily – of course it was Chotti viewing them with a bright pair of inquisitive eyes; she sniffed and wiped her nose, “How can one kiss and breathe if one has a cold?”

Chotti was very concerned about her future activities in this regard – she often had a cold and a blocked nose, she found it difficult to drink milk at a gulp – that of course she was more than happy to forgo but she could see that while kissing things could become very tricky for her.

Anya burst into a fit of giggles and buried her face in Sherry’s shoulder leaving him to deal with Chotti – after all usko bada shauq tha na Chotti ke Jiju banne ka!

Sherry cleared his throat and shrugged rather helplessly, “Arre I never thought about that! I have never had a cold and kissed at the same time,” he cupped Anya’s cheek and pushed Anya’s face up and asked her innocently with just the faintest hint of laughter in his voice, “Anya tumhe pata hai kya? Waise bhi tum toh bahut bimaar rehti ho, pata hi hoga?”

Anya shook her head, mumbled something incoherently and hid her face apparently feeling very shy and embarrassed when actually she couldn’t stop giggling and feeling murderous at the same time – how dare Sherry pass the buck to her?!

Sherry gripped her shaking shoulders and said regretfully, “Sorry Chotti, we are rather inexperienced in this matter, just like you,” he coughed and then said slyly, “Perhaps your mum or dad could help you?”

Chotti brightened and charged off, “Daddyyyyyy.”

Sherry grinned engagingly at Anya, “Haan toh hum kahan the?” he winked at her as he leaned towards her, Anya pushed him away and glared at him, “You think you are very smart don’t you?” she shook her head pityingly, “Abhi jaakar Chotti will spill the beans to Mamu phir dekhna kya hota hai!”

Sherry triumphant expression fell, he looked caught, “Err,” he scratched his head and pulled Anya by the hand, “Let’s go for a movie or something,” they sneaked off with a word to Nani.


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