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Aims & Objectives

To See
To Read
To Live
To Love
To Smile
To Laugh
To Sing
To Give
To Forgive
To do Right
To Write
To Appreciate
To Understand
To Accept
To Wait
To Go On
To Perhaps Give in
But Never To Give Up

Welcome Aboard!


Bhelcomz! Bhelcomz! Take off those shoes, put up your feet and take a sip of that hot cuppa tea – it’s time to relax. Take a breather, rest awhile, read some, rant some and vent some before heading back to wherever you need to be. But do remember, Stories and more will always be here – ready and waiting – whenever, wherever.

For, egged on by all you dear people – now you know whom to blame 😉 – I decided to go ahead and make writing my full time occupation. I trust you are ready to be bombarded with stuff like poetry (which I confess is really not my cup of tea), short stories (some okayish, most not so) and of course the rambling yarn. Encouraged by your love and support for Silver Streaks, I decided to try my hand at a new one – Moonshine.

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