Why the Caged Bird Doesn’t Sing

Photo (c) Liz Young

Why the Caged Bird Doesn’t Sing

Words 100

“Once upon a time, I was young, happy and carefree.” He said addressing gathered guests on their gala anniversary celebrations. “Until I met her.”


“But,” he raised a hand; “I experienced true happiness only after marriage.”

“Awww.” They nudged her and giggled.

Whenever your demands were met, she smiled at them.

“Thank you for the greatest joy of my life,” he pointed, “my darling Jaya.”

Whom you wanted me to abort, she swallowed.

“I am now the proud husband of a Bank Manager.”

Cheers and claps.

One who is not allowed to manage her own account. Her father beamed.


Written (with apologies to Maya Angelou) for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and Liz for the intriguing photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

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69 thoughts on “Why the Caged Bird Doesn’t Sing”

  1. Wow Dahlia, that was brilliant. So moving and so true for so many bound in this relationship. An entire story in a 100 words, quite a feat. Brava!

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  2. A very moving story, hundred words have summed up the whole life …not of one but many many homes, wonderfully written and expressed so subtly….amazing piece!

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  3. What an powerful piece! By juxtaposing her husband’s speech with her private thoughts, you’ve told us all we need to know about their marriage… how sad for her. Love the title.

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  4. Brilliant, Dahlia. A personal fate, but also universal for far too many women, children, and also some men.


  5. Wowww…. life in a nutshell from the points of view of each partner… one singing his glory and the other resigned to her fate!! Every thought of her’s degraded him further and further deep down into an abyss… there can be no redemption!! “Her father beamed”, really hits rock bottom!! Excellent!!

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