Chapter 199: An Unexpected Development

Khushi splashed cold water on her face and stumbled out of the washroom, Arnav helped her to the bed, “Tum theek ho?” he asked gruffly.

Khushi nodded, actually feeling better, “Yeah loads better and hungry too! Maybe I could have an apple, peeled and cut into thin slivers and oh and a banana too.” Khushi requested.

Arnav looked at her strangely, “Sure” he shrugged and instead of ringing the bell, he went down to get it. He probably thought that everyone would be busy managing Devansh. Actually, Devansh was happily playing with his toys as this was within his daily routine, and was well adjusted to it, but the moment he spied his father he insisted on going to him and with him. Arnav sighed and picked him up and bade Shakuntala get the fruits for Khushi while he bore Devansh upstairs. Devansh was overjoyed to find his mum home and made his happiness very evident as he gave her a warm and wet (yes he still drooled!) welcome. As Khushi laughed and welcomed him back, life returned to her eyes, Arnav heaved a sigh of relief.

He had been so worried dammit and suspected that Khushi asked him to get the fruits more as a consolation to him rather than actually wanting to eat them herself. He shook his head, she was always so concerned about the others, apne par dhyan hi nahi, he broke off as he remembered a long forgotten deal, she would look after her world whilst he would look after her. She had held up her side of the bargain but he, well less said the better. He vowed to take better care of her from now on.

Shakuntala entered with the refreshments including Arnav and Devansh’s breakfast. Khushi nibbled on the apple slivers while she coaxed Devansh into accepting the dalia. Initially he cooperated but then he wanted his mum to play with him so Arnav ordered Shakuntala to take over. But that was easier said than done and Devansh refused to leave his mum. Shakuntala disappeared into Devansh’s room and teased him with his favorite yellow beach ball and then threw it out of the room. Devansh scrambled off his mum’s lap and rushed off to play, Shakuntala hurriedly grabbed the bowl and went after him and shut the door for good measure. They could hear his gurgles as he ran after the ball down the corridor.

Khushi sighed and said, “Breakfast karke aap jaayea office, hum theek hain.”

“Dikh raha hai,” he bit out, “I’ll go when I have to go, you don’t have to order me or give me permission,” Arnav summarily dismissed her.

Khushi’s face fell, “Aap aise kyon bol rahe hai, aap naraaz hain humse?”

“Of course naraaz hoon!” Arnav attacked his breakfast, “Itni tabiyat kharab thi toh kuch bola kyon nahi?”

“Nahi,” Khushi tried to cover up, “Hum theek the pata nahi kya…”

“Jhooth mat bolo Khushi,” Arnav saw right through her, “I can see how ‘theek’ you are.”

“Nahi Arnav,” Khushi reiterated, “Hum sach keh rahein hain, I don’t know kya ho gaya, I can’t remember ever feeling like this except, when I was carrying Devansh,” Khushi clapped her hand to her mouth and stared horrified at Arnav.

Just about to take another bite of his toast, he froze and stared back at her. He held his breath as she attempted back calculate, “Hey Devi Maiyya, yeh kya ho gaya, I have been irregular since Devansh, so I didn’t bother, hey Devi Maiyya, ab hum kya karenge!” she moaned and looked to Arnav for help.

He rose to the occasion and let loose, “Khushi weren’t you on the pill dammit?!!”

Khushi looked at him confused and distressed, “Humne toh liya tha, hume nahi pata,” she moaned, she recovered and shook her finger at him, “Aap hi ki galati hai, aap hi ne toh kaha tha, abhi rehne do pills, Devansh jab tak feed le raha hai,” she buried her face in her hands, “Hey Devi Maiyya, ab kya hoga!”

“Par ab toh bund kar diya na feed dena?” Arnav pointed out.

“Haan kuch mahino se, aapne yaad nahi dilaya aur hum … hum bhool gaye,” Khushi mumbled.

“Bhool gaye!” Arnav was stumped, finally he seemed to recover a bit, “Khushi,” he came near and held her hands, “Khushi look at me,” he tipped her chin up,” Dekho Khushi, let’s not jump the gun huh, pehle confirm karte hain phir panic kartein hai (!) theek hai aur waise bhi, we can always go for an ab…”

Khushi clapped her hand over his mouth and shook her head violently, “Nahi! Aap aisa soch bhi kaise sakte hain!” she put a hand protectively over her belly, “Nahi yeh nahi ho sakta, yeh toh DM ka ashirwad hai, hum nahi kar sakte yeh,” she became more and more agitated.

Arnav soothed her and calmed her down, “Achcha theek hai theek hai, I have no problems,” he shrugged, “Main toh tumhare liye keh raha tha, you will have undergo all that and Devansh is still so young and a handful to boot.”

Khushi looked at him dolefully, “Devansh kitna chotta hai, aur AKC bhiiiii,” she burst into tears.

“Khushi!” Arnav tried his best to console and distract her, he clutched at straws, “pehle confirm toh kar lo, bekar main hi pareshan ho rahi ho aur mujhe bhi kar rahi ho!”

She wiped her tears, “Haan yehi theek rahega, aap le aayee na chemist ke dukaan se ek pregnancy kit?”

“What the!” Arnav backed off hurriedly, “Main! Are you kidding me? No way Khushi, I am so not going to any chemist shop and asking for a pregnancy testing kit!” he refused point blank, he dug out his phone, “Main Aman ko bol deta hoon.”

“Paagal ho gaye hain kya?!” Khushi hissed angrily.

Arnav looked away sheepishly and put away his phone, “Par main nahin jaaonga!” he ruled that out categorically.

Khushi stared at him unhappily, “Theek hai toh hum jaate hain.”

“Aur Nani poochengi toh kya bologi?” Arnav asked the obvious.

Khushi swung around her face crimson, “Woh…woh…hum Shakuntala ko bol dete hain.”

“Haan,” relieved, Arnav approved this course of action and rang the bell for Shakuntala, handed Khushi her purse and vanished to the poolside, Khushi glared at his retreating back, Laad Governor maidan chhod kar bhaag gaye!

Khushi handed the slip and money to Shakuntala and gave her strict instructions not to buy the ‘medicine’ from the local chemist but to take the driver and go to the main market and go to the biggest chemist shop over there. Still not feeling comfortable, she took back the slip and added a couple of other items to be purchased from the chemist to camouflage the real ‘purpose’.

Khushi was watching too many detective serials or should I say Khulasa Khabri 😀


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  1. It is serious ha! With couple of extra hands and LG’s laad pyaar, Khushi should be fine. I just don’t want him to lose his temper.

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