Miscellaneous Musings

There’s a bit of other stuff that aren’t stories but till (and if) it grows to greater heights, this is where I have tucked it away.

That which gets the Author’s Goat

  1. Bride Burning – A Case in Point
  2. Are you Complicit?
  3. Aunty Angst

Calming quotes

  1. 3-day Quote Challenge Day 1
  2. 3-day Quote Challenge Day 2
  3. 3-day Quote Challenge Day 3

Poetry and Author Attempts

  1. Aims & Objectives
    • My first piece of writing ever!
  2. Haiku Season
  3. Poetry Anyone?
  4. Poetry for no Rhyme or Reason
    • A few poems (not mine!) that changed my attitude towards poetry
  5. Haiga #1
  6. Haiga #2
  7. Haiga #3
  8. Haiga #4
  9. Haiga #5
  10. Undone
  11. Living a Lie

Life, Lessons and Musings

  1. Train to be Happy
  2. More Training
  3. Cat-a-log
    • When I had a ghostly visitation…
  4. The Bhishma Perspective
    • A look into Indian mythology and an attempt to decode Bhishma
  5. What if?
    • A look into Indian mythology and pointing fingers at Gandhari
  6. Lessons from Life
  7. Lighten Up
  8. An Art-Y Post
    • A look into Indian art from one who has no artistic sensibilities. And yet this is the most popular post of Stories and more (at least in terms of likes) – care to tell me why?
  9. Commitment Checklist
    • A list of questions to ask before being committed 😉
  10. Borrowed Advice
    • Ramblings of one who should have been committed long ago…
  11. #QOGUIN Series
    • A discarded venture or perhaps a suspended venture

News That Brings Cheer

  1. A Star Among Us
    • Want to meet a Guinness World Record holder? Dive in!
  2. Where There’s a Will
    • Unbelievable indomitable people who have beaten the odds
  3. Celebrating Woman Power
    • Where she can just as he can
  4. Engineering a New Way of Life
    • Meet the real Phunsuk Wangdu who inspired 3 Idiots
  5. A Sparkling Gem from the Interiors
    • Meet Haldhar Nag a barely ‘literate’ man from Odisha on whose writings 5 Ph.D have been done
  6. Bringing Mythology to Life
    • Meet the modern day Bhagiratha – a 51 year old lady.
  7. Rooting for Death
    • Celebrating in advance the imminent death of the world’s biggest killers, more than all the wars combined.
  8. A Salute to the Wall
    • The humanity of Rahul Dravid

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