The Denouement

This should work as a standalone story but for best results, please read this first blushing

(c) Rich Voza

The Denouement


“Shouldn’t you be on the Mumbai flight?” Angel asked.

Laksh shrugged. “A brief detour.”

“Weren’t you dying to meet your sister?” Angel was still smarting. Just my luck – one decent guy in the batch and I look like his sister.

“You can resuscitate me.” Her heart fluttered. If only.

It was a fun flight back to Delhi. At least they were friends.

“Bye.” Angel said.

“Thanks for your company.”

Despite herself, Angel blushed. His eyes were warm. Too warm.

“My Namaste to Didi.” She reminded herself.

“Drop me at the Departure gate?”

Angel stared.

“By the way, I am an only child.”


 Words: 102

Written for the Friday Fictioners (flash fiction in 100 words or less) hosted by Rochelle – thanks 🙂 For amazing stories on this prompt, click here.

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