Chapter 104: Di is Unwell

Di certainly was in need of prayers and good wishes, her situation deteriorated by the day and the situation remained tense, but under control, largely because the truth remained largely hidden from the master tantrum thrower CSR (and of course Anya, but only because she would be likely to go and spill all the beans to her favorite Mamu).

She was barely half way through her sixth month of pregnancy when the doctors began to seriously consider the wisdom of continuing with her pregnancy. Her reports were alarmingly abnormal as was her BP which was uncontrollable. They advised immediate hospitalization for closer monitoring and if necessary immediate C-section.

The famous Raizada parivaar ka ‘ziddi’ gene came to the forefront and Di put her foot down and refused to shift to the hospital. Khsitij was at a loss as to how do deal with this new avatar of Anjali, she was usually so biddable and compliant.

“Come on Anjali, don’t behave in such a childish manner,” pleaded Khsitij his dimples in full view as worry creased his brow.

“No Khsitij, you come on, I said na hume kuch nahi hoga, I know in my heart,” Anjali smiled her angelic smile even though she looked very ill.

Khsitij sighed and said, “Theek hai, then get ready to become a widow before you become a mother.”

“What!” Anjali sat up horrified, “How dare you say such a thing?!”

Khsitij nodded his head, “I dare because I speak the truth; achcha toh if it a girl call her Ananya and if it is boy Ankit ok, aur haan do look after Anya, though I know I don’t really need to say that.

“Khsitij! Stop this nonsense immediately,” Anjali was really upset, “At least have some consideration for my condition.”

“Why what condition? You just said nothing will happen to you?” Khsitij was surprised, “But I am worried about my health! Tell me do you honestly think your precious Chotte will let me be in one piece when he finds out what you have been hiding from him? And God forbid something does happen to you; oh but of course, I forgot your heart knows nothing will happen to you or your baby, tell me does it also guarantee nothing will happen to me?”

Anjali bit her lip as she looked at her husband; he was right, Chotte would be wild, he would throw a fit, probably tear Khsitij from limb to limb and Khushi, poor Khushi would never hear the end of it, her lips trembled, but her baby, she put a protective hand over her belly.

Khsitij saw her weakening, he sat down beside her and put her hand over her hand, “Anjie dearest listen to me, this is the 21st century and you really shouldn’t believe all those Hindi movies which declare we can only save either the baby or the mother, make your choice and all that rubbish. We want you at the hospital, so that you and the baby can be closely monitored and if and only if needed, you can be immediately operated upon to save not only you but also the baby; sweetheart, medical science has made remarkable progress and today premature babies have a high chance of surviving and God willing your baby will be fine, but for that you need to be at the hospital, understand?”

Anjali nodded, “But what about Anya?”

“Oh best she go to RM,” Khsitij said decisively, “She will be happy playing with Yash and would keep her Mamu out of your hair too,” he winked and smiled even as dread filled his heart, he hoped and prayed everything would turn out fine. What if, his heart sank, no he couldn’t afford to think negative thoughts, Anjie caught on very quickly to his moods; she needed him to be strong and cheerful.

Arnav was predictably very upset but Anjali pacified him by saying that Khsitij had insisted purely for precautionary reasons. He grudgingly accepted that even though he was not really convinced, Di was all swollen up, (she laughed it off as weight gain) but he really had no choice because the top notch hospital took patient confidentiality seriously and all his questions were met with a blanket ‘all is under control sir, nothing to worry about sir’.

Di had her low key Godh Bharai ceremony (Puja in absentia was held at RM) at the hospital itself, family members were allowed to go in but only in ones or twos and gifts were just shown and taken away but the blessings were what Di needed most and got in ample amount.

One early morning, just 10 days into her 7 month, as feared, Anjali’s condition deteriorated and had to be rushed for an emergency C section.

It was a highly somber, stressed and worried clan of the Raizada parivaar who gathered in the waiting room of the hospital (except of course for Payal, Yash and Anya; the GM clan was making preparations to leave Lucknow for Delhi on an ASAP basis).

The inevitable happened, CSR got to know the full details and boy was he mad; the hospital premises and Di ki halat prevented him from raising his voice or throwing things or murdering Khsitij and Khushi or stomping out and driving around the city like a madman, but inactivity did not sit well on him. He fretted and fumed as he restlessly paced the overcrowded hall like an wounded tiger, hissing ferociously mostly at Khushi (tumhari himmat kaise hui, tum samajhte kya ho apne aap ko, how dare you Khushi, dammit pehle kyon nahi bataya, dammit kuch ho jata toh and all that)letting off steam ever so often much like a pressure cooker (mind you not the fizzled out kinds); Khushi cowered behind Nani, her throat constricted as if Arnav had actually wrapped his fingers around her slender neck, raksha karna Devi Maiyya, keep both the baby and Di safe.

As the wait became unbearable, Arnav lost all lihaaz and thrust his finger aggressively into Khsitij face, “If anything happens to Di, main tumhe chhodonga nahi Khsitij!” he threatened, his face black as thunder; Khsitij raised anguished eyes to Arnav, “Be my guest Arnav, just promise me you will take care of Anya.”

Arnav turned away before his face crumpled.


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6 thoughts on “Chapter 104: Di is Unwell”

  1. What a name (pressure cooker) that fits perfectly with him. ASR has got so maby names
    HSR (Anya’s friend)
    Laad Governer
    Pressure cooker
    Did i miss any?

    I ‘m sure there would be more to come

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  2. ASR ko seedha karne ke liye Ekdum sahi saale sahab mile hai!! I love Kshitij! He has this disarming quality about himself. So calm in a crisis and yet with one word, everybody including ASR falls in line.

    Liked by 1 person

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