Chapter 506: Saat Samandar Paar

The first week in the States was a blur as it whizzed past them what with the newness of the place and settling down to strange ways of the west – bread, bread and bread. Khushi revolted after the first two days and made roti sabzi. Devansh tucked in eagerly but then shook his head, “No Mom, let’s stick to bread. Don’t spoil my habit, who will make roti for me when you aren’t there?”

Khushi stared at him aghast. “But you can hardly have bread for breakfast lunch and dinner.”

“Wohi theek hai. Cheap and best.”

“Cheap ki kya zaroorat hai?” Khushi flared up.

“Careful Mom, you are speaking like Dad,” Deva shut her up.

For a little while.

“You should learn how to make roti sabzi,” she declared, “aur bhi cheap and best.”

And then started her Guddu-ko-chef- banao abhiyaan. Kicking and screaming.

Well almost.

Having made her intentions clear, she took tiny steps. One day shopping, one day veggie identification, another day, masala test, another day, atta kneading etc etc. Until Deva was an expert at making hot air balloons on the tawa. Khushi toh phuli nahi samai, hai mera Guddu she gushed and nibbled her finger. “Ab hum paratha…”

“No Mom, now we will chill a bit. I have got the hang of it, let me practice a bit. From now on, dinner is on me.”

“But hum kya karenge?” Khushi wailed, “Tum toh chale jaate ho, phir…”

“Arre Mom! I have to practice na? Otherwise how will I manage when you aren’t here? Haan agar apne pati Parmeshwar ko chod kar hamesha mere paas rahogi toh batao,” he laughed at her expression and hugged hard. “I think you should start going out, exploring the city…”


“Aur kya. Go around, see the sights. It’s fall time and the city is gorgeous as are the parks, the leaves, you just have to see it to believe it. Come on Mom.” He urged. “Ghar par beithne ke liye thodi na aayi ho?”

“I’ll go with you on weekends…”

“I have other plans for the weekends, besides, ek weekend toh settling down mein hi khatam ho gaya, bache 3 weekends, ek mein we have to go and meet Anki bhaiyaa, toh bache do…”

“Okay fine!” Khushi said and made another attempt, “but what if I get lost?”

“Then I’ll come and rescue you.” Deva was unfazed. “Here,” he pressed a transparent tiny patch on her inner arm. “There, now you’ll never get lost.”

Khushi stared at it with suspicion. “What’s this?”

“A panic button cum GPS which can guide you home and show me where you are in real time.”

“Huh? Yeah paper thin strip? Yeah batayega?”

“Yes Momma darling. The latest invention in town for children, people with Alzheimer’s and others who then are free to move about without being afraid of being lost. On the downside, there is no privacy, for each and every activity is recorded. He shook his finger, “So no hanky panky huh? Otherwise I will tell to Daddy.”

“Chup kar badmash.”

Deva coughed. “Actually Ma, I don’t need to tell Dad anything.” He nodded to the device, “That is sponsored by Dad with an alert to him.” He grinned, “Dad thought I wasn’t responsible enough to keep track of his precious biwi.”

Khushi was at once charmed and infuriated. She made to strip away the invasive prying chip, “Ma! That’s very expensive huh and non-re-stickable.”

Fuming Khushi desisted. Samajhte kya hai woh apne aap ko. Laad Governor kahin ke.

So it happened that Khushi stepped out alone and drank in the sights. But she couldn’t help wishing someone was there with her – Chotti hoti toh aisa kehti, Di hoti toh, Arnav…nahi nahi, she wouldn’t think about him. She was on an ASR detox wasn’t she? Waise bhi ek phone nahi kar sakte aur yeh – yeh hath kadi aur bhej diya.


Hum bhi Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada hain. Humne bhi kacchi goliyan nahi kheli hain.

Zara hum bhi toh dekhein kitna nazar rakh rahein hain aap hum par.

Khushi looked around until she found a deserted back alley and entered it, although not without trepidation. It looked seedy and quite disreputable. Was it worth the risk? Just for some ego satisfaction.

What if the Laad…Her phone buzzed. “What the hell Khushi. Wahan kahan jaa rahi ho?” He blasted her from thousands of miles away.

“Arre aap itni jaldi uth gaye?”

“Sone deti kahan ho? Na yahan na wahan.” He disconnected the call, while her chip bleated agitatedly.

Resignedly she turned back to the main road. Mil gayi kaleje ko thandak? She berated herself. Coochie coo ho gayi ho toh thoda sheher bhi dekhle?

A tear slid down her cheek.

She looked around. If Sridevi could do it in English Vinglish so could she. Guddu was right it was beautiful outside and the fall colors were stunning. Perhaps tomorrow she would venture further to the park and she would enjoy herself too. Take tons of photographs. Arre haan gifts bhi toh lene hai! Ab nahi toh kab. List bhi toh lambi hai. She entered a shop and busied herself in giving the Laad Governor alerts of a different kind.

All too soon it was time for Khushi to come back home to her Laad Governor. She was sad to leave her Guddu but confident that he would manage and was in a good place. He had become remarkably domesticated showing a flair for cooking. Khushi toh Khushi se phooli nahi samai. “Arre wah yeh toh bada hi tasty bana hai? Recipe…”

“Arre Mom, everything is on the net. You taught me the basics and now I can make just about everything. Agar mann karei toh.” He grinned.

“DM ka lakh lakh shukr hai. Hume toh vishwas hi nahi hota,” Khushi shook her head,  “Ki humara Guddu itna accha khana…”

“Chalo accha hai, kamse kam you wont blame my wife for making me cook.” He burst out laughing at her expression. “No Mom, koi nahi hai. Yet.”

“Haan wohi theek hai. Padne aaye ho, wohi karna, baaki sab ke liye toh zindagi padi hai.”

“Yeh sab kya time dekh kar aata hai Mom? Aapko toh pata hi hoga?” Guddu teased her.

Khushi made a face. “Priorities pe dhyaan do.”

“Ji Mom.” He hugged her. “I will miss you,” tears crowded Khushi’s eyes, “but thanks to you and your intensive training, I will manage.”

Khushi swallowed. “Of course you will. You are a model student. Chotti ko bhi khana banana sikhane ki koshish kari thi but she makes such a mess! Kabhi samet ke nahi rakhti….”

“Arre Mom. Woh toh Chotti hai na?!” They laughed.


“Aur yeh aapke liye Di.” Khushi held out a cleverly designed stole which could double as a sweater or shawl with a hoodie.

“Iski kya zaroorat thi?”

“Zaroorat ka toh pata nahi, dekha, aapki yaad aayi toh hum le aaye.”

“Aww you are a sweetheart,” Di hugged Khushi.

“Aur yeh dekhiye, yeh Anya ke liye.”


“Haan humne socha ek aapke liye bhi le…”

“Main aur yeh crop top!” Di was scandalized, “Dekho Anya pehnegi kin ahi, ya phir Sherry pehenne dega ki nahi.”

“Arre Di, kyon nahi dega? Bachchon ko humare paas chod kar ghoomne jaayenge toh pehen legi!”

They giggled and fell to rifling through the pile of gifts. Khushi had bought an entire boxful of stuff. Not that India mein nahi milti thi yeh sab, but yahan fursat nahi hoti thi aur na hi mood. Wahan she spent several afternoons browsing through the local shops, wondering and dithering and had a blast. Kabhi yeh sab kiya hi nahi na. Ab there was nothing better to do – at least during the day. So every day, she would leave home at around 11 am carrying some sandwiches and fruits, take a leisurely stroll through the park, admire the trees, have her lunch and then a solid 4 to 5 hours of shopping and return home loaded with goodies and photos.

“Chotte ke liye kya laye?”

“Kuch nahi.”

“Haaw aise kaise?” Di’s heart broke for her lil bro.

“Poocha tha humne, par mana kar diya…”

“Poochoge toh mana hi karega na?”

“Hmmph. Usko sau khoon maaf aur hum…”

“Ab kya kiya?” Di asked wearily, “Anya se umeed hai, tumse nahi Khushi.”

“Jaise aapko kuch pata hi nahi, Di. I come back after one whole month and he disappears to London? Yeh koi baat hui?”

“Arre achchanak ek deal…”

“Deal. Deal. Deal. Aur kuch hai ki nahi life mein?”

“Achcha dikhao toh kya layi ho Chotte ke liye.”

Still grumbling Khushi dug out a long coat. “The biggest, heaviest and most expensive coat I could find. Nahi toh unko pasand nahi aayega.”

“Arre yeh toh bahut achcha…”

“Usse chodiye Di, yeh dekhiye, Ankit ne bheja hai aapke liye.”

Anjali stared.

“Kya hua Di? Pasand nahi aaya?”

“Chunti kato hume,” she blinked still staring, “Hume toh vishwas hi nahi hota ki Ankit humare liye,” her face fell, “Zaroor uske girlfriend…”

“Kya Di,” Khushi frowned, “ek toh bacche ne effort kari and now you think. Accha agar girlfriend ne kiya bhi toh kya hua?”

“Did you meet her?” Anjali looked eagerly at Khushi, “Kaisi hai?”

“Uff Di!” Khushi groaned, “You are still stuck on that?”

“Haan toh?” Anjali frowned, “Pata hai na Chotti tried to extract information from him last time, photo bhi mangi thi.”


“He sent 10 photographs! Ek Russian, ek African, ek…”

“Arre Di, he was just messing with Chotti,” Khushi paused, “and you.” She grinned looking so much like Ankit that Di almost pulled her ear.

“Uff yeh ladka bhi na.”

“Itni tension hai toh aap chale kyon nahi jaate?” Khushi asked. “He would be so happy.”

“Yeah right,” Anjali pouted.

“No really!” Khushi avowed, “Usne khud bola hai…”

“I can’t risk it.” Anjali bit her lip.

“Risk it matlab?”

“Arre pata nahi kya dekhne ko milega,” Anjali made a moue.

“Uff Di aap bhi na!” Khushi clapped a hand to her head. “Pata nahi kaun se century mein hain aap…”

“Really Khushi?” Anjali was up in arms, “What if Guddu…”

“What if Guddu?! Accept toh karna padega na? What I cannot change what’s the point of worrying about it?”

“Toh koi bhi ho accept kar logi?” Di was skeptical.

“Arre Di, aap abhi bhi wohi baat ko lekar atki hain?”


PS: Aaj ke liye bas itna hi. Sorry aane mein thodi der ho gayi. Haan haan hum jaante hain aap humare absentia ke baare mein nahi soch rahe par the one and only ASR ke baare mein wonderiyaing. Ki gaye toh kahan gaye? Kaise manage kiya Khushi ke bina. Kitna roye etc etc. But sorry to disappoint you me dears, Arnav to bade hi maze mein tha. Hi was on a high moral ground, ki Deva bhi akele nahi gaya, aur Khushi ne bhi apne pankh felaye aur woh bina guilty feel kiya apne business par dhyan de sakta tha. Aur Di toh thi hi, she insisted that he shift to her place, so it was like old times.

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44 thoughts on “Chapter 506: Saat Samandar Paar”

  1. What d, he went away to London, ab toh kaheka padi, bitwa if u want to separate toh bol dona, phir aaram se jeena apni zindagi, na koi faltu ki responsibility, na neend kharab karna & di toh hai hi. Life main Arnavji aur kya chahiye aapko- di, business & deal, thoda bahut chhoti toh karegi hi, isiliye todo ye bandhan & ho jao khush🙄 seriously whatever coochie co was ringing in background on that hathkadi kand, Arnav has made sure to crush it.. He is blacklisted for me

    I loved how khushi made guddu atamnirbhar😄 accha hai apna dhyaan rakhna & khana banana aana chahiye. Khushi strolling in park & having picnics followed by so much of shopping – haye kabhi socha nahi tha but now jab ho raha hai, toh i m very happy for her. Go khushi👏👏

    Anjali is like flimy maa😂😂 as usual khushi is more samajhdaar than di😜

    PS- Arnav ne accha nahi kiya😠

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I seriously endorse yoor views, yeh Arnav bhi na, going bad to worse. Needs a good dose of bitter medicine to fix him. Dear Dahlia, you do get the drift! Na?

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Chalo kuch toh achcha hua 😛 Par koi gana nahi? Yeh kya hua kaise hua? Arre bitwa toh hai hi aisa neem karela. Tum log bhool kaise jaate ho? That’s his true spots, beech mein thoda hormonal issues ke wajah thoda spots dhundla ho gaya tha 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aap kahe aur hum gana na gaye, kabhi nahi, kabhi nahi😊.. Aaj ke liye bol hai-
        bairi piya bada baderdi, hum aaye woh ho jaye videshi, rabba vey dabba vey kar di, hai hai kaisa zulmi😜

        Karela toh kadwa hi hota hai but phir bhi kai baar banao toh accha lagne lagta hai.. Yaha toh ghoom phirke wohi Arnav samne aata hai, corona or no corona, arnav karela hi hona.. Let’s see ye daure kadwapan kab tak rahta hai..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Good morning Dahlia. It is 5 o’clock in the morning. This time I am able comment😀
    Khushi is back but things between her and her Laad Governor has not changed. You are right ASR feels Khushi went to America and had a good time ( he kept track of her movements) So now he does not have to worry ( as if he did) about Khushi anymore. What now Khushi?
    Hope you are feeling better Dahlia.
    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. 🙏🏼
    Going back to bed.😴

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Good morning again. It is a lovely morning though the clouds are gathering so it may change anytime.
      So ASR has gone to London to crack some deals. Hmmm!! What is Khushi doing? Why does she not go to London also and tell her Arnavji that she will not disturb him at all but will do all the sightseeing in London herself?😎 (I could help her taking around and to chat houses for her dose of Gol guppe and jalebi. All very tasty and hygienic). This time she should refuse to wear a tracker. There are so many here who will give her company like Ruchi(Though Ruchi may not like Khushi troubling her Arnav), Sohni that I know of. 😁

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Dear Dahlia, as much as i agree with Prachibartar, i cannot but think of Arnav’s POV. He is a thinker and brooder and something is definitely bothering him. Can we have his POV next so we can then go back to our dhak dhaks instead of wanting to bash him . 😚. And take care , stay well. ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I understand where you are coming from! But then I also feel that this is also at the root of our trouble with men. We continue to make excuses, give alternate explanations and perspectives. But the fact is woh aisa hi hai. Sach sach bataiye, Di ke saath bhi toh aise hi tha na? Grumpy, bitter, akdoo, toh now he’s just back to his normal character. But then I could probably lipa poti karke uska turnover kara sakti hoon but this is not his time yet, abhi Khushi ka turnover time hai. Ya phir ye keh lo, back to her own self time hai, woh Khushi jo daring wali thi, woh kahin gayab si ho gayi hai, bas ek Ma aur obedient biwi reh gayi hai. It’s Khushi time. Aur thoda patience rakkho, DM ne chaha toh ASR bhi phir Khushi ke peeche RV ke sang 😉

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I m waiting for daring wali khushi. & Dji u r rt, even if i m 3000 times miffed with Arnav, reality is, he is like this only. Khushi has love him like this. Ha ye uske aate hi rafuchakkar hona kuch zyada ho gaya par otherwise he is in character. Khushi bhi mango nari ki tarah kuch samay se ghar aur gharwalo ki hokar reh gayi hai. Its time to brush her wings, take her sanak wali wand out & do some shararat 🤩

        Liked by 3 people

      2. You are right. Khushi has to change, Stop being the agyakari wife and doting mum who lives for her children and husband. Pahlewali feisty and daring Khushi may be difficult but she can start afresh, Here is a song that came to my mind ‘Main Chali Main Chali… Pichhe Pichhe Jahan….Yeh Na Poocho Kidhar Yeh Na Poochho Kahan…’ Go and do things for herself. Be a little selfish.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Oh yes, fully agree, missing the bubbly happy Khushi. Want to see her too and make her beloved pati realize what he has been missing. Instead of the minto mai rone wali Khushi. Chalo aap keh raahi heh tow wait karte hai aur ahe bharte hai ! 😜

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Hmmm laad governor ji laad governor ji hi hain hamare banaya bhi to unko ladla hum ne hi hai, but i certainly feel that thats not fair but thats how i guess all relationships are like this, someone very wise told me once that it is a 20 year cycl you give and next 20 years it will all come back to your patience….but thats how the are and thats how we are, now maybe i want to see Khushi being the pampered one now…and I am sue that shall happen soon…loved it liked it and im a big fan….

    Liked by 1 person

  5. For me Arnav is totally in his character and thankyou for that.He is caring as proved from God band but his ways are his own.And in real life it is seen that once children fly out of their parents nest,the partners do get closer because now they have only each other and I dont mean it in a negative way.Knowing Arnav I think his next stop is going to see Deva,let me see if I am correct.I want Khushi to enjoy her own company,so long she has lived just fulfilling her duties,now she can just be herself and this doesnt mean that she should move away from Arnav emotionally or physically,my POV.Looking forward to Arshi meeting.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Sony for that affirmative comment – his ways are his own. And that’s how it should be. The problem begins when we look for ways that are our own, at least that is what I think.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hum toh RV ka moh leke aaye the aur disappointiya gaye 😦

    Uff and no affair with a French guy either. Ye kya!

    I am still having a hard time believing that he did not call her once when she was away. Probably because whenever mom visits me, my father asks her after less then 2 days (knowing full well that she is here for a month), when she will return. I feel like once kids fly off the nest, partners get closer, lekin yaha toh ulti hi gaadi chal rahi hai. 😦 Aakhir ye ho kya raha hai? Kahin khushi khud ko dhundhte dhundhte apni relationship ko na kho de. Jaan na chahenge ASR ke dimaag mein kya chal raha hai…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh and P.S. I just read your note. I hope you are feeling better. Things have been crazy at my end too. I am living at work, instead of working from home!!! >.<

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had a random thought in the shower…Khushi should take up dance (teaching/performing)…doing something she loves. Indulge in Laad governor’s money. Bahut paisa kamaya usne. Time to splurge!!! Aur kya pata kahin koi performance mein LG surprise visit de de aur RV ka scope ban jaaye? Kyun?

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Yehi toh dekhna hai! Agar itna aasaan hai relationship ko kho dena, phir usse nibhaane ki kya zaroorat hai? Better to let it go right? Mere hisaab se har rishta alag hota hai aur Arshi ki toh baat hi kuch aur hai 😀 Aur waise bhi ASR poochega toh bhi kisse? Aman se? 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Dahlia, hope you are feeling better. Thanks for updating even though you were feeling poorly.
    Arnav going off to London with Khushi returning after so many weeks left me stunned…he could’ve asked her to meet him in London on the way back, simple! But, yahan toh mamala kuch aur hi hai.
    Is this Arnav’s way of letting Khushi find herself. Perhaps this is his gameplan…to get her out of her comfort zone and find herself — a bit drastic but shaayad yehi work karega. If he stays around, she might see through him…better to remove yourself from the scene.
    He wants her to explore…but not too much… aww he’s so protective and a darpok!!!
    As you said SS2 is about Khushi and her discovering her daring self. Bring it on my dear. This is going to be an awesome ride.
    love and hugs so you get better soonest.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ab kya hota hai na life mein Anu (IMHO) ki hum kuch aisa karte hai jo humne kabhi socha nahi, kaha nahi, kiya nahi. Aur yeh sab DM ki marzi se hota hai. For instance, when Manthara incites Kaikeyi it is said, Devi Saraswati spoke through her lips because it was in Lord Ram’s destiny to be banished. Toh itna mat socho, ki ASR ne aisa kyun kiya, just go with the flow. But yes! He’s protective and a darpok 😀 Thank you for your good wishes 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Good Morning Dahlia, Hope you are feeling much better. The weather here has changed. The days are getting shorter. It is much cooler now that rains are here. The Garden is blooming. The roses I planted last Autumn are blooming . The apple trees are full of fruit and the birds are enjoying them. We are eating the windfall. Miss Robin is around and follows my brother as he works in the garden most times. I have been shielding but will be starting my workshops soon.
    I have noticed that you are a bit annoyed with Arnav?ASR bashing by us/me. Sure Khushi needs to change but is it too much for Khushi to expect ‘main aisa hoon’ ASR to become Arnav a bit now and then and spend some time with her. Share some gol guppe with her as she will eat ghila ghila pushta with him. Anyway please do not get upset with us for ASR bashing. It is a bit of fun and I get what you are trying to do in the story.
    Have a good day Dahlia.


    1. Dear Ferdi I wouldn’t say annoyed more like exasperated 😃 All everyone can think of is Arshi. Wahan Arnav has/ had/ and will have an identity of his own but what of Khushi? Sirf Arnav ka shadow? Someone with so much potential wait for his whims and fancies? I think women build their lives too much on their husband and children and when it is not reciprocated in equal measure in the way they expect they go into a decline. They should see the writing on the wall build an identity of their own. That is sure to bring back ASR like nothing else. Or maybe a boyfriend 🤔😛 But then again this is just my perspective not cast in stone. Your garden reminds me of Burnett’s gardens. It also had a Robin 😍 Have you read the book? One of the most uplifting fairytale type story

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi Dahlia, thank you for the reply. I can’t promise not to bash ASR, I love to do that. It is not just Khushi but ASR also to change and accomodate her wishes after all providing shelter and food is not enough. People have to learn adjusting to eachother and the situations all through their lives.
    I have not read The Secret Garden .But Robin is a friendly bird and likes to be around people and you can easily make friends with Robin in the garden. Talking about secret gardens I have seen a few abandoned gardens or hidden gardens and have enjoyed them.🌺🐿🐤.Can’t find robin emoji.
    Looking forward to the next SS2 update.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I with you on Arnav bashing! That’s why rather than make him throw her a few crumbs would love to have Khushi turn the tables. But humare chahne se kya hota hai? Dekhte hain yeh dono hume kis mod par le jayenge! I am just as curious and clueless as you😃 Post tomorrow! Burnett books are really feel good books of uncomplicated times😊


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