Monitoring the Monitor

Photo (c) J Hardy Carroll

Monitoring the Monitor

Words 100

“I hate these senseless wars! Why can’t people be more empathetic, have more compassion? Can’t you do something?”

“We’re building a repository of all vibrations emitted by living beings.”

“Vibrations!? But why?”

“Don’t you know it all began with Om which is the vibration of the universe? Our bodies are a container of vibrations made of thoughts and emotions.”

“Hmm. So?”

“The repository will synchronize the vibrations of people, enable them feel the pain of others and stop them from hurting them. There will be no wars, no destruction, no power games.”

“But who will harmonize the vibrations?”

“I will.”


Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and J Hardy Carroll for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here




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55 thoughts on “Monitoring the Monitor”

    1. You are spot on! We are the same 😀 Aww you are sweet to share your burger and fries! Can I save it for tomorrow? I already gorged on a ton of biryani and chocolate truffle cake and I had a burger last week – finally!!!


    1. Yes that is what we all need to pray for. I did think of being the harmonizer but then who knows what kind of monster i might end up as!


  1. In the seventies when I read George Orwell’s 1984 I was horrified at the idea of being spied on and the Big Brother. 1984 came and we got used to being spied and monitored in every aspect of our lives. The things have gone beyond what George Orwell predicted. Today we are monitored in our homes and when we use the internet, it Is all being recorded and used against/for us. At border control, we are fingerprinted and eye printed(?) to identify us. So there are a lot of gurus out there all over the world trying to harmonise the world and have a lot of followers. many times these gurus go berserk and great tragedies have occurred. In communist China people lived in great ‘harmony’, wore similar blue work clothes and worked in fields and factories and produced only one child. Similar things happened in Russia too.
    But there is hope. Chinese and Russian people rebelled and broke the shackles So we may be spared being universally harmonised.
    Better stop my rant and sorry if I have missed your point.
    Good Night Dahlia.

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    1. No Ferdi you didnt miss the point although I will admit I began writing my story with the idea of developing a machine to enhance empathy, to make people feel each other’s pain in the hope that that will stop all this senseless mindless killings but then my story became something else. And always feel free to rant here 🙂

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  2. What happened to you, Dahlia? Are you okay?
    We have not seen your stories in a while. Are you taking a break or figuring out a new story to work on?

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    1. Hi Anna 🙂 Thanks for checking up on me! Post MS I got distracted by life and then went back to my first love Arnav and Khushi and a short story became a long story (Did you read that? Arnav goes to School ?) and now I am back to reposting Silver Streaks while I try to write another short story which is turning out to longer than I envisaged. How have you been?


      1. Oh boy! Yes I loved all the Arnav Khushi stories. Please do share more on their lives with us.

        I have been well. I went with some friends to Monticello last weekend, and visited the house of American freedom fighter and president Thomas Jefferson. It was interesting to see how much the American revolutionaries were influenced by the European enlightenment movement.

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  3. It always begins with a wonderful creative idea… and then someone wants to play god and there we go again. What a great story, Dahlia.

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  4. Power, control dominance can get into someones head too fast and then you cant really distinguish them from good or evil…a great take on the picture i feel.

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  5. Everything sounded so nice, dreamy and blissful until we were rudely awakened with a resounding words of “I will” …. very dark and foreboding!!

    Again, loved your imagination to this pic… a prosthetic limb standing alone, very far away, monitoring the crowd…. perfect!!

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