Catalogue of Story Clubs

Edit 1 (2018): Hello and thanks for dropping in on my pet but failed currently suspended project. I had fun while it lasted and if there are any takers I would be more than happy to pick it up again. I have updated the list of story clubs hosted so far and gone one step further and specified the author whose story is under discussion. Hope that will tease and tempt you to dive in – cheers!

Short stories have recently caught my attention and I am keen to broaden my horizons on this exciting, diverse and ever-growing field of fiction. I had this idea that a Story Club would be an ideal way to learn, read and write about short stories from all over the world. This is a monthly event, though I would love for it to be a weekly activity but in the meanwhile I am learning and reading while getting to interact with some very lovely people. Isn’t that cool?

If you are interested in short stories and would like to host (or post) a favorite short story review – most welcome. Leave me a note in the comment section or send me an email (given below).

The rules and purpose of the Story Club are simple:

  1. Advance announcement of name of short story, one that is freely available on the net.
  2. Story maybe a folktale or in the local language. But an English translation should be freely available on the net. Or the participant could post the translated version along with his or her review.
  3. Bloggers should post on their blog while non-bloggers may email me –
  4. The primary idea is to gain from each others rich heritage of literature and be able to understand a little bit more than before.
  5. And of course have fun!

And here are the links to the Story Clubs hosted so far. You can still read them and post a review of your own if you so wish!

  1. Story Club #1: Life of a Writer
    • Focus on Lorrie Moore
  2. Story Club #2: Surviving the Elements
    • Focus on Stephen Crane
  3. Story Club #3: An Unequal Life
    • Focus on Nadine Gordimer
  4. Story Club #4: Games People Play
    • Focus on Ryunosuke Akutagawa
  5. Story Club #5: Train Travels
    • Focus on Ruskin Bond
  6. Story Club #6: Knowing the Unknown
    • Focus on Alan Francis and a bunch of others 😉
  7. Story Club #7: Perchance to Dream
    • Focus on Fyodor Dostoevsky
  8. Story Club #8: Fathers & Daughters
    • Focus on Rabindranath Tagore
  9. Story Club #9: Flash Back
    • Focus on Akbar – Birbal stories
  10. Story Club #10: Two Tales
    • Focus on WW Jacobs
  11. Story Club #11: A Twist in the Tale
    • Focus on O. Henry

Thank you and look forward to your active participation in the Story Club.

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