Chapter 129: Mumbai Alert

Arnav came down swiftly from his room as Khushi was overseeing the breakfast table, “Nani kahan hai Khushi?” he said urgently.

“Nani is just coming down to have breakfast, why what happened Arnav?” Khushi asked concerned.

Arnav stopped in mid-stride and said baldly, “Mamaji had a heart attack.”

Khushi gasped in shock, “Haww, ab kaise hain?”

Nani came in just then smiling, “Aur Khushi bitiya kaisan ho?”

Arnav came forward and pulled Nani gently and made her sit on the sofa and sat beside her, he slid his arms around her and said softly, “Nani, Mamaji is unwell.”

Nani froze, “Kya hua?” she said in a whisper as she put a hand to her heart.

Arnav shook his head, “Nani don’t panic, he will be fine, he has been admitted in a hospital, they are suspecting perhaps a heart attack, and tests are underway.”

“Heart attack!” Nani was horrified, she clasped her hands together and prayed, was this her ‘punishment’ for daring to chose between her children! Naahi naahi Devi Maiyya aap aisan naahi kar sakat, humri jaan le lo, humre bachchan ko khush rakkho, the tears just wouldn’t stop. Khushi sat down on the other side of Nani and held her comfortingly.

“Come on Nani,” exhorted Arnav, “the news is not that bad and you know that world class medical facilities are available here, I am sure he will soon be fine. Achcha Nani, Khsitij and I are flying to Mumbai in a little while, would you like to come along?”

Nani looked hopefully at Arnav, “Chotte! Yes I would like to go, but what about Khushi? Is halat mein akeli?”

“Nahi Nani, aap humari chinta mat kijiye, I will go and stay with Di,” Khushi looked at Arnav, he nodded his head, “Yes that is best, Khsitij and I will be back once Mamaji is comfortable and on the way to recovery and Nani you can stay till you are reassured that he is fine?”

Nani gratefully nodded her head, too overcome to say anything. Arnav went to help Nani pack while Khushi waddled off to their room. She had finished putting the things she thought she would be needing at Di’s place on the bed and was struggling to extract the bag from the lowermost shelf when Arnav entered, “Khushi! Kya kar rahee ho? Pagal ho gayee ho kya?” Arnav snatched the bag away from her hand as he snarled in anger and fear, “Do you want to precipitate another crisis right here right now? Why didn’t you call HP? Dammit kuch ho jaata toh?”

“Nahi, woh…I didn’t think, I am feeling very worried about Mamaji,” Khushi realized her folly. He was right, she should have been more careful.

An already worried Arnav let of steam as a new fear assailed him, Khushi alone in Delhi, while he was in Mumbai. “Then think dammit, learn to be careful, I wont be here and pata nahi what all you will be up to, on one hand there is Mamaji and on the other hand I have you to worry about, can’t you stay out of trouble for a few days at least?” he glared at her while tears pooled in her eyes, “Yeah right now cry and make me feel worse, actually I think you are doing all this purposefully because you don’t want me to go to Mumbai at all!”

Khushi stared at him in shock, “Aap aisa kaise sakte hain!” her voice broke, “why would I not want you to go?”

“Because you want all the attention to yourself!” Arnav lashed out in worry and helplessness.

Khushi froze as the unjust unkind words cut her deeply. Tears slipped down Khushi’s cheeks even as she swallowed hard to dislodge the huge lump in her throat unable to voice her anguish at this unexpected accusation, does he really think like that about me?

“Chotte!” Nani’s voice rang out, “ee sab ka hai? Is this any time to fight? And how can you say such a thing to Khushi?” despite being terribly worried about her son, Nani was human enough to be able to feel Khushi’s pain.

“Ask her Nani,” Arnav bit out angrily as he swiftly dumped all the stuff lying on the bed into the bag and then started hurriedly packing his things, “I have told her a zillion times that she cannot do everything alone, but then when has she ever listened to me and look at her, “he straightened and glared at her, “even in this condition, she is bending over, pulling out bags, weightlifting and what not; aap hi bataiye Nani, if she doesn’t take care of herself and if there is a crisis out here in our absence, how will we manage Mumbai and Delhi together? When will she understand?” he threw up his hands and resumed packing.

Khushi stood there looking very guilty and upset, she knotted her fingers, “I was just trying not to be a bother, I thought HP would be busy helping you and Nani taking out her stuff, or making breakfast, Nani hasn’t eaten anything yet,” she faltered as he turned to glare at her, “But I understand, humse galti ho gayee hume maaf kar dijiye, I promise to be more careful in future.”

“You could hardly be less,” grunted Arnav as he strode out with the two bags, Khushi looked after him sadly; he was going, going without a backward glance.

Nani came forward and hugged Khushi, “Khushi bitiya, Chotte sahi kah rahe hain, you have to take care of yourself and your baby, any carelessness could be disastrous in this condition,” her countenance stiffened, “haan par Chotte ko aapse aisan baat naahi karna chahiye tha,” She declared sternly.

Khushi hurriedly wiped her tears, “R..rehne dijiye na Naniji, he didn’t mean it, I know, he is very stressed out about Mamaji and me as well, it is ok, I understand and I probably deserve the scolding, for I would never learn otherwise,” she joked and gave a tremulous smile.

Nani sighed and patted her. They left RM and got into the car and went to GM accompanied by a slow and tragic rabba vey.


Hmm toh kaun kiska side le raha hai aur kyun? 😛

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 129: Mumbai Alert”

  1. The more he feels guilty the more ranting.

    Should i say poor Arnav or Poor Khushi? But the guy really need to attend anger management classes. Doesnt he know that his ranting would put unnecessary pressure on her.

    But who are we to advice his as his wife comes running to save him in such situations like she just with Nani.. taking all the blame on her…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Always Khushi’s. All he ever does is having a go at her for anything that he is not pleased with. And don’t tell me that it is because Arnav/ASR is worried about her.
    Lovely update.
    Good Night Dahlia.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wow… superb
    Hats off to you. U have depicted ASR so accurately.
    When in anger, ASR actually says exactly opposite what he feels.. this has been since beginning, especilly with Kushi. Its not Kushi but Arnav himself wanted to give full attention to Kushi n now bcoz of this crisis he has to go….. but poor Kushi has to always bear the brunt.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s the discomfort of not being able to be in control. The worry/the fear and then invariable the need to hurt someone else so they can understand what you’re possibly going through. The lashing out is just a call for sympathy. Funny, how he craves for the very thing he lacks himself. Empathy.

    My mom says, jo samajhta hai usko zindagi bhar samajhna hi padta hai….Its true for Khushi. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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