Chapter 194: A Low Key Holi

Holi came and went but was a rather low key affair, thanks primarily to Devansh.

Devansh toh akhir ASR ka hi beta nikla! Di had organized a Holi party at GM and RMwasis had gone over to their place and Khushi had joined in enthusiastically while Arnav ‘generously’ offered to hold Devansh (he was looking very cute in his white kurta pyajamas and red teeka and yellow streaks on his cheeks).

Arnav was just relieved that he didn’t have to play Holi; Devansh not so, he observed all the hulaballoo with great interest but then suddenly Khushi appeared in her multicolored avatar and crooned, “Guddu! Kaisa lag raha hai! Kitna achcha hai na Holi, bura na mano Holi hai!” she put another teeka on Arnav who jerked away, “Khushi!” he snapped irritated.

Devansh stared and stared at this apparition and burst into loud wails, where was his mum, that was his mum’s voice but WHERE was she, who was this daiyyan!’ Arnav had his hands full and Khushi had no choice but to hurriedly wash her face while Devansh hiccuped and watched his mum emerge from behind all that muck. He insisted on going to her and she was all wet and messy too, par woh nahi manaa, defeated she wrapped him in a towel and held him till he was convinced that his mum was back for good. So that put an end to her Holi festivities. Hmmph Chote Laad Governor kahin ke! Khushi grumbled while Arnav cracked up, “Way to go buddy!” he congratulated his son, “Mera toh suna nahi, lekin tumhare liye toh Holi khelna bund karna padega!”

Khushi glared at him, “Bas ek do saal ki baat hai, aap dekhna yeh bhi Holi khelne ke liye zidd karega!”

“Tab ki tab dekhenge,” Arnav waved his hand dismissively, “Ab ghar chalein? Devansh is getting antsy in all this mess, bechara kisi ko pehchan nahi pa raha hai na! Nani toh shayad baad main ayengi?”

Khushi too thought it prudent to go back home as there was no point in hanging around if she were not going to play, why worsen the internal conflict?

They made their excuses at GM and went back to RM. Since HP was also off and they had in any case planned to have lunch at Di’s there was no food at RM. So Khushi quickly cleaned up and gave Anshu a bath as well and handed him to Arnav to watch over while she quickly made khichdi for all of them. Since feeding Devansh took more time than all their baths and cooking time added together, Arnav had his lunch and fed Khushi as well. Devansh liked this game and actually had his meal faster than usual!

As Khushi lay him down for his afternoon nap, ASR who had by now gotten a rough idea that ‘opportunity is a bird that never sits’ and that chance pe dance mar lena chahiye, he seized the day and gainfully occupied himself for the rest of the afternoon…..with Khushi’s cooperation of course while the party pooper slept blissfully unaware of the hanky panky going on right under his nose!

To give Devansh credit, he did move a couple of times threateningly, making the guilty pair freeze and hold their collective breaths till he dozed off again. Phewwww

Err… so maybe Holi wasn’t such a low key affair after all, thanks primarily to Devansh!

Determined to make sure his amma was in total sync with Yashoda maiyya’s travails and tribulations with Nand Kishore, Devansh led Khushi to a merry dance all over RM.

“At this rate,” Khushi huffed, “Hume gym join karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hogi!” She glared at Arnav, “Hum toh aise nahi the, aap hi ki galati hai, aap hi aise karte honge bachpan main aur ab dekho kaise LG ban kar ghoomte hain!”

Arnav shrugged, “Haan toh, mera beta hai, toh mere jaisa hi hoga na!”He presented his son with a huge yellow inflatable beach ball which Devansh was instantly crazy about. He insisted on rolling it along with him while crawling. And then he began using it as a cover for his nefarious activities. He would cleverly pat the ball to whichever place he wanted to go, shoot a glance at his mother and then nonchalantly charge off behind it. This way he could go near the washroom (an utterly fascinating room, which he was determined to explore, alone, at the earliest opportunity); the stairs (simply because his mother didn’t want him to go there and that piqued his curiosity). Khushi alert to her ‘baddu’ son’s expressions and activities would be extra cautious when he flashed her that look which said I-hope-you-are-not-looking-but-then-wouldn’t-be-half-as-much-fun-if-you-didn’t! She would immediately rush off behind him and so it continued without any major mishap, largely due to Khushi’s sixth sense regarding her son.

Arnav sat in the room tapping away on the laptop while Devansh played with his ball on the floor beside him. The laptop was another fascinating most coveted item for Devansh who had never been allowed to touch it, for his own safety and security reasons. Usko kuch ho gaya toh kisiki bhi khair nahi! Unable to control his curiosity, Devansh sidled up to the recliner and clutching ASR as support pulled himself up beside him and peered interestedly at the monitor, “Rehne do Guddu,” Khushi called as she entered with the tea tray and prudently put it on the high table away from his prying eyes and fingers, “Tumhare Babuji photo dekh rahe hai, sundar sundar ladkiyon ki, unhe disturb mat karo, aapki chai,” she smiled sweetly at Arnav who looked at her wryly. He shut the laptop with a snap, much to Devansh’s disappointment (that one in blue was beautiful) and accepted the cup of tea, “Kya karoon doosri ladkiyon ki photo dekh kar hi khush ho leta hoon, meri wali toh ab meri nahi rahi!” he growled at Devansh who clapped his hands in glee. Devansh wobbled on his legs for a few seconds before falling back with a thump on his padded bums.

ASR got up and walked to the poolside, his arm around Khushi, Devansh followed at his heels with his big ball as his companion. He shot a quick sidelong glance at his mum who was busy making eyes at his Babuji and hence missed his trademark expression, ‘yehi mauka hai bachchoo’ and determinedly pushed the ball towards the pool. Today was the day he would investigate the fascinating forbidden shimmering blue expanse, a triumphant chortle escaped Devansh as the ball hit the water with a satisfying plop.

Now my turn! He thought gleefully.


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7 thoughts on “Chapter 194: A Low Key Holi”

  1. Devansh ki personality bilkul ASR se match karti hai. I never thought of it this way you know… That kids would actually exhibit those characteristics so soon. Always thought nurture had a bigger role, but maybe I am wrong. Dono hi Baap bete jealous aur insecure hai apni Khushi ko leke. 😛 its incredibly cute to watch but I can’t help but sympathize with laad governor. Bechara… I feel for him. It’s like his world was uprooted and changed all at once and we all know how much he likes change. 😛

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