Chapter 164: ASR Reminisces

About 2 years ago continued

Things came to a head one evening when Khushi all dressed and ready to go out for a dinner with Arnav refused to go just because Yash threw a tantrum and Khushi suspected that he was running a temperature. Arnav too lost his temper and threw a tantrum of his own, “What the hell Khushi!” he thundered (thankfully in the privacy of their room), “How can you refuse to go just because a child throws a fit?!”

“Arnav, please samajhne ki koshish toh kariye,” Khushi tried to calm an extremely irate Arnav, “He is just a child and….”

“Exactly Khushi, he needs to understand that he can’t always get his way by just screaming,” Arnav attacked Khushi.

“Haan,” Khushi nodded her head knowingly, “Jaise aap karte hain?” Khushi shot back.

Arnav grimaced angrily and opened his mount to retaliate but Khushi vanished before he could unleash his fury; She had heard Yash crying and rushed away to investigate; Arnav glared with frustrated rage at the empty doorway through which Khushi had disappeared.

He glowered angrily throughout dinner and even snapped at Nani when he went to bid her goodnight, “Ka hua Chotte?” Nani asked him lovingly, “Bahut hi pareshan lagat ho? Khushi bitiya se kauno jhagda hui gawa ka?”

“Khushi ke paas time kahan hai jhagda karne ke liye?” huffed a still annoyed Arnav.

Nani looked at him with wise knowing eyes, “Achcha toh ee baat hai! Chotte why don’t you take her away for a holiday? Just the two of you? After all you still haven’t had your ‘honeymoon’ have you?” she twinkled at him.

“Kya Nani!” Arnav was disgusted, “Khushi ke paas jhagda karne ka time nahi hai and you expect her to go for a holiday with me?” he got up to leave.

“Aur humra Chotte itni jaldi haar kab se manne laga?” Nani’s soft challenge halted Arnav in his tracks; he turned to meet Nani’s mischievous eyes and a reluctant answering smile creased his face, he came back and hugged Nani, “You are right Nani; Kuch socheka padi!” he grinned as he snitched a hairpin and walked away jauntily, his good humor restored.

Arnav spent most of that night plotting and scheming; he looked down at his sleeping beauty with a wicked glint in his eyes, “toh Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada tum bahut busy ho na, tumhare paas mere liye time nahi hai na?” he murmured softly as he ran his finger down her cheek, “Aur tum apne aapko bahut hoshiyar aur smart samajhti ho na?” a low laugh slipped out as he hugged her close, “Par tum dekhna, ab bas wohi hoga jo Arnav Singh Raizada chahta hai!”

The next morning, Arnav lazily watched Khushi get ready for AKC and said rather nonchalantly, “Oh Khushi, I forgot to tell you, or rather you didn’t give me any scope to tell you,” he shot a tiny barb and watched with satisfaction as it hit home and she flushed and turned around, “I have to go to Mauritius next week for an important deal,” he shrugged, “I should be free in a day or maximum two, want to come along?” he asked casually, “after all I do owe you a trip to the Mauritius!”

Khushi looked at him excited, “Oh really! How I wish! Kitna achcha hoga na? And I haven’t yet seen the sea!” she drooped dejectedly, “Par hum kaise ja sakte hain? Jiji is planning to put Yash in a play school, he has become so naughty and unruly,” she smiled fondly, “But poor thing will be so upset and is bound to kick up a fuss, jiji wont be able to manage him, only I can do that,” she declared rather proudly while Arnav’s lips thinned, uncaring Khushi continued, “And Di is also banking on me, I promised to look after Ankit while she and Kishu bhaiyya went out for the day, maybe see a movie, poor thing hasn’t had a free moment to herself for so long,” Arnav rolled his eyes impatiently, but Khushi wasn’t done with her list of commitments, “Aur AKC ka kya hoga, I can’t just put all the responsibility on Ramiya’s shoulders just yet,” she put a hand on Arnav’s shoulder, “I have so many commitments, aap samajhte hain na?”

Arnav shrugged her hand away, “Sure, no problem, in the meanwhile Nani ke saath satsang aur Mami ke saath kitty party bhi chali jaana.”

“Haaww,” Khushi was horrified, “Aap toh naraaz ho gaye?”

Arnav shook his head, “No, I am ok, waise bhi I am going on business, tum bore ho jaogi,” he went to the washroom and came out and said, “By the way Khushi, take out some time from your jam-packed schedule and drop in at AR Designs, I need your signatures on some important documents, today, before 12 ok?”

Relieved that Arnav didn’t seem to be too upset or annoyed (strange!) Khushi agreed with alacrity, he nodded curtly and vanished into the washroom. Khushi looked at the closed door thoughtfully, ajeeb hai yeh bhi, she thought a bit resentfully, so casually he asked her go with him, and just as casually he accepted her refusal! What the! Oh how she yearned for a break, some peace and quiet, some time alone with Arnav, but there was hardly any time to breathe, there was so much to do and everyone depended on her and looked to her for solutions. Just yesterday Buaji had called her to go with her to sort out some new issue with her pension; it was a mad dash for Khushi, but she managed – somehow, she left home an hour earlier, went to AKC, set things in motion, delegated work, rushed off to Buaji’s, picked her up, sweet talked the clerk, got it all sorted out and dashed back a couple of hours later to prepare the tricky desserts she had planned for a client’s office party. But that day, Khushi the foodie, had no time to even grab a bite. But Khushi didn’t mind, Buaji had been so thrilled that had made it all worthwhile; she loved her family to bits and couldn’t bear to refuse anyone.

Her shoulders sagged, but you refused Arnav just now didn’t you? She chided herself; He understands, she consoled herself, aur kisi ko toh mana nahi kar sakti na. Suddenly contrarily she was angry with Arnav, why did he have to be so understanding? Why couldn’t he have insisted, put his foot down and thrown a fit, ‘come with me warna’ she yearned to drop everything and go off with him. It would have been nice she mused, she had been running for so long and a break would have been welcome; especially with Arnav, tears pricked her eyes, she hardly got to see him these days, isse zyaada toh shaadi se pehle mulakat ho jaati thi she thought despondently as she slumped down dejectedly on the recliner. But even if I do drop everything and go with him, after all it is a business trip, I will hardly get any time with him, she sighed.

“Kya hua Khushi?” Arnav asked as he emerged from the washroom wearing a towel, Khushi looked at him longingly, her lips quivered; she stiffened and determinedly shook her head and smiled brightly, “Kuch nahi, bye,” and rushed away before she threw herself at him.

Arnav looked at her retreating back, love and annoyance warring within, obviously annoyance won, ‘Khushi tumhe kitni baar kaha hai tum sab kuch nahi kar sakti?’ he grimaced angrily his fists clenched, he had clearly read her conflict, her desire but then out of habit she pushed her own needs and wishes on the back burner while she charged around madly spreading happiness and joy for others; a hard glint shone in his eyes, “Just you wait Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, tum mere saath Mauritius sirf jaaogi hi nahi balki jaane ke liye zid karogi,” he swiftly dressed, grabbed his coat and bag; he strode out of the room, ASR BG playing loudly.


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 164: ASR Reminisces”

  1. Khushi misses Nani because she would help Arnav-Khushi’s relationship, increase understanding, and provide small feedback or rebukes when needed.
    case in point:
    Aur humra Chotte itni jaldi haar kab se manne laga?” Nani’s soft challenge halted Arnav in his tracks; he turned to meet Nani’s mischievous eyes and a reluctant answering smile creased his face, he came back and hugged Nani, “You are right Nani; Kuch socheka padi!” he grinned as he snitched a hairpin and walked away jauntily, his good humor restored.

    everyone needs a nani!

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