Chapter 151: Arshi Times

Her prayers were answered as Di walked in with Amma and Buaji, RM was again in uproar and RM echoed with Buaji’s HRNK.

“Hain Anjali bitiya,” HRNKed Buaji, “Humri Titaliya kahan hai? Yeh kaun si gol matol mem khadi hai eeyahan!” Buaji was most upsetiyafied, but then who can remain angry with Sankadevi for long, especially when Nani openly supported her, “Nahi nahi Madhumatiji, aapan kuch nahi kahiyega humri Khushi bitiya ko, inki kuano galti naahi hai, ee sab humra parpote ka aades se hua hai!”

“Oh toh Nani par pota soch rahe hain!” Anjali piped after shooting a glance at Anya, “Parpoti ho jaye toh?”

Nani laughed, “Toh aur majaa ayega, hum unka naach sikhayenge!”

Laughter resounded in RM.

Garima hugged her daughters and thanked DM for everything, tears of joy streamed down her cheeks at the double good news; Buaji rushed to the kitchen ready for a marathon de-nazarofication process, about one packet of red chillies were sacrificed to ensure peace and the continuing well being of RM (even Ankit wasn’t spared and the poor little boy was quite taken aback and frozen with surprise at the activities of this new and strange loud mountainous figure, he clung wide-eyed to his mommy for moral support).

Garima smiled through her tears and said, “Jiji, Khusii bilkul apni amma jaisi lag rahi hai na, jab oo ka godh bharai ke samay? Bujai de-nazorified and nodded her head, “HRNK, bilkul wasain hi, HRNK.”

Garima put a kala teeka behind her ear and said, “aisi hi rehna Khussi, thodi sehat achchi hokar kitni achchi lag rahi hai, bilkul apni amma ke tarah, kono dieting wieting ki jaroori nahi hai, hum kahe dete hain,” she declared firmly.

“Aiin, Garima, ee ka kah rahi ho NK!” Buaji raised a hand to her head, “Aai Khusii apni amma ki baat bilkul mat suni ho, jaldi pehile jaisan ho jaana, naahi toh Arnaw babua pata nahi kisi aur ke sang,” both Garima and Buaji nudged each other and went in giggles into their pallus.

“Buaji aap chinta nahi kijiiye,” Khushi was confident, “Woh kahin nahi jayenge, woh kya hai na, humare pass unki amanat hai!” she did a hi-five with Nani.

She sighed happily as she looked at her family and thanked DM for everything

Gifts were exchanged and exclaimed over, even Mamiji was appreciative of gifts being bestowed upon her bahuriyas and was especially touched that even she was gifted a saree! Now that the Gupta family’s fortunes had taken a turn for the better, they wanted to share their new found wealth. The kids were also ecstatic at having received so many toys and the guest room was littered with wrapping paper and boxes as they eagerly investigated their loot, Ankit thawed at the marvelous remote controlled car he had received; Khushi smiled to herself, as she thought of their gifts waiting upstairs, she would give them when Arnav was here, after all it was his idea, she suddenly missed him.

The guests began arriving and the ceremony began.

During the ceremony, Khushi was made to sit formally with her head covered as she received good wishes, blessing and material gifts aimed at keeping up the spirits of the expectant mother. Everyone joined in with great gusto, Anya in particular was very interested in the proceedings, Yash didn’t much care, he was busy playing hide and seek with himself, he was determined to find which room led to which, which rooms opened into the hallway, exactly how many hallways were there and of course how many pools, not to mention poolside entries (uff yeh KMami bhi na no stopping her once she gets going, ok here’s a Khulasa from her, Yash would be, yes you guessed it, an architect when he grew up, but to his eternal sorrow, he could never unlock the mysterious design of RM).

The one person who observed the proceedings with alarm was Ankit, he just didn’t like it one bit; who were all these strange people, why were they surrounding his beloved Mami, and where was Mami’s face, he became quite agitated and made his displeasure heard all over RM, it was only when Khushi pushed away the veil to look at him, that he quietened, so in the interests of peace, Khushi did away with the veil and thanked Ankit from the bottom of her heart.

The last of the guests had left and the family members sat around, quietly talking, everyone was quite spent after the day’s excitement and it had been a long day, what with everyone on their toes since the crack of dawn. Nani gently pushed off Khushi to her room to take some well deserved rest, “Do you want to collapse by evening? Aapke Babuji ka sochenge?” she scolded gently.

Khushi reluctantly agreed, her day of joy wasn’t over yet! She had yet to meet Babuji, she hugged her excitement to herself. Amma and Buaji too left with Anjali and the kids. (Ankit was cranky and Yash had dropped off to sleep on the couch despite all the hulaballoo) saying they would be back later with the men folk for an evening get together. After all they too were tired. Khushi bid them adieu for the moment, but only after extracting a promise that they would spend a few days with her at RM before heading back to Lucknow.

Payal and Mamiji too retired for an afternoon siesta along with Naniji; HP carried Yash to his room.

Khushi was too excited and restless to sleep or even rest, though she was happy to get rid of all the ‘wedding’ finery; she lay on the bed, playing with her bangles which she hadn’t felt like taking off as yet, she regretted not having worn them earlier, of course she didn’t much wear bangles like she used to earlier, now the new ones Arnav had gifted her, she would wear them always. She suddenly missed him acutely, it was strange, all her loved ones were with her and she yearned for him, bas kar Khushi, your demands just don’t seem to end, it is barely 4 O’clock, do you expect him to come now?

Suddenly a gentle breeze blew, her heart raced, startled, she looked up, there he was standing at the door, looking at her from the doorway, impetuously she held out her arms, “aapko kaise pata chala, I was missing you?” he shook his head as he came forward and sat beside her, “I didn’t know, I thought you would be busy and happy amongst your family, why should you miss me?”

“Achcha,” nodded her head perceptively, “toh then why did you come to disturb me?” she softly provoked him.

A dull flush suffused his face, cornered he looked away, cleared his throat and said, “You haven’t taken off the bangles yet?”

Khushi debated challenging the change in topic, but then she wisely decided against it, better to let some things be, “Nahi, I like them, and have hardly gotten a chance to wear them.”

“Like them! Oh really!” Arnav raised his eyebrow skeptically, “Aur us din Di ko kya bol rahi thi, ghatiya hai and all that?”

“Oh! Woh! I was saying that to tease you into revealing all,” Khushi giggled.

“You are such an imp,” Arnav flicked her nose, “now take some rest and let me rest as well.” He lay down beside her and closed his eyes.

Khushi stared at him worried, “Kya hua? You aren’t feeling well or what?”

He settled himself more comfortably, “No I am fine, everybody is in a party mood, so I thought may as well be fresh for the evening party,” he looked at her in a considering fashion, “Tumhe kya laga main tumhe miss kar raha hoon?”

Khushi bit her lip and solemnly shook her head, “Hum aisi galti kar sakte hain kya Laad Governorji, hum kar bhi le, par aap toh Mr ASR hain, aap thodi na apni biwi ka khayal karke jaldi ghar….”

“Shut up Khushi,” Arnav muttered, “So jao, nahi toh you will totally exhausted in the evening.”

“Achcha, theek hai,” Khushi settled down, “Par aapne kuch khaya? Rukiye main kuch lekar aati hoon, bahut achcha achcha khana bana tha aaj,” she drooled.

“Relax Khushi,” Arnav held her down, “HP la ra hai.”

But Khushi being Khushi chup kaise reh sakti hai, “Aapko pata hai hum kya soch rahe the yeh choodiya dekh kar?”


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  1. The Hampton Court maze has nothing on the labyrinth that is RM! Uss ki design decipher karna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai 😂
    If avid fan(girl)s weren’t able to get to the bottom of it, Yash toh aakhir baccha hai 😂

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