Chapter 402: Break Point

Instead of answering her, Arnav rounded upon her, “I didn’t ask you to leave, all I did was state facts and give you the freedom to do as you wish,” he put the ball back into her court.

“Don’t talk rot Arnav!” Khushi retorted, her temper peaking, “Directly nahi sahi but indirectly toh yehi kaha na that I have had enough of you now get out? Meri bhi koi self-respect hai how can I continue to stay here after you state ‘facts’?” she was justifiably bitter.

Arnav stood his ground, “Maine aisa kuch nahi kaha, its not my fault if you twist my words out of context,” he was just as cold as she was heated; he turned to walk away but Khushi instantly stopped him, “Nahi aap aise nahi ja sakte,” her voice now matched his coldness, “Aap toh bahut bade businessman hai, you know how to go up dividing assets when partnerships break up, so let’s talk about our ‘assets’, what about the children? What have you planned for them?”

Arnav thrust his hands into his pockets and fumbled, “Jo marzee aaye karo, mujhe jo kehna tha maine keh diya, I have nothing more to say,” he clammed up.

“What!” Khushi burst out incredulously, “Are you serious?!! You have nothing more to say? Unbelievable Arnav unbelievable, how can you be so short-sighted, aap soch kya rahe the? How can you be so callous and indifferent towards your responsibilities?” her temper shot through the roof as his obtuseness, his silence and the way they kept going round and round without any solution in sight.

Khushi took the bull by its horns; she crossed her arms, “I want an answer right now, what are your plans regarding the kids?” she said insistently, “Under the existing circumstances,” she waved her hands about and shrugged dismissively, “I am afraid I cannot continue to stay here,” she gave up all attempts to a reconciliation and jumped up on her high horse as well, “So ab bataiye bachchon ka kya hoga?” she waved them threateningly like a red flag over his head.

Cornered, ASR’s icy self-control deserted him and he instantly retaliated hotly, “You can go to hell for all I care, aur jisko jaana hai jaye, I don’t need anybody, get out of my house this very instant,” he shouted before striding off.

There was a crash as Khushi swept the decorative stand by the poolside in a moment of frustrated anger and wretchedness. It broke into a thousand pieces but Arnav didn’t falter in his stride – not even when he strode past Nani and Chotti.

Nani hugged the sobbing little girl close to her and called out, “Chotte!” but in vain, he had shut himself in his room, “Khushi bitiya!” she called urgently, “ee sab ka hai? Kahe itni raat ko ladat ho? You know how Arnav is, let him be, he will soon calm down, you shouldn’t behave in this unseemly manner, look the poor child is so traumatized and upset,” she scolded Khushi as she caressed Chotti’s head, “bas bas bitiya, kuch nahi hua hai, dekho sab theek hai.”

The fact that Nani and Chotti had been witness to her humiliation did nothing to improve Khushi’s temper, if anything she was even angrier than before – Nani was still siding with Arnav, expecting her to keep quiet, to adjust and compromise! How unfair and unjust was that – aur ab jab Chotti ko pata chal hi gaya hai – toh in for a penny in for a pound – she strode into her room and dragged out a suitcase. She swiftly opened the cupboard and randomly began throwing her clothes into it, “Chotti jao apna saman pack karo we are leaving here,” she said curtly.

“Khushi!” Nani hurried over to her, “Don’t take any hasty decision bitiya, miya-biwi ka toh jhagda chalta rehta hai…”

“Nani please,” Khushi raised a hand, very much on her high horse, “This is no hasty decision, yeh bahut dino se chal raha hai, hum se ab aur bardasht nahi hota,” she faltered and then steadied herself, “Hume jana hi hoga Nani, hume maaf kar dijiye,” she turned her attention to the packing, pausing to snap at Chotti, “kya kar rahi ho yahan par khadi khadi? Bola na pack karo, aur Da ko bhi bolo, we are leaving right now,” she aggressively threw some more stuff into the case. She picked up a comb and ran it over her disheveled hair.

“But Mamma,” Chotti ran to her and shook her, “Where are we going? I don’t want to go anywhere,” she pleaded tearfully, “I want to stay here with Daddy, please Mamma,” she begged piteously.

Khushi threw the comb on to the floor, “Did you not hear your father?” she hardened her heart, “He wants me to leave,” she clearly spelt it out, “And I am not leaving both of you here,” she snapped.

“Aur mera kya Khushi bitiya?” whispered Nani heartbroken, “Meri kya galati hai? Why am I being punished at this age? Hey Devi Maiyya yeh din dikhane se pehle humka bulaiye kyon naahi,” her tears fell thick and fast.

“Mamma please,” Chotti clutched Khushi, “please let us not leave, I…I…love Daddy and don’t want to leave him,” she pleaded, “And besides it’s my birthday next month, I called all my friends here, what will I tell them?” she protested naively.

“Aww Chotti,” Khushi flopped onto the bed and drew her into her arms, “I also love your Daddy but what to do, you heard what he said,” she managed to say.

“I will talk to Daddy,” Chotti ran to bang on the door of the adjoining door, Nani also followed her, “Chotte! Daddy!” they banged and called till Arnav was forced to open the door, they rushed in and cornered him.

Khushi continued to pack, not having the least bit of faith in either her daughter’s or Nani’s capability to move the unyielding man of stone.

It was sometime before Nani emerged from the room, dragging a reluctant Chotti, “Chalo Chotti ab sab theek ho jayega dekhna, Daddy ne bola na, ab chalo sone chalo,” she consoled and pulled her away along with her, giving the beleaguered couple some privacy, “Chotte!” she jerked her head at him insistently urging him to speak to Khushi, who was still packing.

Nani waited until she saw Arnav begin walking towards Khushi and then shut the door, “Khushi,” he mumbled as he stood behind her, “You…you…I…I didn’t mean for you to leave…You can stay here if you like,” he said awkwardly, jerkily, reluctantly – clearly coerced into offering the olive branch.

Khushi shut the suitcase with a snap and turned around aggressively, “Then what did you mean Arnav?” her eyes shot sparks as they bored into his almost nose to nose – if this was his way of apologizing, she was dammed if she stayed back, she fumed, phir chahe Chotti kuch bhi bole ya phir Nani.

“Kuch nahi,” mumbled Arnav before striding back to his room.

Helpless and torn, Khushi sank back onto the bed beside the half-packed suitcase, staring dully at the kurta still in her hand – hey DM ab hum kya karein?

Aisa kya ho gaya that he cannot even ask me to stay properly – did he not know that all he had to do was to take her into his arms, kuch kehne sunne ki bhi zaroorat nahi hai, but kya hum itne door ho gayein hai he couldn’t bring himself to even make that gesture? How can I continue to stay here Devi Maiyya, aap hi bataiye, she begged as she drew in a painful breath, the only sound in the silent room. She looked around dully – it seemed as if an eon had passed since this room had echoed his deep baritone as he called for her – acute pain shot through her – bas ek baar ‘Khhusshhi’ keh kar pukar dete main sab bhoolne ko taiyyar hoon hey Devi Maiyya.

Par woh toh itna bhi nahi karna chahte – a giant hand curled around her heart and squeezed mercilessly; she felt as if she couldn’t breathe.

Khushi straightened her back, nahi, bahut ho gaya I am not going to stay here another minute.


Ok friends, like Nisha said in the previous post: What does one do if they have to face a similar situation in real life? Would love to hear your thoughts or at least pick one of the below options!

  • Khushi is right, she should walk out right now
  • Khushi should try and reason with Arnav some more
  • Khushi has to think of her children’s happiness first


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19 thoughts on “Chapter 402: Break Point”

  1. What is eating arnav up, that he is destroying his life ?
    This is a painful, confusing and frustrating chapter.
    its such a fragile situation, i am torn between all 3 options. maybe khushi needs to take a little break on her own to regroup.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Painful. Arnav is goading her … to do what? He knows (and hopes) that she will not leave.But Khushi should call his bluff and leave. Hopefully, Devansh, Chotti, and Nani will also go with her. Maybe that would force Arnav to open up!! (some hope.) Or as gitz suggested, leave on her own, leaving Arnav in charge of the house. That might wake up ASR. Because without Khushi voh ji nahi payega (his words)
    Unlike the atmosphere in Raizada house, it is a lovely sunny morning. The trees are finally shedding their leaves weaving a colourful carpet on the lawn. New Robin is stacking his territory. The Blackbird is back driving other birds away and the baby squirrels are growing up fast doing what comes naturally to them – digging up my flower bulbs. Ahh!!! Everything is back to Normal.

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  3. If its a real life situation, I am not sure if her staying back is the right thing to do. If the house is full of happiness and no trust between the couple, children won’t be happy or healthy.
    Then if she picks up and leave – she will never know why he behaved the way he did. But he is not giving her any answers. Since this is Arnav -Khushi’s story we (readers) know that he loves her, its just his own complicated mind of I-will-leave-her before she-leaves-me for whatever reason.
    But for a normal couple, its between the first two opens. Otherwise one should be able think from a thrd person perspective – like why this person is behaving like this, specially this is not how he is. But when it comes to such a personal issue it is not easy to detach ourself from it and think as a third person.
    Also the question is if he does trust her enough to share his issues- and here obviously he is not trusting her enough
    Am I even making any sense?? I don’t know!!!

    Liked by 5 people

  4. I agree with Nisha, she should leave him at least for a while until he can figure out that he is being an idiot! 😛

    She is already trying to reason with him but he is not ready for any discussion, not even giving any proper answers. Just an ‘I don’t love you anymore’, he doesn’t even have answers about what to do about the kids. Fine if he want to leave her before she leaves him, but what about kids? For an astute businessman, he sure is acting dumb now when he doesnt know what he wants to do next. What was he expecting anyway??

    Khushi doesnt ‘have to think about kids’, she always think about them. Here too she is the one thinking about kids.

    As Nisha said, since its an Arshi story, we know their love is ‘eternal’ and nothing is gonna break that & we are still in flashback so we have to conclude they successfully overcame this storm too 😉
    But in a real life situation too I would suggest the ‘unloved’ party should leave the ‘I-dont-love-you-anymore’ person. Its not just about self-respect, your self-respect takes a back seat once you become a parent, lot of things take a backseat when you have to put your children first. Of course when we are in midst of a problem, there is no scope to think from an outsiders perspective (that’s where we need friends). But when there is no proper communication between spouses, no closure on many things including such declarations and baseless accusations, the resentments turns into much more bitterness and hatred over the time. And all the ‘sacrifices and compromises’ they made for the sake of kids become useless later when the kids are suffering in such a hatred filled peace-less atmosphere.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. I read this first thing in the morning and have been trying to put my thoughts together. With not much success as I realised… especially after reading all the thoughts expressed above.

    My first reaction would be to say that Arnav should be the one leaving the family home. He is the one who wants out. That would be the correct thing to do. Why should the children, Nani and Khushi be uprooted? Having said that, this is Arnav we are speaking about. If even the thought of him having found someone else is “ghatiya” according to him, clearly something else is eating away at him.

    Khushi needs to force him to come clean about what is actually happening, and if that means getting the help of Di and Nani, so be it. For her own sanity. It is only after that, that she needs to have it out with him about the trust issues that constantly keep cropping up between them. It’s not okay to keep on excusing his behaviour. It’s demeaning the love that they have.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Chapter 399 mystery solved 😎

        You know me well, Dahlia 😂Failing that had been the first option, but in the interest of maintaining a small smidgeon of propriety (and trying to redeem my paagal reputation among the saner fans here) I had started off by offering the farmhouse ☺️

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    1. Totally agree with you Ruchi! Arnav should be the one leaving. Personally, I would not be able to take this nonsense that he’s dishing out. I know easier said than done, he’s got Khushi in a catch 22 situation. Arnav needs serious help, like a counsellor, I don’t think Di and Nani will be able to handle him. I think he’s going through a mid life crises and has no sounding board. He’s high on IQ but really low on EQ. Like you, I too want to bop him on his head.
      He can’t get away with, main aise hi hoon, he’s got to grow up and take responsibility for his actions.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. The man who prided himself in having a dimag er a shatir dimag is floundering. He cannot find a way out of his predicament. It has left Khushi with her commonsense to look beyond ASR’s words(which she is doing already.)It will not do for Khushi to leave because that would kill ASR/Arnav. Hoping that with the help of Di/Nani/Aman she will find out what is wrong.

    Thank you, Dahlia. Waiting impatiently for the next update.

    Liked by 3 people

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