Chapter 509: Playing Hooky

Would he, would he not?

Khushi’s heart went dhak dhak as she contemplated the enormity of her action 28000 ft above the ground. Yeh nahi that she was going off on to meet his daughter in the company of his niece – but that she was doing so without informing him.

For her, this was a first.

Over the years, Arnav never bothered to inform Khushi of his plans. And even if he did it was in a round about way. Mera brown shirt kahan hai? Suitcase nikalwa dena. Dawai mangwa lena etc etc.

And Khushi, being Khushi, would instantly guess or ask a thousand questions until she had got to the bottom of the matter. Achcha to Singapore jaana hai. Oh London? Hum bhi jaa rahein hain? Etc.

But as far as Khushi was concerned, she very rarely ventured out if at all. And when she had to, she would dither over it for days. Babuji is not well. Maybe I should go and see him. Aapko kya lagta hai? Aapka kya plan hai. You get the gist right?

So, there was a subtle equation between them – that he was free to do what he liked, while she should take his permission or at least work her plans around his convenience.

Khushi realizing this, rather belatedly, rebelled and revolted – but old habits die hard.

No wonder her heart went dhak dhak. Plus her conscience gave a twinge or two. Bechara. Kitna parshaan hoga. He would be totally lost. Itne din baad ghar aakar he wouldn’t find her. What if he flipped? What if he was unwell?

She went hot and cold.

Arre high horse pe to iss baat par dhyan hi nahi gaya! Bahut galat kiya Khushi. Chotti ko samaan dekar, dance sikha kar wapas aajaaongi. Program recording dekh loongi…

Aur Anya? Usko ditch kar dogi?

Anya samajhdar hai. Meri tarah. Woh samajh jayegi.

Par hamesha hi main kyon samjhoon?

Aur today earlier in the day when she had tried to speak to him, he had disconnected saying, “Haan Khushi sab theek hai. Abhi jogging kar raha hoon. Talk to you later.”

Na toh later aaya aur na hi mera haal chaal poocha.

He may not be concerned about me but mujhe toh hai.

If only I knew he was fine. Khushi heaved a deep sigh.

“Having second thoughts?”

Khushi’s startled guilty eyes met Anya’s knowing ones.

“Chori karni nahi aati toh karte kyon ho aap?”

“I don’t know what you mean.” Khushi was very much upon her dignity.

Anya laughed. “You didn’t tell CSR about our little trip, did you? Go on admit it.”

“H…haan toh?” Khushi bluffed. “Har baat batana zaroori hai kya?”

“Nahi zaroori toh nahi hai, but common courtesy hai. After all partners ko pata hona chahiye…”

“Exactly!” Khushi pounced. “He never tells me anything! Aur poochte hain toh kehte hai Aman se poocho.” She clammed up.

Anya settled back in her seat. “Haan toh theek hai na. Phir kyon stressed out hain?”

“Nahi kahan stressed out hoon?” Khushi denied. “I am just worried about him – ki theek toh hain na. Kuch batate bhi nahi…”

“Kuch hoga toh batayenge na! Chill Mami chill. He’s a grown man and not Devi or…”

“Mujhe toh aisa hi lagta hai,” Khushi pulled a face, “Deal ke siwaye kuch hosh hi nahi hai.”

“Aisa kuch nahi hai Mami. And you can stop fretting. He’s fine.”

“Kaise pata?” Khushi was unconvinced.

“Because I asked him and he said great, just cracked a deal, going out to celebrate.”

“Oh.” Khushi was taken aback. “When?”

“Abhi.” She held up her phone. “See his text? Ab toh khush?”

Khushi sat back with mixed feelings. He was fine. DM ka lakh lakh shukr hai. But hume toh aise nahi batate kuch bhi. Humse naaraz hain kya? Humne kuch galat kiya? Humari galati hai kya? Koi aur toh…

“Now what!” Anya was exasperated. “Two weeks aise moonh phulakar rahenge kya? Isse toh achcha…”

“Nahi nahi!” Khushi rushed to disclaim. “All good. I was just thanking DM. Let the party begin!” She held up her glass of juice.

“Aise kaise Mami?” Anya objected. “Kam se kam wine toh le hi sakte hain.” She raised a hand got two glasses of wine and thus began their party.

The rest of the flight was a blast as Anya regaled her with tales of her twins. Plus, the wine helped settle Khushi and her over-wrought nerves.

Once they reached Manipal, they were swept into an entirely different world.

It was college festival time with classes closed, campus decorated with festoons and banners crowded with budding doctors from all over the country.

“Mom! Di!” Chotti squeezed the breath out of them by turns. “I can’t believe that you are actually here.” She screamed above the blaring music. “Come this way. I booked a guest house room. With great difficulty let me tell you. As you can see it’s all overbooked.”

“Phir kaise manage kiya?” Khushi looked around the spacious top-class accommodation. “We could have checked into a hotel…”

“Hotels are also booked up besides being far from the venue. You can’t really participate from so far. Anyway I pulled the ASR card and voila,” she spread her arms and twirled, “the Director’s special at your disposal.”

“You called your Dad?” Khushi stared.

Anya burst out laughing.

“What’s the matter?” A confused Chotti looked from one to the other.

Khushi pressed her lips and crossed her arms while Anya rolled on the bed quite hysterical.

“Di!” Chotti pummeled her half laughing herself, “Kuch toh bolo!”

“Your mother was trying to keep this visit a secret from your Dad.” Anya managed to gasp.

“What? But why?” Chotti looked askance at Khushi who looked away.

“Be…cause she is a Laad Go…verness.” Anya snorted.

Chotti rolled her eyes. “Come on Ma. Like really?”

“Nonsense.” Khushi attempted to recover lost ground.

“Phir se on your high horse?” Chotti facepalmed. “Pata nahi what game you and Dad keep playing.” She shook her head. Her brow wrinkled. “But Dad was fine when I asked him to pull strings. He said sure. And he also asked me to make sure that I had the details of your stay in Kerala. Kaunsa houseboat, itinerary kya hai etc etc.”

“Dekha dekha!” Khushi pounced. “He’s spying on me.”

“Rubbish! He’s just looking out for you. Kitna khayal hai unhe.”

“Toh hume hi pooch lete!” Khushi shot back.

“Would you have told him?” Anya asked with a knowing look.

“Haan toh woh mujhe bhi toh nahi batate! Aman se pooch lo. Hmph.”

“Oh Mom!” Chotti scolded Khushi, “itne saal you’ve pampered and spoiled Dad, now suddenly you can’t ask him to change can you?”

“Toh sab humari galati hai kya?”

“Uff! Yeh aap Dad ke saath sort kar lena. Let’s have some fun, paint the campus red, come on Ma, everyone is waiting to start the rehearsals. Or do you want to rest?”

He hadn’t given up on her!

All of a sudden, Khushi was as if she were freed. Free from guilt and hurt. Yehi toh unka tareeka hai. High-handed Laad Governor kahin ke. Hmmph.

“Chalo let’s dance,” Khushi shed her blues – aur itna zor ne naachi ki ghunghroo toot gaye.

Arre mahol hi kuch aisa tha – thoda jadu, thoda nasha aur bahut saari masti. Bacche jo saath mein the. Aur dance program bhi sar par tha aur yeh koi exam ki padhai toh thin ahi ki neend aajaati ya bore ho jaate.

Khushi had come well prepared with her dance steps as Chotti had been organized enough to send her a couple of songs which they had shortlisted for their program. Khushi went one step further and choreographed a medley on them. The girls loved it, well the boys too but they didn’t have much of a say. 😀

Khushi was a hard taskmaster and didn’t let the dancers off the hook until they were almost ready to beg for a good old lecture on the Krebs cycle or pore over the muscles and bones of a cut-up cadaver. At least they would get to sit!

They crashed out in the early hours of the morning and needless to say woke up late. But not so late that they couldn’t take a tour of the choc-a-bloc campus, sample the culinary spread at the ongoing food fest and participate in the Rangoli and win a prize too. 

And go back to rehearsals.

And more rehearsals.


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22 thoughts on “Chapter 509: Playing Hooky”

      1. No even a not so romantic reality is better than dream sequence.I am not believing that Arnav has stopped caring about Khushi,he does in his own way.Now Khushi wants assurance and we all reach a phase in our lives where we do seek verbal assurances. So better Arnav gets his act together. For me toh he is already the best🤩😍😜

        Liked by 1 person

  1. hi love this story read it like soooi many times its my go to story dont understand hindi my grandmother tries to explain in her little way not much help but yes love ur writing hve me in stitches tears n anger but u dear are a fantastic writer u go girl

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Old habits die hard. Khushi was feeling guilty that she had not let Arnav her plans and she almost decided to return as soon the function was over. ASR, on the other hand, knew all about Khushi’s plans. It seems both Anya and Angelika are keeping him abreast of all the news. As the song goes ‘we don’t talk anymore Like we used to’ they are not talking, at least ASR is not. Khushi tries but not getting much response from her Laad governor.
    Khushi is feeling ‘free’ ( now that she knows he is ok and as for not talking ‘Voh aisa he hai’ so why worry?). But she is still not free enough to sing ‘Kanton se Khinchke yeh Anchal, Chodke Bandhan babdi Payal…’
    Thank you, Dahlia saw that you have uploaded early morning but I was too sleepy to open the message and read it. Lovely morning

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ye kya ho raha hai, bhai ye kya ho raha, missing missing ho raha🤦🏻‍♀️ ASR is playing A game, duniya ko dikhao oh see how much i care about her, make plans for her, arrange everything & talk sweetly to everyone. So that even if khushi voice out anything, she is easily discredited, by Arnav brigade- woh toh aisa hi hai, u only have pampered him, see how much he think about u & r u mental he tell everything, humne phone kiya toh ussne sab bata diya.. In short khushi needs life & take a breather. Khushi bitiya stop justifying yourself to others & stop pointing flaws of ASR, ab tak tumhe sanajh jana chahiye tha woh kaisa hai😉 uske teer kamaan tumhare liye nikalte hai, sabse khatarnak wale.. Arnav kaisa tha ya hai ya ho gaya hai, doesn’t mean any wife will not b hurt listening about her husband ‘s whereabouts from everyone else. Its not about jasoosi or breathing down his neck, its just about comfort to know where he is & when he will b bk.. But i guess ASR is too busy to give this simple comfort to his wife. Dji aap soch rahi hongi aaj gussewali aayi hai😂 but seriously Arnav is getting on d nerves now. & yes i m wishing to choose this mission, so bring out d consequences, Mission Impossible – aakhir arnav ke dimaag main kya hai, khushi hai, bekhushi hai, aakhir hai kya

    Good to see khushi doing ghunghroo tod dance. Keep going khushi & enjoy kerela trip. Buy some 🥥 from there & bang on ASR head, shayad tab kuch pata chale 😜.. Vidhi janane ke liye Manorama panditani ko contact kar lena


      1. I can so imagine ASR being ASR but instead of neem chadha he will b chashni dipped😂😂 socho ASR saying what d, shut up & get out in sugary sweet voice😄.. Dji bheje kya 1 peti pan pasand ASR ke liye😜

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Dahlia, thank you for giving us all a second season of SS. I had been stalking your blog to check for updates and had almost given up hopes of any more Arshi stories 🙂 but then one fine day, lo and behold there comes the second season. So happy to see that you are doing fine and ready to post more of Arshi.
    I have been reading regularly but couldn’t comment till now. I was a bit confused where the story was going. I know ‘ASR kaisa he’ lekin he was never this distant to Khushi in the last 500 episodes i think, except during the Sheetal-sheeshmahal issue and the time when Akash was asking for his shares. Other than that of course they would fight and be on their respective high horses, but at least he used to inform her about his plans and major trips right? or am i wrong? Somehow I feel in the new season they – mainly ASR – seem to be so distant, almost like how he was during the Sheetal, Akash fiascos. I didn’t know what to make of it, hence was waiting to see how the story develops before I comment 🙂 So as usual he is keeping track of all her moves, bechari Khushi hi ko kuch pata nahi hei LG ke bare mein.. Everyone except Khushi knows where ASR is and how he is doing. tsk tsk.. Is Anya running away from Sherry too? Hope the guys won’t interrupt their plans by showing up in Kerala, that is if they don’t want to end up ‘literally’ in the backwaters. Oh btw, Khushi and Anya could come visit me while they are here in Kerala 😀
    P.S. aur hum Mishti aur Bhanshee ko bhoole nahi hein! Good to know that Bhanushree is still in the picture 🙂


  5. Hi AF good to see you here 🙂 Like you even I am confused as to where the story is going – but then if the characters are confused what can the sutradhar do? ASR ki baatein toh ASR hi jaane – hum toh bas reportiyaing. I think you are the only one of the rare ones who is not keen for ASR or Sherry to land up in your land 😀 Plan toh Mishti and Bhanushree ka hi tha, but yeh dono apna act suljha le tab na!


  6. Not knowing where this road will take me but at least I will learn to walk that road and know my way out of here….its not an easy journey and we may get lost but Love Will Find a way!…yes it will for sure…it is a difficult walk …there is no doubt still we will walk….

    Liked by 1 person

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