Hum Bane Chirkut

Thanks to Chiku and Co.

Ab kya karein jo ho gaya so ho gaya – ab dekho Kmami ka swag




Aisa nahi ho sakta.

Err umm


Lemme try again.


Aur kaisan ho Nandkisore? Sab kushal mangal na? Especially now that the Intezaar, Imtihaan ya Ilzaam business is all over and done with?

Main ilzaam nahi lagana chahti but the truth of the matter is that intezaar toh 6th October ka hi tha so that our collective imtihaan is over – kyon kuch galat toh nahi kaha na?

Waise I have a confession – imtihaan supplementary main pass huye – bitten several times and petrified of what was in store, I got down to watching the last 6 episodes only after it actually got over.

Phew! There that wasn’t so bad was it? Don’t they say with good reason all you have to fear is fear itself 😀

So that’s that eh people? True love wins and all loose ends neatly tied up. Thank God for that – last time they left so many loose ends that baat nikli toh khatam hone ka naam hi nahi liya 😉

But this time, I am happy to report that Dmami more relaxed and chilled out for the makers were considerate enough to leave no angle untouched.

Yet, Kmami would like to have had a few more mysteries and loose ends tied up. Fussy and fastidious is Kmami’s DNA but what the heck let’s get it out of our collective systems and get on with our lives shall we?

But first, did you notice how attached Chandni was to the blue dress? She wore it every damn where.

First to accost Dev aka AdvSR while he blubbers – aur mere ma baba ko kyon mukhse door kiya? Aww but like really?

Khair, moving on (still in the blue dress) to hunt for her father. By the way, any idea where he was? In Mumbai or Allahabad? And where did he get the money for the plush upholstery, the trained nurse, the hospital or was it an institution?

Any clue?


No idea?

Perhaps his wife felt sorry for him and sold some of the stolen jewelry to keep him in comfort in the last days of his life. Or at least until he could spill the beans to Chandu?

Kya bolti tu?

Make sense?

Buy it?

Me neither 😉

Anyway, then Chandni went to the police station (still in the blue dress), filed a case, got the police to accompany her to Dev’s house to do the needful and collect her case.

Phew! Finally she would change her clothes and with a bonus thrown in!

Any guesses?

She would find the as good as new glass musical toy yay!!!

Dont you think it is strange and ironical that she managed to keep the toy as good as new for 16 long years but the moment she handed it to Dev – that was the end of it.

That reminds me – anyone knows how to repair broken glass pieces into its original ball shape?


Oh a Martian specialty?

I see.

Ah well, moving on (she really moved about a lot didn’t she?), Chandu collected her case and walked with excruciating slowness (probably hoping that AdvSR would call her back – but abhi 6th October main time tha) and went to meet her beloved Ma lodged in some unidentifiable jail (with one and only one kaal kothri). This mystery is likely to keep me awake in the coming long endless cold nights. Where was this jail – Mumbai, Allahabad, Timbuktu?

Any guesses?

But jahan bhi ho AdvSR had no trouble reaching either Sasuma or Sasurji. But then again woh toh AdvSR hain, CM hain Math Professor hain – koi mathematical formula apply kiya hoga.

But to get back to the blue dress…

After sunoaing khari khoti to her suateli Ma, Ms Badbad is back on the streets dragging her case. No need for any ablutions, sleep, food or dress change and lo behold she bumps into Meghu.

A heart to heart follows and then Chandni is off to track the pundits (surely they were in Allahabad?) and time their entry with AdvSR at the jail.

Ah now perhaps her guilty conscience will let her rest ,poor girl. A quick wash, a dress change, perhaps a nap….no?

Oh! Miles to go before she sleeps is it?

Ah yes! More fool me – how could I forget. Abhi ek aur kaam baaki tha. She had to go to every house every kasba in the vicinity to hunt for Chiku’s brother Miku.

Woh bhi ho gaya par dress?

Woh nahi change hua…hmm wait!

Abhi aur bhi hai.

She applies for and gets her passport and buys tickets (from all the money saved by not eating drinking, sleeping changing or using Sulabh facilities) and is ready to take off (from what looked suspiciously like the bus stand) but for the torrential rain and AdvSR.

Btw why did it have to rain?

What’s the reason?

Koi mujhe batayega plijj?

Why am I so interested? While tracking them I was the one who caught a massive cold and a sore throat – damn it.

And I am scandalized at the extent of PDA (aka public display of affection). Haww yeh hai sanskaar uske? Koi sharam lihaaz hai ki nahi? AdvSR bhi sharma gayi – he came back home like a good boy and whispered a mild half-hearted very private ILU.

Kya AdvSR saara mazaa kirkira kar diya – had to go back to IPK and revive the magic with ILU DAMMIT!!! Phir jaakar kaleje ko thandak mili 😀

But coming back to the blue dress – ab toh sab theek ho gaya, ghar bhi wapas aa gaye, Maasi ne maafi bhi maang liya but did they change out of their wet clothes?

Not sure about AdvSR – I think he wore his blazer over the shirt but Chandni no…she continued to wear it (until it dried) right until it was time to prank Miku and Shilpa – hey Bhagwan.

Anyway sannoo ki right?

All’s well that ends well 🙂

Yet just a few tiny final points before I actually shut up:

Murliji kahan tantana rahei the? Never thought I would miss him!! 😀

Notice how while at the jail, Chandni sharam lihaz chod ke declared aap sirf Indrani hain but AdvSR still called her Indraniji – oh yes sorry he’s just being true to character, after all bado ko izzat deni chahiye, chahe woh murderers kyon na ho, hmmm.

I feel baad for Nani. I was kinda hoping there would be a repeat of A3 (Amar Akbar Anthony). After all shock se unki eyesight chali gayi thi toh I was hoping that since all was well, even the lost Miku was found, her eyesight would magically return. Par waise dekha jaye toh Nani ko aakhon ki kya zaroorat, unko toh sab waise hi dikhta tha. Even AdvSR asked her – Nani aapne Chandni ko kahin dekha hai? Ah well sab kuch toh theek nahi ho sakta hai na – that would be too unrealistic, I admit.

Lagat hai Meghu aur Shilpa main koi anban hui hai – last tak ek hi screenshot main dono ek hi saath dikhai nahi diye.

I saved the best for the last – hahahahahaha ROFL haahaha this one was priceless and possibly the best scene of IPK3.

Any guesses?

Come on – think people.

And no it was not the hen-pecked BS wala scene

Okay – a hint. It is from the last 6 episodes of IPK3


Okay another hint. Doesn’t include Chandni but does include AdvSR.

Soch liya na? Kyonki bhanda phootne wala hai.

Bhaiya mere rakhi ke ye bandhan ko nibhahahahahahahahahahhhhaaaaaaa hahahaha choti behen ko na bhulana aaahahahahahaaa

AdvSR’s expressions were priceless. OMG I simply cannot stop laughing.

He was like:

Excuse me?


And those moonlit terrace nights?

The wine and cookies between the coochie coos or was it coffee?

Sweet nothings in between the conference calls?

Yikes…you mean that was…No!

Hey come on!

Tum toh mujhe pyaar karti thi!!!!

Hahahaha – hilarious.

Anyway, it is time for us to steal away and let the two kids Chiku and Chandu (she changed her blue dress – YAY! play hide and seek or parda hai parda hai if they so wish and when they tire (or the pardas tear), Chandni can always stitch new diaphanous gowns out of the Mumbai Raizada mansion pardaas.

And we can go back to reclaiming our work week evenings and happily declare Tu hai mera Weekdays.

Hip Hip Hurrah Btw kisi ne dekha kya THMS? Humari toh bad luck hi kharab hai – the timing are so darn inconvenient. I guess TV par hi dekhna padega…

Chalo ek aur haseen safar ka the end ho gaya but we refuse to think this is the end for jab tak hai jaan picture tab tak baaki hai mere dost

Right people? Thanks so much for your company and encouragement, which teased and tempted Khulasa Mami out of her self-imposed isolation and sanyas.

Ab kya hai wapas phir wahi sanyas

Bas ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna

Badon ko aap kehte hai 😉

12 thoughts on “Hum Bane Chirkut”

  1. Excellent Khulasa. Thank you for writing the last Khulasa. I liked Sasha.She was a light relief to this ridiculous saga. Rakhsha Bandhan was so funny but it meant nothing to AdvSR. He just broke the thread and would have married Sasha if she had changed her mind. Contrary to IPK1 there was too much kissing going on at the end. Chandani kept on kissing Dev all over his face (why not on the lips?) So did Dev. Who kisses his bride on the forehead on his Suhag Raat?( BS said he did not like doing love scenes but with his wife’s approval he made himself do the love scenes in the movie) . So he did not do the runner(Like he did in IPK1) after all that kissings.
    Do not worry K Mami there is a talk (rumours I guess) of IPK 4 . So keep your wits sharp. You will be needed again.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think they are fake news. There is a channel which makes up the news. But the fans lap it up. Both Sanaya and Barun would be fools if they team up with Gul Khan again.
        Chandani’s spotless blue dress!! Her suitcase must be full of blue dresses so she can change. In western countries, there are coin-operated laundromats where people sometimes (Male and female) strip off to their underwear and wash and dry and iron their only set of clothes and wear them and off they go to work or party. I guess it does not happen in India.
        By the way, I could not understand what Advaya said most of the times. ( Barun’s diction is not so good)
        Good night.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There was something wrong with their sound system I think – I could hear it better with ear plugs. There are other production houses and they would be fools not to recreate something with these two in the lead – let’s some someone with sense picks them Good morning!


  2. It was awesome….i loved the way you can show up humour in a tragedy that the writers wrote, i loved each bit of it, wat a sarcasm extent, it feels so good to not think we are going to miss the episodes but the Khulasa that comes after it, I am definitely going to miss it….loved the rakhi ting but i have my sympathies for Barun, he was sooooo heartbroken yaar…i feel so bad for him, K Mami a great job done, khulasa queen!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aap bhi na, Mamiji 😂
    The logic ki boatwa didn’t dock at all at this particular port.
    The expression on Advay’s face at Sasha’s party palat was epic. Reflecting every viewer’s reaction.
    Truly, Hum bane chirkut bol kar is the only way to rationalise and move on.

    Do watch THMS when you can, Dahlia. It’s a great film.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. But of course THMS is right on top of movies to see before I die – seriously! Hall ho ya phir phone, dekhna toh hai hi na 😉 Thank you for reading and commenting – aap bhi na Mamiji was particularly endearing 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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