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Hola IPK fans! How have you taken the news of the return of sleepless nights? Of old wine in a new bottle? An IPK minus SI 😦 or is there something up their sleeves? And what’s with this Intezaar, Imtihaan ya Ilzaam doon business? Intezaar toh hai aur ek baat toh pakki hai – humara imtihaan zaroor lenge 😛 Aur hum ilzaam lagane se bhi peeche nahi hatenge 😀

Jo bhi ho, Khulasa Mami intequam legi aap sab ki ijaazat ho toh (aur nahi bhi ho toh!) 😀

Khulasa Mami has been in deep hibernation for half a decade now. But at the news of ipk3, her peacefully slumbering antennas quivered awake. She perked up and trotted off to follow their call.

And guess where she landed up?

Right at ASR’s doorstep.

No, no not the aadha wala but the original teen naam wala rakshash – yani Arnav Singh Raizada.

But before you rush off on her footsteps be warned – there’s no saying what Kmami will dig up and a friendly word of advice especially for (any) newbies and youngsters with stars in their eyes – take everything she says with a pinch of salt. And just in case you would like to be better prepared for the kind of yarn Khulasa Mami likes to spin – click here and report back here pronto. No excuses otherwise thou shalt be banned forever and ever.

Dekha dekha! That’s Kmami for you – pssttt she’s both excited and nervous.

Will she, wont she (be inspired enough)?

Will they, wont they (live up to standards of the one and only #arshi #ipkknd) etc etc.

But I guess only time will tell but you can be sure as and when (and IF) Kmami shares any juicy masala gupshup I will promptly post it for your kind perusal, comments and vishesh tipannees. 😀

Without any further ado, click here for the first post by Khulasa Mami – after almost 5 years she seems to be a bit rusty don’t you think?

  1. An Interview with ASR
  2. Another tête-à-tête with ASR
  3. Kaha Suni
  4. A Sartorial Khulasa
  5. A Musical Khulasa
  6. This is Not Funny
  7. Khulasa on Crisis Management
  8. Hum Bane Chirkut
  9. Main aur Mera Riighteous Rant
  10. A Photo Khulasa



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