Chapter 62: Anya & New Mum

Kshitij changed directions and moved towards Anya’s room. He stopped short at the door at the sight that met his eyes. Anya was fast asleep with her arm and leg thrown around Anjali, while Anjali had a protective arm encircling Anya over her head and interestingly, Anjali’s other hand clutched a teddy bear.

Well at least that was something! A tender feeling stole over Kshitij as he ruefully viewed the scene; he clicked a snap with his mobile camera; he wondered if he could or should post it on his fb as ‘My SR’ oh well at least he could tease Anjie about it!!! He loved the way she blushed and smiled.

He leaned against the door and soaked in the peace emanating from the room, his family was complete and all were home; that was all that mattered, there would be time enough and it was all probably for the best, Kshitij consoled himself; Anjali, he knew was more comfortable with Anya than him, in fact he strongly suspected that if it weren’t for Anya, she may not even have been here tonight.

He pushed himself away from the door, adjusted both Anya’s and Anjali’s postures so that they wouldn’t get a crick in the neck; pulled up the covers and gently kissed each before turning off the light and leaving the room.


Khushi stared at Arnav confused, “What do you mean? What did Anya do?”

Arnav smiled broadly as he led Khushi to the recliner and made her sit down, he started taking off her jewelry one by one, “Oh nothing much,” he said airily, “Anya was just telling me her plans to make Di comfortable in her new home.”

“And?” Khushi queried suspiciously.

“So,” Arnav pulled out all the clips in Khushi’s hair (she had worn her hair all piled up into an elegant knot for the wedding) and her locks came tumbling down, Khushi sighed in relief as the unnatural hairdo had given her a headache and a neck ache; as if he could read her thoughts, Arnav gently massaged her neck and Khushi gratefully closed her eyes and leaned against him, totally exhausted. “Anya is going to share her room with Di so that she doesn’t feel lost or lonely.”

“WHAT!” Khushi sat up with a jerk, “Oh no!’

“Oh yes!” Arnav smiled smugly

Khushi glared at him, poor Kishu bhaiyya and Di, no SR! On second thoughts, probably good for Di, she remembered feeling so nervous when Arnav had declared his intention to follow all marriage customs in a reverse order. Yes all for the best, DM had the situation under control so why worry? She snuggled back, “Clearly a Raizada curse, zaroor kisis ne shrap diya hoga,” She sat up and dramatically raised her finger and said in a deep voice, “Mujhe meri aukaat batate ho? Jao main is parivaar ko shraap deti hoon, kabhi bhi SR, shaadi wala din par nahi hoga”

They both laughed and Arnav said mock angrily, “Why Raizada curse? Why not Gupta-Goyal family curse?”

Khushi solemnly nodded her head, “Or SR-KG combo curse, must ask Jiji if she too didn’t,” She collapsed against Arnav giggling.

“Enough now,” Arnav gently reprimanded her, “You are drunk! Drunk with exhaustion, let’s get you to bed, kal bhi toh jana hai na Di ke pass? That too early in the morning and it is so late! Do you want to change or should I…,” he offered magnanimously.

“No thanks,” Khushi scrambled up hurriedly almost dizzy with sleep. Arnav surveyed her tenderly and said gruffly, “Hurry up or I will be forced to take up matters in my own hands.”

Khushi had a brief but refreshing nap in the arms of her Laad Governor, while Anya slept peacefully in the arms of her mother.

Khsitij spent a disturbed night, all the exotic bunch of SR flowers created a potent cocktail of aroma which triggered his allergies. After an hour of wheezing and sneezing, Khsitij, dumped all the flowers in the garden (well it was either that or sleep…by the poolside….at least he broke another SR-KG combo curse), gulped a couple of anti-allergic tablets and fell into a drugged sleep.

Khushi woke up early and charged off to GM with the new driver Lucky to help out Di with the ‘chuaka poojan’; after reaching there she sent him off to LN to get the rest of the family to GM for the morning rasams.

Nanny opened the door and let Khushi in, “Namaste Vimla chachi (DM Notes: true to tradition recycling names to maintain original flavor! Phir bhi creativity toh dekho – mausi chachi ban gayee 😛), where is everybody else?” asked Khushi cheerily.

Vimla coughed and said demurely, “Sab so rahe hain.”

Khushi nodded her head understandingly and went into the kitchen and got busy. She made preparations for the following rasam of ‘chauka poojan’ and made tons of idli sambhar and decided Di could make the kheer. She boiled the milk and kept everything ready so that it wouldn’t take too much time for Di. But still nobody stirred. Khushi was in a fix, she wondered what to do, Buaji had told her that they would be leaving soon after collecting a few relatives and close friends for the ‘muuh dikhai’ rasam which was to follow soon afterwards. She should wake up Di but she did want to be like other nanads, forever disturbing her bhaiyya bhabhi; she nibbled her fingers and brightened, she would wake up Anya and leave the rest to her and DM.

Even though Arnav had warned her about Anya’s plans, Khushi had not really believed it; Khushi was taken aback at the sight of Di and Anya sleeping together, “Di!” exclaimed Khushi.

Anjali woke with a start and immediately blushed a fiery red, “Woh..actually Anya insisted and Khshitij was late in coming back and I must have fallen asleep; Hey Bhagwan, what must he have thought she put her hands to her cheeks to cool them.


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