Chapter 519: Direct Dil Se

Khushi’s heart went dhak dhak.

Acidity phir se?

Must be the sambhar. Zyaada kha liya. Kya karti itna tasty jo tha. Koi acidity ki dawa leni padegi…

“Mamu ka message?” Anya said with a knowing look.

“Akele kyon?” Disha piped up. “Main hoon na?”

“Ha…aan.” Khushi looked up distracted. “But…but aap toh conference main busy hai na?

“Arre nahi!” Disha exclaimed. “I did say business cum pleasure? My conference is over and I have the rest of the week to myself and you,” she laughed. “Unless you don’t care for my company? I agree I can’t match Anya, but itni bhi buri nahi hoon main.”

Arrested, Khushi looked at her. 

Laga jaise Devi Maiyya kuch keh rahi ho.

Jaise Sankadevi jaag rahi ho.

Woh rakshash toh hum bhi rakshashi ho sakte hain.

Apne aap ko kya samajte hain?

That he will crook his finger and I will come running?

Fashion show pehle se fixed tha toh pehle se nahi keh sakte the?

Ab yeh high-handed tareeke se hume bulaya and he expects to dance to his tunes?

Nahi hume nahi jaana. Hum hi kyon hamesha? Aur unhe lagta hai hume spa ki zaroorat hai? How dare he? She fumed.

Let the D2P2 games begin (tu daal daal toh main paat paat for the uninitiated – thanks to Prachi).

“That’s great!” She smiled at Disha. “If you are truly free I would love to hang around with you.”

“Awesome!” Disha raised a hand for a high-five. Khushi responded albeit with a quaking heart. Tu toh gayi Khushi. Woh Laad Governor chodega nahi tujhe.

“Mami,” Anya tugged at her hand, “Are you sure? Ek baar Mamu ko pooch…”

Khushi’s eyes flashed. “Kyon? Kabhi woh hume poochte hain kya? Kabhi apna program humare liye change karte hain kya?” She clammed up and smiled brightly. “This is a grand place. I would be very disappointed to miss all this.” She sobered up and cast Anya a guilty look. “If you want me to…”

“No!” Anya was quick to disabuse of her the notion, “I am cool with it. Aur rahi baat Keira aur Maira ki, they are fine, even the doctor has given a clean chit and they are recovering well. Actually it’s Sherry who is cranky as he hasn’t slept for two nights.” She shrugged. “Ma was all for my carrying on with my trip. But it’s Sherry who is getting hyper…”

“Men…” Disha rolled her eyes.

Anya rolled hers. “But you chill Mami. Show that LG of yours kia ap ki kissi se kam nahi hain!”

Khushi tilted her chin and tossed her head, looking remarkably like Chotti at her Shubham-sneering best, “Hume unko kuch bhi nahi dikhana hai.” She instantly spoilt her hoity-toity look by saying. “Unhe koi farq nahi padta.”

“Farq toh padega Mami. If you don’t go back with me, Mamu will come charging here. You just mark my words.”

“Hmph.” Khushi snorted. “Na toh farq padega aur nahi hi time hai.” She picked up her phone to dash off a blistering message to ASR but stopped. Sankadevi popped up and with a devilish grin she called up Aman. “Hello Aman. Sab theek hai na? Achcha, don’t book my ticket to Lucknow. I am going to stay right here until it is time for me to return. Okay? Arre kyon tension lete ho Aman? ASR ko toh sab pata hota hai na? Take a chill pill Aman.” She disconnected the phone.

Anya was looking at her with awe. “You go Mami!”

Khushi sparkled. And instantly drooped. “Aman will get a blasting…”

“Let him.” Anya shrugged. “Saagar mein boond.” They giggled.

“I forgot ask, what time is your flight?”

Anya reached out for the coffee. “Just enough time for another cup of this coffee and then pack and leave.” She cast a longing look at the vast expanse of the sparkling and crashing sea. “I was hoping for a walk, but I guess…” she shrugged and sipped her coffee.

“Have your coffee on the go, I’ll help you pack.” Khushi stood up, “Perhaps you can squeeze in a brief visit to the beach?”

“Yeah, perhaps!” Anya hurried after Khushi. Packing was quick work and leaving her luggage at the reception after ordering a cab, they skipped away to the beach.

“Oh this is beautiful!” Anya spread her arms Titanic style. She looked at Khushi. “Don’t look so guilty Mami. I will come again, with Sherry and the girls. Maybe with you again?” She hugged her. “Okay bye. Have a good time. Don’t fret…”

“Abhi se bye kyon?” Khushi linked her arm with hers, “I am coming to the airport with you…”

“Ji nahi,” Anya gave her arm a squeeze before detaching it, “You make the most of now. Pata nahi kab Mamu may come charging down here to,” She paused, “Waise, that would be grand!”

“Din mein sapne dekhna bund karo Anya! Apna fashion show chod kar yahan?” Khushi’s eyes glittered. “The Sun has a greater chance of rising from the East.” She stopped near the cab.

Anya hugged her. “You never know Mami.” She got into the cab. “By the way Mami,” she leaned out of the window, “The Sun does rise from the East.”

“You know what I mean!” huffed Khushi.

“Bye Mami. Take care and be safe.” She waved.

“You too.” Khushi waved until she couldn’t see the car. She stood there feeling lost and lonely. A bit like she had been deserted at the hostel by her mother.


Her phone rang.

It was ASR.

Hey Devi Maiyya hume raasta dikhaiye.

Khushi quelled her thudding heart and disconnected the phone.

Hey Devi Maiyya yeh aapne hum se kya karwa diya?

Raksha karna Rakshash se.

Her phone buzzed.

A text message.

How dare you Khushi!

Kyon aapne daring kharid rakhi hai kya?

How dare you disconnect my phone?

Aap bhi toh humara phone nahi utathe?

What if it was an emergency?

Khushi’s heart stopped. Her finger hovered over the call button. She desisted.

Aman ka call utha lenge



Why are you mad at me?

Why would I be mad at you?

Hum hote kaun hai aap ke upar mad hone wale?

Khushi please…..

I am coming down to Kerala

Fashion show chod kar?

After the fashion show.

I won’t be here.

Will leave here today itself.

I won’t tell anybody either.

Phone bhi switch off kar denge


Unless you promise not to come here.

Switching off.

Aap hume force kar rahe hain

Fine. I promise

Promise what?

Don’t push your luck Khushi

Promise what?

Tum wahan akele kya karogi?

Aap bhi toh akele jaate hain? London, Singapore…

Meri baat aur hai


Waise, aapko kisne kaha hum akele hain?


Hum phone switch off kar rahein hain


What if something happens to you?

Theek hai.

Promise that you won’t come here unless I ask you to come.

What if you are not in a position to ask me?

There is no end to what ifs

That’s why I can’t promise.


I am switching off.

Aapne force kiya.


Tumhe meri kasam.

Hadd hai!

You forced me Khushi.

But I will humor you.

Main nahi aaonga.

Do your thing

And come back.


Be careful.

Be safe.

Aap bhi

Kaun hoga tumhare saath?

That’s for me to know and for you to wonder

Khushi tum theek toh ho na?


Aapko aisa kyon lag raha hai?

I don’t know.

Kuch ajeeb behave kar rahi ho.

Usual se zyaada.

Arre wah!

Aap toh sach mein shatir hain


Aaj bahut time hai aapke paas humare liye?

I miss you.

Aur main Jhansi ki Rani

I love you


Khushi set about raising the saltiness of the ocean even as the ocean rose to the occasion and swelled into a crashing roaring specially made to order RV after ages.

Kya? Arnav ka status update bhi chahiye?

Uska kya, apne kaam mein busy ho gaya – haan par thodi dikkat zaroor thi. Ek earworm – kyon dard hai itna tere ishq mein….

Achcha ab yeh batao ki fandom Khushi wale RV ke saath hai ki Arnav wala?


So peepuls, I am off on a break, mostly because I am not feeling inspired enough to pen down my thoughts. Kehne ko toh bahut kuch hai magar kisse kahe hum? I guess I am feeling a bit like Khushi. Hume iss raah par utar kar, sab apne kaam mein vyast hai. Samajh toh gaye hain na ki hum kis taraf ishara kar rahein hain? Shatir toh hain hi aap. Nahi? Toh spell out kar dete hain.

Aap log kehte hain SS pasand hai, dil maange more and all that, but kahin woh reflect nahi ho raha. Disconnect si feeling aa rahi hai. Very depressing and demotivating. Not a new thing, in fact a favorite grouse since MeD days, but physical distancing ke saath saath cyber distancing is too much to handle. Yesterday there were 63 visitors, 1 like and 1 comment. Bahut nainsaafi hai. Hai ki nahi? Hum kya galat kar rahein hain? Blog ko private bana dein? Usse kya hoga? At least pata toh rahega kaun humare ghar padharne ka kasht uthaya? Socheka padi.

Waise ek request thi (not that I have much hope [especially after that rant] but still apna kartavya toh karna chahiye right?). If you could read Breaking Free (ebook version is cheap and best. And if you have Kindle Unlimited it is free) and leave a review of even a line or two on Amazon/Goodreads I would be very grateful. If you are unable to purchase it but are willing to write a review (free or otherwise) please send me an email, I will arrange for the same. Thanks.

Alvida – for now. I do have plans to at least finish this track. Like I said, hum apna kartavya itni aasani se nahi chodenge.

Stay safe, stay well

31 thoughts on “Chapter 519: Direct Dil Se”

  1. Nahi Dji, ye aapne kaha lake chod diya.. Song-
    Ye ho nahi sakta ki Wednesday ko aap na aao
    Ye hone se phele kash wifi hi chala jaye

    Apne vichar yaha rakhne se phele, i just want to say hum aapke saath hai, chahe aap yaha mile ya asli duniya main rahe, ab sab kuch aapke hisaab se hoga. Aapka jab mann kare aa jayega, hum yehi milenge apni geetmala ke saath. Aasha hai aapki diwali saparivar sukhd rahi hogi😊

    Hum toh khushi ke RV ke saath hai but 1 kaan kyun dard hai itna ko bhi de dete hai😜

    Main toh kerala main mast thi
    Disha ke saath busy thi
    Tujhe mirchi lagi
    Toh main kya karu

    Arnav bitwa ko mirchi toh lag rahi hai par zidd hai manenge nahi.. Khushi bitiya tum dati raho, hum tumhare saath hai👍🏼 Do whatever u want to do woman, big boss ko rakhne do nazar😉 bechara Aman, na kuch karta hai na kehta hai phir bhi bakra ban jata hai😂

    PS- will try to catch your e book Dji, comment H ke naam se hoga, account 1 hi hai na😁

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I hope aapki private chhoti si duniya main bhi humare liye 1 ittu sa kona ho😊aap lajawab ho Dji aur hamesha rahogi.. Views, comments sab apni jagah hai but irrespective of them u r shaandar & jaandar👌🏼👌🏼see u soon, tab kak stay safe, stay healthy & stay happy always 🤗🤗

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Arre Prachi aap toh hume sharminda kar rahe hain. Arnav aur Khushi ki direct dil se baat sunate sunate thodi apni bhi suna di – woh kya hai na Kmami kabhi kabhi control se bahar ho jaati hai – ASR ke tarah 😛 Look forward to your review – waise koi zabardasti nahi hai aur na hi koi kanpatti par gun 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Arre aapke geetmala ke chakkar mein hi toh hum yaahan chakkar kat te hain 😛 Mirchi toh lagi hai bitwa ko but kya Khushi bardasht kar payegi? Yaad hai na – dono baat nahi kar rahe the, phir bhi Khushi ne unko bataane ki koshish kari ki daal mein kuch zyaada hi mirchi hai? ASR maane kya? 😀

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  2. Hello ,I know it’s frustrating to not receive e thecresponses .You are working hard to give us updates.For me,I am finding it a bit difficult to understand Khushi at the moment just like Arnav because normally we dont suddenly get up one day and say that now I want my freedom to do things my way.I know many will not agree but the relation of so many years cant change this soon.Its not that Arnav doesnt love her or care for her,his ways are his own so I am finding Khushi’s thought process a bit difficult to understand.Iam all for self respect and love and all but I dont think Arnav has loved her any less than she has.
    Sorry for rambling but this is my problem ,I cant understand what Khushi is thinking.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Baat more or less ki nahi hai. Baat acknowledgement ki hai, courtesy ki hai, partnership ki hai, humsafar hone ki hai. Khushi is going through a transition phase, empty nest syndrome, hormonal changes, loneliness but yes I agree that Arnav cannot compensate for all these things. He will do what he has to and how he has to. She did what she had to by taking care of her family but that is no longer a prime concern. So now she has to find her own path and this is her journey to find herself and her new goal. Just because she is 50 odd years old doesnt mean that zindagi khatam ho gayi hai. Aur bhi kuch karne ko hai life mein rather than just sit and wait for the non-existent (at least for now) RV. At least that is part of the point I am trying to make. Apparently rather unsuccessfully.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. No and an emphatic no, you simply can’t stop writing. You are a fantastic writer and keep giving us endless entertainment. Loving the counter attack by Khushi, it’s time ASR gets paid back in his own coin. But I loved this chapter, it seems Arnav still says I love you only under duress. Ah well, the spots can’t change so late in the day of the leopard.
    I really think you should extend this line, as I really never want to see the sun set on this magnificent couple.
    On a more selfish note, if you do ever make this blog private, I hope you will grant me access. Would hate to lose touch with your writing. Also have downloaded Breaking Free from Amazon, and will write a review asap. However if it doesn’t/ can’t get published will email you. Thanks

    Liked by 3 people

  4. aww arnav so cute come on khushi i taught you would be dressed up drop dead gorgeous and give him a run for his money would love to see him leave his fashion show and bring the rv back well a girl is allowed to dream

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh ma, ki holo ? (what happened?). Shuru hui nai ki khatam, nada, zilch, finito, shesh !!!! I kept scrolling down to keep reading more and more. 😦
    this was an AWWWWW chapter for me. Poor Khushi is pulled two ways. Heart wants one thing and her mind is telling her to do something she never would. Kya kashmakash hai. And ASR ah ASR , he started as the rakhshash but ended as Khushi’s Arnav. That was certainly a RV conversation interspersed with ” kyun dard hai itna”, kyonki Arhi ki life mei RV is quite often followed by “dard”. Hai na?
    That was a truly beautiful chapter, D didi. ❤️❤️❤️

    And about the note. I just want to say that i look forward to Wednesdays and reading your updates puts a smile on my face :). So please continue with SS 2. Even though i can understand the frustration , you do have some very ardent fans like some of us, so for us dear D didi , please continue. you are a fabulous writer and you simply cannot stop writing and deprive us of your work!
    Re reading ‘Breaking Free’, i would have bought the book as i am sure it is fabulous too but unfortunately due to my country’s banking restrictions i cannot use my credit card for international e-commerce. :(. so my hands are tied. But i would love to read and review if you give me a chance to do so.
    Take care and lots of love . Will miss you next Wednesday 😢

    Liked by 3 people

    1. If Khushi and Arnav continue to share their thoughts I will definitely write for then I have no option but to write 😛 But they are also being moody and non-communicative which is reflecting on my mood too 😦 Do you have kindle reader? I can gift a kindle book from amazon via email. Will that work? Do let me know. You can mail me as well. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Humph! Aap bhi na Di, kya aap janti nahi hai ASR ke mood!! Har time naak pe gussa, gussa aur what the, what the!!! Hum agar unke mood thik hone tak wait karenge tow agle janam tak wait karna parega! 🤨. Waise aap try karengi tow uska mood thik ho sakta hai, usse bus uska Khushi paas chaiya, lekin kabhi maan e ga nahi, LG kahika!! Aur bechari Sankadevi tow phas gai beech mai, between her love for LG and her need to feel loved and valued. Aab aap hi is problem ko shudharo.
        And Di, sorry i dont have Kindle. No worries, i will just enjoy your stories here. Please keep writing. You are in my thoughts. Love ❤️

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  6. Good Morning Dahlia, read it at 3:30 in the morning but my iPad refuses to let me acknowledge it. Khushi struggling not to rush back to her Arnav. But she is trying not to and her conversation and text messages her lead governor has made her resolve to stay back. I wonder though if there a fashion show in Lucknow or Arnav wants to take her there for some other reason? ‘Go to the spa, Get on the plane, I have the dress’ Is Laad Governor ka karein. Though he did tell her ‘I love You’ when none of his excuses worked on Khushi this time. Rabba ve from both sides.
    I am sorry that this lovely story is not getting much response. Hope you feel better after your break, I will miss the update on Wednesday.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Hi Dahlia,
    I am really sorry, you are feeling demotivated. I can only speak for myself and hopefully I am keeping my end of the bargain. I myself feel bad when I see less comments on any talented story.
    Coming to the story,
    I am not saying it doesn’t happen in real life. Taking things for granted or not worrying about partner or thinking that showing affection is a sign of weakness. I also agree people don’t change over night.
    If we go by the show, even after clearing the misunderstanding, Arnav called Khushi the biggest mistake of his life. Then he again asked her to leave when she brought Shyam home. Then he got upset with her for not trusting him in Aarav’s case, forgetting that he never trusted her until he got kidnapped. He scolded her in front of Aarav. He told her that she doesn’t have a dimaag and she can’t earn money like him.
    O aisa hi tha aur aisa hi rahega.
    But we don’t think Khushi was wrong in expecting Arnav to tell her that he won’t be in town when she returned from USA or inform her when he is returning from London, or inform her in advance about the fashion show and his wish to have her with him for the fashion show. So, for now I am with Khushi. But, what I have to see is, will she be with me or crave for Arnav wala RV?
    Take care and we will wait for you.
    PS: You said, yesterday there were 63 visitors, 1 like and 1 comment. Did you post something else yesterday? Did I miss something or was it about the last chapter?

    Liked by 5 people

    1. You are a dear Raji and thank you for the flood of comments in my inbox 😀 That’s the problem with children. When you scold a bunch of them, the naughty ones continue to go as they please but it’s the seedha ones who become even more seedha! 😀 The stats i mentioned was for an average day stats for my blog even when I dont post anything. My rant was not for you! It was for those myriad nameless (new/old/unknown/random spam?) visitors who drop in to read SS or whatever without marking their attendance at all. It feels strange somehow – like koi mere ghar aaya aur mujhe pata hi nahi.

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  8. This member of the fandom is staunchly on Arnav’s side of the RV 😎 (no surprises there!)

    Having said that, I’m glad Khushi is staying on. As she correctly pointed out, the fashion show did not just happen. Arnav should have informed her earlier. Although, I don’t think she’s correct about her Spa assumption. He’s being sweet and helpful 😇

    Dahlia, I hope the break is the “Hum aate hain” and not the “Hum jaa rahe hain”. I am a fine one to request I know ☺️ lekin,

    Hain alfaaz mein aapke kuch baat alag
    Hain isharon mein aapke kuch baat alag
    Nishaana lag kar bhi jo nahi karta ghayal kyunki
    Hain pyaar mein aapke kuch baat alag

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Oh Dahlia. The numbers only mean that more people love you than you know. Did you know I have come back to this blog at least 5 times, reading different stories based on my moods? I have not left a message because you are a faceless person before a computer for me. But I still love how your stories uplifted me!
    Given what a committed audience and following you have here, perhaps we can all have monthly Zoom calls to get to know each other and discuss love and life?

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Aww dear Ruchi aapki shayeri toh lajawab hai aur isse chod kar hum kahan jaayenge! Funny thing is jinke liye yeh rant tha woh toh masti se ghoom rahein hain, aur baaki bhugat kar rahein hai. Holding ears.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hi,I am not saying you are unsuccessful in conveying Khushi and her thought process.Infact at her age and place which is just 3,4 years down the line I would like to do exactly what she is doing.Its just that the way I have seen things around,after your children leave the nest,couples generally tend to get closer communication wise ,may be I am wrong.But whatever it is please don’t think of stopping,I don’t know about others but I really read your update as soon as it is posted,sometimes even while taking my classes I just glance through.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I have finally managed to catch up with all the chapters. I am with Khushi. While I do agree with Arnav that now that her kids are grown and her presence is not required she can look for other pursuits. She has successfully managed her business and kids so there is no dearth of talent .

    What is don’t understand in Arnav is the need to constantly be at work . If you are not able to prioritise at 60 when are you going too. All along she said that Khushi didn’t have time for him as she was busy but now he doesn’t have the time for her. Also he needs to understand that his sharp tongue has the power of causing deep wounds too .

    Liked by 2 people

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