Photo Prompt (c) Roger Bultot


Words 100


Her wedding was around the corner. By all counts she should be thrilled. But worry gnawed at her.

“Mamma, why do girls have to leave their home?”

“That’s tradition.”

“Traditions can change.”

“What’s the matter darling? Wedding jitters?”


“You do love…?”

“It’s not about me Mamma! How will you live alone?”

“Don’t worry darling. I will manage.”

“But how? It’s always been about me. My health, my education, my career -nothing is about you. Once I leave what will you do?”

“I’ll think of something.”


“Your father needs me.”

“You mean…?

“Yes darling. I will return to Earth.”


Written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Roger Bultot for the photo prompt this week. For other stories on this prompt click here

Thank you for reading – look forward to your comments.

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22 thoughts on “Changeless”

    1. Interesting comment Joy! I am curious to know why you think anyone is going to die. Over here in India (perhaps most places in the world) for parents often dont have any life beyond their children. I was just trying to portray the fact that no matter how many barriers we may break, how much we may progress (like living on a planet other than earth), some things wont change i.e she would accompany her daughter even there!. I would love to know how you read the story 🙂

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      1. Hey, I interpreted return to earth to mean dying! I got what you meant, but I didn’t think it could be going back to earth, like from a different planet. As a parent it is hard not to be your child’s everything, that’s why we talk about an empty nest and what next after they go to college or get married.

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  1. Oh my!…my interpretations went way off from what you had intended to portray…2 worlds, had got that part right, but for me it was Earth and the other the netherworld or heaven(that’s after life)…thought may be the mother was thinking about a that I read the story again, my assumptions seem really wayward :D..quiet standing up to my reputation!
    Loved that photo…the lights seem more like an illusion..

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