Just 4 Fun # 79


Apologies for missing out on just for fun last week and (almost) this week as well. Just some cool pics thoughts and quirky pieces from all over the world – hope you like.

BlocksairWould you stand under that?

HouseairI wouldn’t mind living up there!


Hmm who inspired who? 😛


Can she see through that? That reminds me, there was a news item of a break-in into a store by a man wearing a see-through plastic head cover. Needless to say the CCTV had no trouble capturing his fine features 😀


In this world where everyone is out to squash you, you can either


Give in or

ResistWhat’s your choice?

StrengthResist, defy and just be


A couple of my favorite Women’s Day greetings 😉



And therein lies the whole crux of the matter


When two pieces of rocks misfit people are bound together in marriage, that’s how it is.


Pretty much the words to any real friend I ever had. & some family :)

Look forward to that day 😀 Have a great week and as usual none of the stuff is mine and all credit and kudos to the artists who created these.


Different Shades

I missed Sunday Trees last week as I was busy with shifting (but I did post lots of trees (and leaves) but I’m back this week with a couple of photos of the same tree one early morning and the other a bit later in the day. Have a look.

20180125_092430Looks like night doesnt it? But trust me, the sun was right behind the tree allowing me to block it even if for a little while. The tree caught my eye for two reasons – the lighting and the funny bushy stumps/arms. And of course it was tall and being an Eucalyptus tree it reminded me of home. But yet the leaves seemed different and not so long and pointy. So which one do you prefer? Me? I still haven’t made up my mind 😀


Do you see

how well you see

and what you see

is subject to which

side you are

WPC: St. Patrick’s Day

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo challenge is I’d Rather Be…but of course blogging! After a hectic two, nearly three weeks of shifting, sifting and sorting I got my day to do what I enjoy most. But to be honest I am still rather exhausted and all frazzled with my thoughts on a million different corners. Providentially, I got a bunch of lovely snaps of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin from my sister and brother-in-law who are currently staying there. So I didn’t have to travel, hunt or work too hard to join the fun. I am hoping you will like the photos too.


St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He was a Christian missionary credited with taking Christianity to Ireland.

IMG-20180317-WA0035St. Patrick died on March 17, 461 and this day is celebrated the Roman Catholic feast day of the patron saint of Ireland.

IMG-20180317-WA0043It is also a celebration of Irish culture.

IMG-20180317-WA0042Bright and colorful aren’t they?

IMG-20180317-WA0045It was freezing cold and my sister caught a cold despite being wrapped in layers. But you wouldn’t be able to make that out looking at these young girls would you?

IMG-20180317-WA0037I thought this little boy was the best – what about you? It is also a custom to wear green on St. Patrick’s day. Apparently wearing green made one invisible to leprechauns, fairy creatures who would pinch anyone not wearing green. And those who don’t wear green do get pinched!

Thanks for visiting – all info from Google.

I think this post would also perfectly fit the #QOGUIN series. What you think?

#QOGUIN Series

Hello and welcome to my new venture – #QOGUIN Series.

Puzzled? Curious? Interested? Intrigued? Well I hope so! Anyway here’s the thing, while shifting houses I seem have to misplaced my muse. Probably off on a vacation which I deserve – but then there’s no rest for the wicked. And since I cannot seem to stay away from blogging either so I hit upon a compromise. I can finally hatch an idea that I have been incubating for quite some time – share some Quirky Odd Good Ugly Intriguing News from all over the world. Perhaps some stuff thrown in from around my tiny world as well.

So, are you game?

I’m not sure if it is going to be a weekly, monthly or even a regular feature. Ahh well we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it right? Hey, here’s an idea? Why don’t you join in? Surely you have something non-fictional to share? Just make a post and drop your link here whenever you’re ready – no rush, no rules. And to prove that I would like to make an earlier post A Salute to the Wall as the first in the series 😀 And all the other positive news that I may have posted earlier, will hunt them out and list them in a dedicated Page.

Today’s article for this series is on underage driving which, as most of us are aware more often than not lead to disastrous consequences. Children, especially in certain Indian Metros are notorious for going off on jaunts, motor racing and stunts late at night and are a danger not only to themselves but also the others. Fed up with repeated unfortunate and countless such incidents, in 2015 the traffic police in Bengaluru threatened to imprison and confiscate driving licenses of parents of underage children caught driving. In fact, scores of parents were booked. But they got off after paying a fine. Finally last month, the Hyderabad police cracked down on errant parents and arrested 69 such irresponsible parents of these daredevil (I’m willing to bet) boys.

This bit of news gave me a lot of cheer and hope. I now wait for the day when parents of daughters who commit suicide and are forced to suffer atrocities at their in-laws are also arrested.

If you wonder at my extreme reaction, perhaps you might like to read my article on Bride Burning, a call to action and my long running fictional piece (most of which is drawn from real-life) – Moonshine.

Thank you for visiting, I am happy to play hostess after a long time 🙂 Do let me know your thoughts and look forward to reading anything interesting – the good the bad the ugly – that you may have to share.

Have a wonderful weekend.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. -R. Buckminster Fuller

CFFC: Leaves and Trees

Whew! I almost missed this fun foto challenge of Cee’s! And my favorite topic too – Leaves and Trees. And I have discovered a recent fascination for leaves as well so picking and choosing was quite a challenge. Hoping that you will enjoy my selection.


Let’s begin with an assortment of leaves, mostly teak leaves.


Just trying for some perspective here – they are huge arent they?

GreenLI was fascinated by this find and carried it inside for some special treatment

AshokA collection of dried Ashoka tree leaves.

BananaBanana leaves against a cloudy evening sky

EucaEucalyptus tree standing tall against the litchi trees. Don’t miss the fair elbows!

RedgreenThe greens attempts to tone down the exuberance of the reds

BattyNext I have a really batty tree for you. Yes! those black things are bats waiting for darkness to fall.


Perhaps she dropped her leaves because she didn’t want any hanger-ons – what do you think? Did you notice her pose? Perhaps the stone sculptors of ancient India took inspiration from her kind. And before you scroll down – look! Mango blossoms – the prize for the heat and dust!

GoldenA golden tree by the road

TendrilsA mystery tree with strange tendrils hanging down like some exotic jewelry. Anyone know which tree? Ferdi?

FortThe last one standing at the Chittorgarh fort. Oh the stories it could tell

BadhairThis one’s having a really bad hair day 😀 Or perhaps it has seen some really hair-raising stuff in its heydays. After all this is the place for committing jauhar and sati.

CloverI clicked this patch of clover leaves hoping to find a lucky four-leafed one at leisure. No such luck yet – what about you?

ParlorAll neat and tidy, ready to toe the line and follow rules and regulations with not a hair out of place.

AsulikeAnd then we have this place where there’s no sense or order, each to her own to be as she likes no questions asked. Which do you prefer?

SunkissedAnd finally the Sun kisses this one good night 🙂

Thanks for visiting and sharing your favorite one!

WPC: Moo Point

Here’s my third and final re-post for the Daily Post a story in pictures. Hopefully I shall be back with fresh content soon. Thanks for your visits and patience. Have a wonderful day.

Stories and more

One sunny winter morning, we set to explore the Kolkata suburbs. Err well actually, the boys were on the lookout for a suitable place to reconnect minus the usual noise of their own ‘inhibitory’ pathways. And I, being blessed with no such inhibitions, tagged along for some possible photo ops. And voila there unfolded right before my phone camera a live drama.

brunchThe ladies were out for a bit of a munch at brunch

gossipPerhaps share a few confidences away from the old hag and other potential eavesdroppers.

dangerOh but wait – what was that? Danger!!!

retreatTime for a graceful and disdainful retreat – the leading lady led the way, while a tardy youngster grabbed a mouthful for the road.

retreat2Feeling brave, I ventured closer. She gave me a beady glare – No interviews or autographs please. I have other urgent business to attend to – she trotted off on…

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On the Squirrel’s Trail

One of the best (and possibly the best) part of shifting is re-discovery of once favored things, dresses, books and now blog posts 😀 No I am not shifting blogs but the Daily Post’s challenge – a visual story is very apt for a couple of my earlier posts (yes be warned! There’s at least one more) so here’s the second reblog of my own post. Is that a bit like blowing one’s trumpet? Or that of the squirrel? Do tell!

Stories and more

It’s time for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge and as usual I had a lot of fun and hope you do too 😀

So off we go – first the WAY


Confused? Perplexed perhaps? Oh but hush while the Performer readies

sq-1And steadies:


And off he goes!

sq-3Look this way

sq-4And that way


After that lightning ‘bolt’ risking bone and sinew, time for some much needed rest 😀


Thanks Cee for hosting such lovely challenges and letting me get away with it 😉

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A Love Story in Pics

The Daily Post this week invites us to share a visual story. I am busy shifting houses (now that would tell an amazing story but that’s another story for another day 😉 but since I can’t seem to keep away from the blog world, I am re-posting one (from August 2016) which some of you may have seen. But I think it is worth a revisit. Feel free to disagree and move on! 😀

Stories and more

The other day I spotted a pair of geese:

1A GOOSE.jpg

Excited, I moved in for a closer shot:

But no matter how much I tried, the goose just wouldn’t let me click his mate. It honked and glared and pretended to be interested in the distal most piece juicy stem.


Can you beat that?

The typical Indian male I supposed and walked away (or at least pretended to but the goose wasn’t that much of a goose – it wasn’t buying or budging).

Until I really walked away. That’s when I noticed:


She was injured or ill and he was merely trying to keep away an opportunistic predator.


Blessed to witness such a rare and precious sight.

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CB&W: A Double Dare

Black and white (or sepia) photos  of anything with double letters. A challenging challenge especially because for best results one must use highly textured subjects. Not sure if I have been completely true to that bit of valuable advice…

BottomA massive storage container. But I cannot quite fathom what exactly they stored – grains perhaps. But how did they scrape the bottom of the barrel? By climbing in I guess. Good place to play hide and seek but only if it is at least half full with solid stuff.

ChittorA view of the Chittor fort. These days, Sound and Light shows are held every evening on the lawns. Somehow in the sepia version I can hear the tinkling of anklets, perhaps a teasing laugh and the rustle of silk skirts. Can you?

Door1Next I have a selection of doors – an ordinary wooden locked door

Door2A grade higher – a designer door. It is clearly the residence of someone of some importance.


The door of the fort or should I say the massive gates of the fort. Notice the spikes near the top but not reaching below or going right to the top? Can you guess why? I have mentioned the reason before in an earlier post. No? Well go on think some more and answer’s below the next photo as that is also a hint.

BattlefieldJust beyond the gate is the battlefield where the Rajputs fought the invaders. Elephants were used in battle and to hammer the gates open. And hence the spikes at the height of elephant heads to injure them – innovative but tragic for the innocent participants.

SteepA steep flight of stairs and as the warning sign indicates very low roofed as well. The City Palace at Udaipur is a maze of such flights of stairs from which there is no escape especially for the scrunched up outsider. Smart thinking eh.

StreetA BW version of street art – the previous post of Cee’s fun foto challenge has the original colored version. Perhaps you could check it out and share which one you prefer?

WallBack to the palace walls and its intricate design.

WoodWoody branches waiting for spring to pass before growing leaves to protect itself from the blazing Sun. Strange isn’t it that trees undress during winters and dress up in summers?

Instead of BW I went for sepia tones this time. Well what’s the verdict?

Just 4 Fun # 78


So how was Holi? Colorful? Surely not as much as Mother Nature who’s busy playing her game of colors.

FlameIt is my ambition to see this live, until then I feast on the blooms that dot Delhi’s horizon heralding the arrival of spring.


Actually even those who have to shift houses can’t sleep nights worrying, planning, fretting…ahh well this too shall pass. But only if there was a fast forward button. And while I am at it, perhaps a rewind button as well 😀

Eng copy

This may just be true – Indians have a high risk of heart disease. By the way did you know, eggs are now the good guys and the bad guys? Refined carbohydrates. But if you didnt know English, you wouldn’t be reading this and very likely your arteries wouldn’t get all hyper and clogged up. I wonder if there’s anyway to unlearn English?

Ele - eagle

It’s exam time and a good time to take this lesson to heart. Go easy on your kid (and yourself) remember, if it doesn’t end well – it isn’t the end. Besides it’s never over until you say it is right?

Image result for jokes images in english

It happens! Under pressure people get confused. My son was at his chemistry board practicals when he got an SOS from a classmate. He wasnt getting the desired reaction with the given salt. So he led his friend through the entire exercise. Did you put A? Add B. Heat. Mix. Dilute. Add HCl? Yes. Yes. Yes. Went the beleaguered classmate. Finally my son asked – Did you add the test salt? Oops!

Image result for jokes images in english

So just chill and believe


All the very best to all exam goers!

36 Hilarious Pictures about Marriage #funnypics #humor #lol #funnymemes #funnypictures

All said and done, don’t want you to chill so much either 😀 😀

minion quotes

You can say that but only after the exams 😉

That’s it from me this week and as usual none of these are mine. All are borrowed from the internet or received as forwards. Have a wonderful week.

Well okay one last one before I leave on what not to do (but I wish I had the gumption to do)

Image result for calvin and hobbes school comics

Well which one’s your favorite?

Just Another Tree

NeemjpgJust another Neem tree residing in a palace courtyard with not much to do except litter the place with golden yellow leaves every spring.

Neem2Rooted to the spot and bored to her core, she yawns and rustles her branches. Oh the tales she could tell, if anyone cared to listen.

Neem3And lo behold she has gathered quite a few fresh green followers glistening with eagerness – now if only one of them could type 😉

Linked to Becca’s Sunday Trees – have a wonderful day.


CFFC: A Wild Collection

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is all about going wild – err wildlife related. Are you game? Or a sitting duck 😉

Let’s begin with some animal art

ArtSee anything you like? The elephant in the middle seems to be a rip off from the one at the City Palace


Elephants were a hot favorite with Maharajas

ElephantsAnd why not? Unmatched in size and strength, they are a symbol of power and invincibility.

ChetakThis is a replica of Chetak the famous horse of Maharana Pratap. Chetak is still revered for his bravery and loyalty towards his master and hence the snout signifying elephant-like strength.

HorseOne of the horses of the current Maharaja in its stable.

Horse2A saddled horse waits for potential riders with his master.

CamelA decked up camel looking for parking space amongst cars

BirdI tried to capture a bird in flight – did you notice the twig in its beak? An architect!

BirdsLook who’s here to catch a flight! How many can you see?

CatKitty ponders on the meaning of life – to descend or not to descend

DogAn adopted stray dog chills out on his brand new bed

SnakeLoved the coils of the snake in this sculpture

ZipLook who’s taking a stroll on the highway. But of course they are blessed with divine protection. One is the vehicle of Yama Lord of Death and the other a favorite of the Lord of the Lords.

SPF: The Conformist

Photo (c) Mike Vore

The Conformist

Oft on my travels I see

the path diverging into the woods

winding and snaking into nothingness

shielding spooky ghosts and fanged monsters

concealing priceless pearls and gems


Oft on my travels I see

the path diverging into the woods

whispering gripping gut wrenching

enchanting irresistible

alluring tales


Oft on my travels I see

the path diverging into the woods

wondrously I probe the unknown darkness

until the known Devil leads me

back to the well trodden path


Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting the challenge and Mike Vore for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

Is it a story, does it fit the challenge – I am hoping you can clear that up. Thanks for visiting.

A Salute to the Wall

In times where it is commonplace to talk of bringing down walls here is one Wall that we could do with more of. If you are a cricket buff or from India you would know of whom I am talking about – Rahul Dravid a cricketer par excellence.

Rahul in his heydays was known as the Wall for his stolid reliability and patience to spend hours and hours at the crease despite all odds. Although he has his own self-deprecating theories about why he was named so.

He retired from cricket in 2012 and could have easily been a wall and rested on his laurels. But the Wall is just a sobriquet. He’s a doer. Given the opportunity he accepted the coaching the Indian Under-19 cricket team.

And worked his magic.

They won the 2018 ICC World Cup early this month. Celebrations, jubilation, accolades and cash prizes rained down. The BCCI announced cash rewards for the coach (Rs 50 lakh), team members (Rs 30 lakh) and coaching staff (Rs 20 lakh).

The Wall took objection to this announcement.

Why the discrepancy? He expressed his displeasure.

Excuse us but how much more money do you want?

No! Why should I get so much more than the rest of the staff?

What?! Err…that’s the norm. In any case, they can’t be given as much as you.

FINE. Then I’ll take less and we’ll share it equally.

The BCCI had little choice but to bow down to this hitherto unheard of stance.

To reiterate, as it is difficult to believe that some one would actually do such a thing in today’s time and era of each one for himself, Rahul Dravid took a Rs 25-lakh (or nearly a $ 40,000) pay cut just to ensure parity in incentive to all support staff. Now every member of the coaching staff including Dravid will get Rs 25 lakhs

Rahul Dravid has shown that the shelf life of a sportsperson maybe short but a gentleman lives forever.

May his tribe grow and prosper.


This is my submission for the monthly We Are the World Blogfest which seeks to promote positive news.

Do share your views, opinions, suggestions and positive news.

Wishing you all a wonderful colorful and joyous Holi and a super weekend.


CB&W: Structured

The theme for this week’s Black and White Photo Challenge is Structure. And as usual Cee gives us license and freedom to enjoy – who can resist that right?

TempleKalika Mata Temple an 8th-century temple at Chittorgarh Rajasthan India. The upper parts of the structure are more recent.

VijayVijaya Stambh is an imposing victory monument built in 1448 AD. Constructed of red sandstone and white marble, Vijay Stambh is nine storeys tall with a height of 37.19 meters and a base height of 3.0 meters. Another version and other details are in an earlier post.

CafeThe inner structure of a modern day cafe


Couldnt resist a quick covert snap of the innards of this bike. Not only had I never seen the inside of a bike from such close quarters but the man (whose hands are visible) was/is a fascinating character. Apparently some part for the bike wasn’t available (or too expensive) and he was trying to get it repaired through some jugaad tactics. And Steve Woz says “where’s the creativity?” Possibly he is not familiar with the Indian jugaad :- a flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way.

LeafAnd now time for my latest craze – the teak leaf. It’s massive with such well defined structure don’t you think?

MicroHowzz that for intricate structure?

No strA leaf decaying but the structure, unlike for other stuff, is the last to go.

stoolThe neat structure of a handmade woven stool made of reed and rayon strings

RoseI am, in all honesty, not a big fan of roses but this one’s near perfect structure and symmetrical asymmetry was captivating.

So which one is your favorite – or didn’t you like any?

Mexican Sayings – A Reblog

I love quotes and when I stumbled upon this set of inspiring Mexican sayings complete with delightful visuals and asides I couldn’t help sharing it with you.

via 10 Inspiring Mexican Sayings That Will Make You Wiser

Thanks Fabiola 🙂

Just 4 Fun #77


And while moving ahead we often miss how far we have come


Isn’t that right? In fact despite our bodies aging our hearts and minds go on a retrograde journey


And even then some people don’t quite learn do they?


So now that I have your attention and seeing how interested all of you are in getting the grey cells to work here’s a little something to keep you busy 😉


Do let me know when you solve it 😀


Ever since then I’ve stopped working hard!


And adopted laziness as my top priority – err well not that I needed much persuasion.


Too close to truth isn’t it? I wonder if things would change if women started handing out rings and proposing to men? What do you think? Well I think there’s love. Love what’s that you ask? I have no answers my friend – though Winnie the Pooh does

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Quote Wall Watercolor Painting Art Print - Nursery Baby Boy GIrl Room Decor Gift - FondNest by Jamie Schapper



Funny how the simplest of things escape us – like this one

❤Never Fear the Shadows... there's a light shining somewhere!️

Oh well much as I would love to sit here and hunt out more fun stuff the fact is I have work to do.

This is my hope when I go into my son's territory

I tried several times – but no such luck. It was till there when I woke up several hours later. So since it can’t be put off any longer, this is it for this week. See you with more fun next week and wish you all a wonderful Holi.

Be colorful always.

A disclaimer as always none of this stuff is mine but borrowed from the internet and text forwards.


The Wilful One

For Becca’s Sunday Trees I have one that grabbed my attention from half a mile away with its peculiar wrung-out-towel-like trunk. Have a look to see what I mean.


Strip me

wring me


I swear

I will

find a way





The Song Within

Photo (c) Marie Gail Stratford

The Song Within

Words 100

She was late. All because of the cook. And so inconsiderate of him to take the car.

The signal turned green and the surging crowd spilled on to the road.

It was just February and already so hot.

Oww her shoes hurt.

Not as much as her piercing barbed comments.

Cursing, she hurried ahead of the riff-raff.

A melodious voice rose above the traffic din. “aaaa~aaaa am the one of happy colors.”

The next winner of Voice India!

She slowed down.

A garish electric blue sweater wearing strange mismatched socks limped past her.


Not socks but a prosthetic leg.


*Main hoon khush rang Heena – a Hindi movie song.

Written for the Friday Fictioneer – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and Marie Gail Stratford for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts.


CFFC: Bird by Bird

So! Time for Cee’s fun foto challenge – Birds. And way we go.


Dove heckleTwo pigeons out for an evening walk

Dove twoA bit of a deep discussion on household matters perhaps? She seems to be giving him the push to do something…

Dove leafHe yields but she doesn’t seem to happy with his choice of bedding for their little one does she?

Carrier pigeonsThere aren’t any birds here but these were the cages for the carrier pigeons who acted as trusted couriers between kings, queens and paramours.

Tile artBirds in the walls of the palace – such long graceful necks don’t you think?

PlaneOh look that’s a bird, no it’s a plane…darn it. But it sure does look like a bird doesn’t it? No? Well, I need to get my eyes tested. 😉

RobinCaught this philosophical and reflective robin on the wall of an ancient temple

Stuffed BAnd this one wears a stuffed glassy expression. Perhaps it spotted his boss while playing hookey 😀

PenguinThere’s Scooby and his toy penguin.

PeacockGorgeous stunning mirror mosaic work popularly known as ‘inlay’ in India most commonly seen in Rajasthan.

Peac2And another one.

GarudaYes that’s a bird – Garuda a divine eagle-like bird and considered to be the king of birds in Hindu (as well as Buddhist and Jain) mythology. In the bird form, Garuda is typically represented with the wings slightly open as if on the verge of flying. In part human-form, like this one, he usually an eagle-like nose, beak or legs, his eyes are open and big, and he may have either two or four hands. He is the vehicle mount (vahana) of the Lord Vishnu. Garuda and serpents (Nag) are half-brothers and yet arch enemies. And both are worshiped with individual dedicated days – Garuda Panchami and Nag Panchami. There’s a very interesting (and a bit complicated not to mention involved) story so perhaps another day another time.

Thanks for visiting – do let me know if you have any favorites.


A Tree Story by Theresa

“In the garden of good and evil there grew a tree. It was one of Dahlia’s trees, but it did not know it”. Click to read more: What you see when you are traveling

Thank you Theresa – I really loved the story 🙂

SPF: Forced into the Backseat

Photo (c) Sascha Darlington

Forced into the Backseat

Words 202

What the hell Khushi!” Arnav pounced.

“What?” Khushi didn’t look up.

Hissing in frustration, in two quick strides Arnav switched off the television.

Khushi leaned back and popped another chana* in her mouth.

“I don’t get it Khushi.” He thrust a finger into her face. “How can you sit here and watch some stupid soap while Angel cries her heart out?”

Khushi shrugged. “It’s nothing major.”

“You know?” He sat down with a thump.

“She’s heartbroken.” Khushi said in a stage whisper.

“What the…!” Arnav was back on his feet fists clenched. “I’ll kill Shubham.” he ground out.

“Go ahead,” Khushi waved, “but remember your precious Angel won’t thank you for it.”

How can you be so calm?”

“What else can I do? They are adults. They have to sort it out.” Khushi shot him a darkling look “You also stay out of it.”

“I have to do something!” He paced the floor.

“Go tend your plants.” Khushi went to the kitchen. “Or take up kickboxing.”

Are you crazy?”

“It’s going to take some time.” She expertly sifted and prepared the batter for the jalebi*. She wrinkled her nose at him. “It’s been 30 years and we still haven’t stopped have we?”


*Chana: Roasted Bengal gram

*Jalebi: an irresistible crispy juicy Indian sweet

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting the challenge and Sascha Darlington for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

Just 4 Fun #76


So are you ready for some fun? But where’s the scope for fun during weekdays you ask?


Or perhaps you would prefer to put it like this:

Let your smile change the world

Now that’s the spirit! 😀

ChocoJust the other day I was thinking I can resist chocolates but not jalebis or chikki 😉 What about you?

SoundSome time ago my sister called me up and said, “I was having this conversation with my son and I swear I could hear Ma coming out of my mouth!” Has that ever happened with you?

Man mirror

So true… but then too serious for a Monday fun post right?

Minions Pinterest - @minionsalive

Heheh – me and who else?

Caution: u see this coz I post thisSo which one is your favorite 😀

Lol hilarious. I have to try this...even though it will probably get me into a lot of trouble.

That’s me apologizing for this post – not as much fun as I thought it would be. Maybe I am just tired and the week’s just begun…

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.38.21 PMHow I wish I could be Hobbes 😀 Oh well Calvin has to go to school and we will have to go to work but since we are on the topic of wishes…

Funny Pictures Of The Day � 38 Pics

Ahh that sure does sound like bliss 😉

That’s it folks and as usual none of it is mine but borrowed from the world wide web. Have a super week ahead.






A Wounded Lioness

This week for Becca’s Sunday Trees photo feature, I bring you one with many layers to her.

T1An impressive tree, I think, a mango tree perhaps. If so she would have been stoned, prodded and climbed all over the entire long summer. But undaunted, unconcerned she has continued her journey to reach for the sky.

T2I come closer. She allows a money plant to drape her like a scarf, even allow a lamp to rest on her curves.

T3Hey wait! That’s no drapery – it’s growing out of her. Just another surrogate mother for one who is not even her kind. My kind? she asks. What’s that? All life is my kind.

T4Just look at those wounds and scars. Don’t they hurt? I ask. No she shakes her branches.

T6Liar. I choke on tears as I walk over to the other side. Her silent howl of despair unheard in this vast preoccupied universe.

Of Moms and Sons

Photo (c) Dale Rogerson

Of Moms and Sons

Words 98

Do I have passport photos?



Yes. Did you have lunch?

Where are they?

In your wallet. Lunch?

Checked. Not there.

Check again. Did you wish Dadu?

They’re not there Ma.

They’re behind the pocket for coins.

I used those up last time.

There are 4 more. How many do you need?

Two. But they aren’t there.

How will you find them if you are busy texting me?

Did you have lunch?

Don’t forget to call Dadu

Did you find them?

Found them.

It’s freezing today.

Dress warmly.

Zip up your jacket.

Eat something.

Are you listening?



A/N I tried a new style today, do let me know if it worked. Thanks!

Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and Dale for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

CFFC: Ze Zed Zee Zone

It’s time for some Zeds, Zees and Zzzzs at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge as she wraps up the alphabets with a twist challenge.  So, any word with Z in it or people, animals catching some zzzs.

The last one would be the easiest for my husband takes immense pleasure in clicking photos of me while I doze off, especially during our hectic trips. But then I don’t want to destroy all your illusions, so it will have to be zomething elze.


A roadside shop where you can find A to Z of everything and to suit everybody’s taste, palate and zaika (sense of taste or flavors) 😀 The man on the left is our entertaining driving cum guide. By his own confession, he has studied till class 6 but his wife is a school teacher in a different city altogether. With his six-year-old daughter. Despite parental disapproval. After marriage, he encouraged her to complete her studies. And oh he loves history and has about a couple of hundred books that he devours. But that’s enough, there are zero marks for diversionary tactics.


I was quite dazzled by the beautiful moonlight on the lake – hey no wait that’s the Sun! Amazing isn’t it?

BedazzledI was, as you can see terribly enamored and bedazzled by this window and couldn’t resist sharing another look – the evening look. Missed the other one – here it is but you’ll have to scroll through the entire post.

ZoneThen there was this Coffee Zone right above a horror house. Don’t miss the wrapchics on the left – very innovative don’t you think? 😀

Zoom in

Among the decaying yellowing stones that witnessed brutal wars, blood shed and self-immolation, we find the first stirrings of life. Can’t see it? Just zoom in on the topmost panel.


Sitting and gazing in quiet contemplation of man’s foolish ideas of running hither and thither for no rhyme or reason other than to just earn money? And what to do with it? Rest, relax, enjoy? Well he was already doing that.  Should he take up the challenge and proselytize his ideas? Psst I just learned the word – is the sentence okay?

Jazzy2Next I have some jazzy colorful clothes for you to admire and gaze at with bedazzled eyes. No they aren’t for sale.

JazzyThese jazzy dresses are meant for tourists to wear and pose for photographs. Most hill stations have these and once my son too was lured in and dressed up in a purple kingly gown wielding a sword. 😀

Zigzag branchesAfter those heavy dresses, time to give the eyes some rest by gazing upon the bare zigzag branches of yet another bindaas tree 🙂

SnoozingA warm winter afternoon on a long weekend – any guesses on how many would be dozing or snoozing at a time?

ZincThe zinc laden Aravali mountains in and around Udaipur, Rajasthan. Can you see it shining and reflecting the sunlight?

ZorbThose are the zorb balls – in case you didnt know. I didnt! Apparently they are the in thing and are available in aqua, ground and body versions. You can get in, singly or in groups and then enjoy being thrown around. Looks like fun – from far! 😀

Well that’s it for me in Cee’s twisted alphabetical challenge – thanks so very much for visiting. Now how about sharing which your favorite zed was?

COB: Off Beat Clicks

It’s time for Cee’s odd ball challenge – with full license (well more than usual [if that is possible]) to play as we like, with whatever we like, no questions asked. So here are a bunch of odd photos that I hope will enjoy browsing.


Caught this one showing off her (his?) lip job 😀

CrowA tea drinking crow! Photo courtesy my lil sistah


A fan from yester years.

Cutlery holderAn ultra modern cutlery holder

Girl WindowI was trying to capture the window when this girl came by – I thought it looked cool. Do you think so too?

Pose odd

This has to be my favorite COB shot 😀 All those people posing to catch the tip of the Vijay Stambh  which if you remember I had showcased in an earlier post. The contortionist photographers were also quite a sight to behold. No wonder all those langurs were out in hordes. 😀

Thanks for stopping by – any personal favorites? Do tell.

WPS: Hello Anyone There?

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.03.39 pm

Photo from Google Maps

Hello Anyone There?

Words 150


“Dad please!” They gheraoed him.


Why ever not?”

“Because it’s my house and I say so.”

“But Dad,” said the eldest with a quelling glance at his sibling, “think of the advantages.”

“Over my dead body.”

“Daddy,” his daughter too chipped in, “selling the house would sort all our financial troubles.” She sniffled. “Ma would have also liked you to…”

“If she were alive, I would’ve shifted.”

“But Daddy, the house is falling to bits and it’s old fashioned, inconvenient for you…”

“I don’t care. I’m not selling.” He was adamant.

“Don’t be such a stick in the mud Shankar!” Exhorted his friend. “Sell off this prime property and buy a sprawling bungalow with a marvelous view of the lake, sunset…”

“I don’t want a big house.”

“Why not? Isn’t it cramped and inconvenient here?”

“Perhaps.” Shankar said in low voice, “But at least I get to see them.”


Written for What Pegman Saw – a story in 150 words or less based on street view from Google Maps. Thanks to K Rawson for hosting the challenge. To read the other stories inspired by this week’s destination – Terni Italy the birthplace of St Valentine, click here.





Just 4 Fun #75


How cute is that? Looks to be having some really sweet and pleasant dreams 🙂


So perhaps I should end this post and go back to my dreams 😀


I came across some more examples of nature play-acting. A papaya bird! Can’t you just imagine her getting bored of doing the same old stuff everyday and voila she is inspired by the little bird that pecks at her.


And then the hand that plucks at her clean.


But of course this one has to be my favorite – grooving and snaking to the song of the Universe that we are deaf to.

A tiny tale to change the mood.

TinyDark and deep huh?

TextingOops – Daddy’s busted 😉


Just look at their expressions, especially hers –Oh yeah? And he looks scruffy and maybe even drunk. Wonder what her reaction was? Perhaps something like this:



Heehaw 😀


Especially if you type HInglish and Benglish not to mention Benhind 😀

Okay that’s it from me, hope you liked my selection, of which as usual none are mine. I just collected them and shared for our collective entertainment. And before I go one tiny puzzle to make sure you don’t miss my going 😉 😀

PuzzleHave fun and if you know the answer do let me know in the comment box along with the solution. Have a super week 🙂

The Alphabetical One

It’s tree time and time for one who had made a brief guest appearance in an earlier post to make her grand solo debut 😀 To refresh your memory, I saw this neem tree from one of the gorgeous windows of the City Palace, Udaipur.

Open WDoesn’t she add four moons to the palace? 😀

City treeOn a closer look she looks even more impressive itching to tell loads of stories – can you not see the alphabets? I can see L, I, O, U, X, Y, V and P. What can you see? I do love the leaf pattern of the neem tree, and especially the reflection in the palace window.


And look at all the scars and wounds she wears on her sleeve quite unconcerned of what people might think. Or perhaps she is showing off leaving a message for anyone who cared to read her:

no matter

what happens

keep going


never stop


for the




What do you think she is trying to say? Thanks for stopping by 🙂


The Perfect Place for Murder

Photo (c) JS Brand

The Perfect Place for Murder

Words 101

“Love this place,” she snuggled close. “Not a soul in sight.”

“There goes your solitude,” he pointed to the couple bobbing in a boat.


He shrugged. “Who else would come here?”

“Murderers?” She suggested. “The perfect place. No one would ever know.” She clutched his arm. “Look! He’s strangling her.“

He squinted. “Nonsense.”

“Oh do something!” she cried.


“Save her.” She divested him of his jacket. “Go before he kills! I’ll never be able to enjoy my anniversary!”

Agonizing minutes later he squelched back to dry land.

“Is she dead?”

“No. You are.” He bit out. “They were smooching.”


Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and JS Brand for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by the prompt, click here.

CWW: Fortified Paths

After a really long time it’s time for Cee’s Which Way challenge. As I mentioned I had visited Udaipur with the explicit purpose of replenishing my dwindling photo archives 😛

Oh well anyway here are some glimpses from this historic seat of Rajput pride and honor Maharana Pratap Singh who refused to bow to the mighty Mughal emperor, Akbar despite all odds and the famous Haldighati battle (fought on 18 June 1576) with over a thousand casualties. It is interesting that the local guides and Wikipedia reiterate what I have suspected.

Haldighati is often claimed to have been a battle for Rajput or even Hindu honour against the Muslim Mughals. However, interestingly Akbar’s commander-in-chief was Man Singh I of Amber, another Hindu and Rajput to boot. On the other side, Maharana Pratap’s army was also served by Hakim Khan Sur’s Muslim Afghans, and hence any arguments concerning religious conflict have little credence. And quoting from Wikipedia “Honor was certainly involved. But it was the honor of Maharana Pratap at stake, not Rajput or Hindu honor.”

But enough of history (never a favorite subject) and let’s go touring!

HghatiThis is the famous Haldighati pass that we all read about in school. Ghati all along I thought meant a valley but actually (in the local language) it means a pass or a narrow neck. This was the only way for the Mughals to pass over to the other side where the Rajput army was ready and waiting to cut down the single file entry of one person at a time. It was only when they used explosives to blow up the mountain were they able to pass through successfully and go on to win the battle and then lose to Maharana Pratap at the Battle of Dewar. Oh well that’s how it is usually with battles isn’t it? Win some lose some. And another interesting bit before I leave – Haldi (or turmeric) is the color of its rocks which, when crushed, produced a bright yellow sand. And hence the name Yellow pass.

Haldighai fort

The view of the entry to the Maharana Pratap’s memorial. And if you can see in the distance a horse, that’s Chetak, Maharana Pratap’s famous, and equally brave and revered battle companion. He is believed to have saved his master’s life and jumped over an elephant and a wide gorge at the cost of his own life.

PratapThat’s the way to the Memorial of the brave and upright warrior Maharana Pratap still much loved and held in high esteem.

GhatiCan you see the way? But actually I wanted to show you this because as a child I imagined the battlefield of Haldighati to be something like this rather than that in the first photo 😀

FortTime to move on to a real fort – the Chittor fort or the Chittorgarh one of India’s largest forts. It sprawls over a hill 180 m (590.6 ft) in height spread over an area of 280 ha (691.9 acres) above the plains of the valley drained by the Berach River. The fort precinct has several historical palaces, gates, temples and two prominent commemorative towers. Some of these pictures I have shared in my earlier posts. The fort was built in the 7th Century it was the stronghold of Rajputs. From 13th century onwards several attacks were made on the fort including that by the Turk king Allaudin Khilji, Bahadur Shah and Akbar. And each time the defenders lost and their wives committed jauhar or burnt themselves in a pyre to avoid being captured. Yes, this fort is of Padmaavat fame and I visited the jauhar kund as well but didnt feel inspired enough to take a picture. This particular section of the fort is in ruins.

StairsBut at some places, I liked the placement of the stairs.

Stairs2Stairway at Meerabai’s palace. Yes she too lived here married to Bhojraj, the son of Rana Sangha the powerful king of Mewar. But her devotion to Lord Krishna led to her being banished to the servant section.

Stairs3Fascinating isn’t it? I wonder how they climbed these stairs or was there some other structure beside it?

VijayThe Vijay Stambh or the victory tower at another section of the Chittor fort. It was built in in 1448 by Rana Kumbha to commemorate his victory over Mahmud Khilji. So they did win some battles! This tower is dedicated to Lord Vishnu yet the topmost storey features a Jain Goddess Padmavati while the word Allah is inscribed nine times in the third storey and eight times in the eighth. Where are all those people, those days, those philosophies?

TreeI couldn’t have a Cee’s which way challenge without a witch tree could I? 😀

VeiledAnd finally at Rani Padmini’s Summer Palace. This is one of my prized photos of how despite deeply ingrained traditions Indians effortlessly adopt modern technology regardless and oblivious to any conflict or what the moment. Did you get my point? Raise your hands before I elaborate. Sure? Got it? No?

On the near right is the photographer hired to click a group photograph of the visitors more than half of whom are completely veiled. I left them herding them into position and urging them to at least shift the ghunghat (veil) a bit, muttering in a long suffering tone: how will you know who’s who?

Thank you for visiting and a special thank you to Cee for inspiring me, freeing me and letting me get away with it 😀

SPF: An Entangled Mess


An Entangled Mess

Word 201

I took a deep breath and rang the bell.

There was no answer.

I let myself in. “Mom?”


My heart thudded.



I shrieked while Mom laughed hysterically.

“You almost killed me!” I grumbled helping her sit.

She giggled. “It was fun!”

My eye fell on the table. “You didn’t have lunch?”

Pushing me away she stood up.

“What’s wrong Mom?”

“Do you think your Daddy’s having an affair?” She burst out.


“I wouldn’t mind! He’s never home.” She fussed. “Will you talk to him?”

“I will.” I choked. “I’m going to make poha*.”

“No! You make terrible poha.”

“You remember!” I was pleased.

“I never forget anything.” She suddenly winced and clutched her belly.

The next instant wonder flooded her face. “My water broke.”

I stared at the pool on the floor. “Mom!”

“Mom?” She frowned. “But you aren’t born yet!”

“Mom please,” I bit back a sob.

“My baby’s going to call me Ma,” She sniffed. “I’m going to the hospital. Go call Daddy.”


Her face crumpled. “But…you aren’t born yet. And…and your Daddy…”

“Shh Ma. It’s okay Ma.” I rocked her like a baby, relieved that Dad wasn’t around to see her like this.


*Poha: An Indian snack with beaten rice.

A/N. The connection of the flash to the photo is probably obscure. The chopped chunks, garbage trolley, the clear paths, thick foliage somehow reminded me of the complexities of the human brain and its neuronal pathways. I find it terribly fascinating how we hoard so much garbage in our thoughts, some things crystal clear yet others are pushed away, denied or simply re-interpreted. Does that make sense? What about the story? Did it strike a chord? Do let me know either way. Thanks for reading.

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for the challenge and Dawn Miller for the beautiful photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

CFFC: Y? But Then Why Not?

Yep! That’s the challenge this week – Letter Y – Needs to start or end with the letter Y or in the caption for the photo “Why” needs to be present. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenges are getting funner and funner 😀

Let’s see what I can come up with 😉

Smoggy cloudyA smoggy or is it foggy winter morning at 9.30 am! Thank God the worst seems to be over but it’s already time to brace up for the heat and dust 😉

skyComing out from being cooped up in the office the whole day long, I snapped a quick pic of the sky where the feathery clouds had been busy painting it white.

20180206_175342On another day, when a demonstration turned a 10-min drive into a 30-min one I made the most of my time clicking pictures sure that Cee would certainly give me an opportunity to display them sooner or later 😀 Yet, I couldn’t get what I really wanted – off the birds flying home in beautiful formations. But don’t you think the sky looks lovely? Okay! Enough of skies for now – lets move on to something else before you accuse me of repetitive stuff.

YellowAn exquisitely hand carved temple. Can you imagine the vision, the planning and the workmanship that went into building such a marvelous piece of art so many centuries ago? I could simply look at the perfectly designed symmetry for hours and hours. Couldn’t you?

YonderCan you see the yellowing leaves on the yellow-brown path? Actually I wanted to draw your attention to the yonder tree 😀

ShimmyIt was a very interesting and exciting tree (like most trees!) See those roots dropping down – just something Tarzan would love to shimmy down right?

YogaWait! There’s more. The roots got tired of just standing around so one particularly antsy one decided to indulge in some yoga on the way down 😀

ButterflyA yellow butterfly from our garden at home captured by my sister.

WhyWhy? Well like I said Why Not? This photo was shared by my friend Svkuki while on her trip the States and has been crying for some screen space for quite a while now. Besides surely you can see the Y created by the shadow and the cacti in the background?

Oh well, fine be that way…

Just 4 Fun #74


Well, feeling lighter and ready to go? Come along!


Well now that algebra is sorted let’s hurry let’s we miss the train


Or we could stop the train like you would a bus! 😀 But actually I have no business snickering at her. I did exactly that once as I descended the stairs at the railway station and my train chugged away. Helpless and panic stricken (I was to go home!) instinctively I raised my hand to stop it. And wonder of wonders – the train stopped! The guard pulled the chain (taking pity on me?) and then had an altercation with the station guard for blowing the whistle five minutes too early. Our adventure didnt end there but maybe another day, another time. We have other fish to fry, right?


Wondering what’s written in Hindi? That is after you finished gaping at the sight? A policeman stopped them and them one of them unwound the muffler to ask incredulously, where the hell does you think you’re gonna sit? 😀


Now for some exotic fruits and veggis


Just look at that tongue – even a snake would get scared 😉


An alien potato!


PrescriptionThe grammar and medical goof! Perhaps he was distracted by the Akhilesh on TV. It happens you know when you are writing something and someone insists on going on blabbering -just sayin…


I get the feeling I have shared this before – but no matter, i couldn’t have shared it often enough 😀


Smart boy isn’t he! 😉 What? Now you want to go? Go where? Oh. I see.


Sure? But of course where there’s a will there’s a way. But I couldnt help wondering what the overriding pressure was on this bull…


How many pegs for it to reach up there? But more importantly, what next 😀 And will Basanti agree? And what about her mausi? What say you? Do share your thoughts.

That’s it from me this week and as usual, none of it is mine, all culled from the internet and shares sent as forwards just to keep the fun and cheer rolling.

The Veiled One

Veiled brideDoesn’t she look like an old lady who is hiding behind her ghunghat (veil)? Probably inspired by the ghunghat culture prevalent in Rajasthan where this picture was taken. 😉

Linked to Becca’s Sunday Trees

Redrawing Battle Lines

Photo (c) Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Redrawing Battle Lines

Words 100

“Hello Guddu,” Khushi helped her son down from the bus, “how was school?”

“What’s for lunch?” He asked his favorite question.

“Chicken curry and rice.” She pulled him into a quick cuddle.

“Ma’am said we shouldn’t eat meat.”

Khushi sighed. Another battle.

“But darling you need your proteins. How else will you grow as tall and strong as your father?”

“Animals have feelings too. They hurt when…”

“Okay fine,” Khushi capitulated, “so you’re fine with no Maggi, no chocolates…?”

“No Maggi?”

Khushi shrugged. “Plants have feelings too.”

“I don’t want rice and chicken.” Guddu insisted. “I want a chicken burger.”


Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt, click here.

Thanks for reading! If you like you can read my other Friday Fictioneer stories here – indexed, with snippets/teasers and color-coded recommendations 😀

WPC: A Loving Family

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is dearly beloved. I was rather stumped until I remembered capturing a precious family which would nicely fit this challenge.

TreeNo! The focus is not on the tree (not this time at least 😀 but on the residents. Well did you see them?

newbabyMamma nurses her precious baby while she chomps on some ill-gotten gains from some generous (or hapless) visitor.

Baby2Fed, the little one emerges from her mother’s arms while they continue to gossip. The other lady looks a bit displeased at her friend’s poor hospitality skills – but then she’s nursing – she consoles herself. Don’t miss the tail. Even the baby’s tail is longer than it!

TwoAt another place, two friends sit in silent contemplation of man’s vagaries and idiosyncrasies.

FamilyThe entire family obligingly posed for a group photo against a spectacular background. But they had their conditions – only the right profile please 😉

These photos were taken at the Chittorgarh fort near the Vijay Stambh. As a bonus I am re-sharing the langurs captured at the Amer Fort, in Jaipur a couple of years ago.

Jaipur1Waylaying unsuspecting visitors

Jaipur2inspecting the confiscated goods before starting of on yet another raid 😀

That’s it from me for this challenge – do share your thoughts 🙂

CFFC: Exciting Stuff

Cee’s Fun Foto challenges are always very exciting and this week it is doubly so because it is of any word with X in it or the X shape in the picture.

So are you game?

ExcitingI was terribly excited to see this bird especially when it allowed me to come close enough to click a pic with my phone. Hmm you don’t buy it do you?

ExplainI loved the texture of the nude walls.

PansyThe purple pansy in the middle that is looks like an X doesnt it? Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉

ExLots of X’s there, although the handwriting may not be up to the mark! 😀

Music XA musician with his ektara (I think!) a one-stringed instrument making a perfect X

OxAn ox taking a morning walk through the busy streets of Mt Abu. Don’t miss the tongue sticking out – probably drooling at the thought of breakfast 😀

Net xHere’s a test – how many X’s can you count? 😀

XtreeIsn’t that a massive X?

XbranchAs they say, be careful of what you ask for you may get it 😀

FixedThe orange trumpet creeper or Brazilian flame vine Pyrostegia venusta (gosh look at all those precious alphabets – U Y and Z!) that has been firmly fixed to the rod to make a pretty little umbrella. Darn it I should have kept this for the next challenge or two… 😉

So which one is your favorite? Now don’t tell me not a single one? If you don’t say anything that’s what I shall assume and be very sad. Now you dont want me to be sad do you?

CB&W: Of Walls From Another Era

Cee’s Black and White photo challenge is about Walls – Indoors and Outdoors and this time I am quite spoilt for choice. Nothing but walls in my kitty but fear not I won’t drive you up the wall with too extensive a selection 😀

RanaPThis is not actually from another era but recently built in honor of Maharana Pratap (9 May 1540 – January 1597) a popular Rajput King of Mewar or modern day Rajasthan in Udaipur.



The inner wall of the Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan

Fort am

Entry to the Chittorgarh Fort for horses

20180126_124557 2

The outer walls of a temple with intricate carvings built in the 16th Century.

TempleAnother angle of the temple with intricate carvings.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.22.45 pmMost, if not all of the human figurines have been painstakingly damaged and trashed by the invaders of those times. They took what they could and destroyed what they couldn’t. But still their beauty shines through.

MurtiAnother temple, another wall, another tragedy and another triumph.


There were so many wall carvings and sculptures that I am quite bedazzled and befuddled which to display and which to keep for anther day.


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 6.11.25 pmI end this series with a picture of the Bagore ki Haveli at Udaipur flicked from my son’s collection (psst plijj dont tell him!). Last year he had visited Udaipur which inspired us to visit it this year. But unfortunately despite active efforts due to various reasons we couldnt visit this particular fort. Much to our absent son’s delight 😀

Hope you liked! Thanks for visiting and look forward to your comments 🙂

PS. I had a tough time editing and posting pictures for this series. No matter where the photo is stored, it always opens in my browser and I find it difficult to edit there. Any suggestions on what settings to change for the open is set to Firefox (default) but earlier I could view and edit on my screen without any browser. It doesnt help if I turn off the internet either 😦 Any help, suggestions?








SPF: Turning the Tables

Photo (c) E.A Wicklund

Turning the Tables

Words 201

 “What should I do Tara Chachi*?” Bulbul asked Tara who sat outside her hut dicing vegetables. “Should I get married or continue my studies?”

“Do what you want.” Tara didn’t look up. “Why ask me?”

“Because Chachi you are the only woman who dared to make her own choice, marry the man she loved.”

“Did I?” Tara asked.

Bulbul was taken aback. “Everyone says…”

“But nobody asked me!”

“I am asking you Chachi. Tell me. Please.” Bulbul coaxed.

“Many years ago, the village chief’s son took a fancy to me. He made several advances but I spurned them all.”


“Thwarted, he grabbed me right in the middle of the village fair. Confronted, he declared that he was ready to marry and I wasn’t.”

“No!” Bulbul gasped. But she rallied. “But how romantic! I mean he was so desperately in love…”

“Love!” Tara snorted. “He only wanted to subjugate me.”

“But he’s famous for not even looking at other women. He’s clearly besotted with you.”

“By creating a public scene, he effectively gave me two options, marry him or die.” Tara put away the knife. “After marriage, I gave him two options – stay true to me or I would kill him.”


*Chachi: Aunt but specifically one’s father’s brother’s wife but is also used to address any elderly lady.

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting the challenge and E.A.Wicklund for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

Just 4 Fun #73


And who better to teach you to be awesome other than Minions? 😉 😀



Hmm yeah well that’s not really me…but I do know some people like that 😀


Yeah that’s me 😉 😀

Very intelligent!

My story too!

Truth!! Only person you can ever truly count on...yourself!

Err well not always, at least not my legs…


Heheh I completely agree – do you? Oh well I was just trying to guess your age 😀


Well that makes me feel loads better!

D ySo very true eh 😉 Maybe that’s enough for today, I am starving…


So to continue


I think we should have a 48 hour Saturday AND a 48 hour Sunday. That would be better.

Okay okay at least 36 hours, what do you say?


please just call me!!!!! ha!

Or at least leave me a note! Go on, do your good deed of the day. Thanks for visiting, hope you had fun, and as usual I take no credit for any of these which are taken from the internet.

Have a super week ahead




Together Forever

Can you see the intermingling branches of two different trees?


Another view of the tree tops. Notice anything different? Or just a random common place repeat picture? Let’s move further down.

20180127_122902.jpgThere you have it! The palm tree is growing within the larger peepal (?) tree!!! How amazing is that?

I was caught by the straight knotted (like a thick rope) trunk in the middle that was remarkably different from the rest of the tree. Only upon closer inspection did the mystery clear up. Or did it become even more mysterious?

How on earth?

Why on earth?

But then

the question is

why not?


Why can’t

we too

 take a leaf or two

from them?



Linked to Becca’s Sunday Trees

CFFC: The World of Windows

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is must start with W and have at least two vowels. This would have been another toughie but for the fact that I am on a trip to Udaipur, the City of Lakes in Rajasthan India. And I have loads and loads of windows just from the City Palace.


Off we go…

Open windowsOpen, closed and designer windows. City Palace from the outside

Open WA view of the City Palace from inside from one window of the other windows. But to be honest, I took it because of the tree which was even more interesting on a closer look. But you’ll have to wait before she makes a appearance of her own 😀

The City Palace complex is the private property of Shreeji Arvind Singh Mewar, the 76th custodian of the Mewar Dynasty. He resides in one part of the huge palace complex while two parts are converted into luxury hotels. One part is open for the public. But let’s not get distracted and continue our search for windows.

Elong WAn elongated window to look out but not be seen – a common motif in most windows, although shapes and designs may differ.

Sq WA square window.

Design WAnother view of the world. Beautiful workmanship no doubt but may give a sense of being imprisoned don’t you think?

One window to anotherAhh a breath of fresh air and uninterrupted view of the world of windows from a window 😀

CityThere were open windows overlooking the city of Udaipur, or

Lake WEnjoy the serene calm waters of Lake Pichola.

Fine netA view of the fine meshed windows and the colorful shrubbery was an added bonus.

Sun windowAnd talking of bonuses, a final Sun window over the stairway at the hotel.

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SPF: Shoe Bite


Shoe Bite

Word 197

 “What’s so funny?”

Diya started from her intense contemplation of the wall décor. “Raj!” she exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”

“Same as you I guess,” he shrugged, “to attend the conference. Why were you smiling?” He insisted.

Diya laughed, “Doesn’t it look as if an irate father is kicking away a potential suitor?”

“Like your father kicked me away?”

“That was my decision,” Diya’s eyes flashed, “because you…”

“I heard that you are now divorced?” Raj changed the topic.


“Any regrets?”

“Except that I waited so long.”

“What about remarriage?” He asked.

“No.” She was curt.

“How do you manage Sia alone?”

Diya shrugged. “It’s difficult but not impossible.” She hesitated. “I…I am sorry. I heard…”

His lips twisted into a bitter sneer. “So the whole world knows about my cheating wife.”

“Not the whole world. Your sister told me.”

“If only you had…!”

“Why don’t you divorce her?”

“Because that would mean giving up my daughter as well.” His face was grim. “So that’s not even an option.”

Diya gave a mirthless smile. “Life’s a circle isn’t?”

“What do you mean?”

“Wasn’t that what you wanted me to do?” She said gently. “Leave my daughter and marry you.”


My 50th Sunday Photo Fiction story in 200 words or less! My thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting the challenge and C.E.Ayr for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here. And to read my other Sunday Photo Fiction stories click here.

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CFFC: A Variety of Vees

This week, Cee’s engaging photo challenge is about words starting with V’s and must have at least 6 letters. And as usual I was stumped and resigned to giving it a miss. Until I received a photo from my sis from Dublin and that set the ball rolling.

Only fair to start with that right?

VibgyorQuite the perfect rainbow encompassing the entire sky and neatly framing the trees, isnt it? But where’s the V you ask? VIBGYOR my friend VIBGYOR. What! That’s not even a word? Fine well then I am sure some very vivacious people stay in these houses, besides isn’t this picture a veritable feast for the eyes? 😉


A safe bet this time! A vintage car, and not just any vintage car but the one used by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Don’t miss the shadow of the greenery over the glass casing.

VibrantA vibrant cloudless blue sky at Lucerne.

VacantA deserted cafe with vacant chairs at the corner of a busy marketplace in Delhi – a rarity I assure you. Perhaps we were too early.

VerdantA vibrant, vivacious Sahasradhara (thousand streams) amidst verdant surroundings.

VermillionA deserted stairway at a hotel. Hopefully, the vermilion colored fire extinguisher will never be required to be actually used.

VivaciousCan you not vividly see the bright chattering vivacious little girl who must have thrown off her new shoes to run up the temple stairs?

(c) Aprajita

I end this series with a pretty painting (with a smattering of violet flowers) made by a very young friend of mine.

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Just 4 Fun # 72

Hola folks, it’s fun time and for once I needn’t say anything at all for the pictures and captions say it all.

Go on and scroll down…







Well what did you think? Funny but kinda sad too don’t you think? Especially the pollution at Taj Mahal. I found the Tower of Pisa and the Mona Lisa one funniest. What about you?

As always, none of these images are mine and I have received them as shares/forwards and am keeping the chain moving.

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WPS: One Last Fling

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.44.05 am

Photo from Google Maps

WPS: One Last Fling

Words 146

“Well,” Ashish looked at his watch ostentatiously, “took you only 37 minutes to say goodbye.”

“Very funny.” Sukriti stuck out her tongue at her husband.

“But seriously, why do you women take so much time to say goodbye.”

“Because our stories never end! You wouldn’t understand,” she said, “all you have is your career woes.”

“And you?”

“Office, home, in-laws, kids, their homework, the maid, the cook, her tragedies, her tantrums…”

“But today she must’ve come to crow? I’ve heard they are off to some exotic seaside for a romantic getaway?”



“Can one week compensate for a year of infidelity?”

“So she knows?”


“And still she agreed to go?”

“She said she couldn’t pass up this last chance to make things right.”

“What does she expect will change in one week?”

Sukriti hesitated.


“Strange how she babbled about how anything could happen.”


Written for What Pegman Saw – a story in 150 words based on a destination from Google Maps. Thanks to K Rawson for hosting the challenge. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

The Rock Climber

Rock climber“When life brings you mountains, you don’t waste your time asking why; you spend your time climbing over them.” ― A.J. Darkholme, Rise of the Morningstar


Linked to Becca’s Sunday Trees

Apologies for the cropped photo. There was a very ugly signboard below and I didnt know well enough to capture over and above it. Hopefully I have learned something….

CFFC: Partners for Life

The other day I spotted a pair of geese:

1A GOOSE.jpg

Excited, I moved in for a closer shot:

But no matter how much I tried, the goose just wouldn’t let me click his mate. It honked and glared and pretended to be interested in the distal most piece juicy stem.


Can you beat that?

The typical Indian male I supposed and walked away (or at least pretended to but the goose wasn’t that much of a goose – it wasn’t buying or budging).

Until I really walked away. That’s when I noticed:


She was injured or ill and he was merely trying to keep away an opportunistic predator.


Blessed to witness such a rare and precious sight.