One Step Lower

Photo (c) Roger Bultot

One Step Lower

 Words 100

Bhaisahab* could you get me a job?” she burst out.

“But why?” He stared.

“Now I’ve time on my hands and…everything’s so expensive.”

“Why worry about expenses when your sons are earning well?” He laughed.

“Yes.” She hesitated. “But, they have their own expenses. If I had a job…”

“What about your health?”

“Exactly. Medicines are so expensive.”

“It’d be better to ask your sons.”

Why should I have to ask?” She stood up. “Ask your Father, ask your husband and now beg from my sons?”

“It’s not begging. It’s your right.”

“If I have to ask, it’s begging.”


*Bhaishaab: Elder brother and commonly used to address an older male relative, family friend, neighbor or even an acquaintance or stranger on the road.

Perhaps the link to the photo may not be clear but the color white in India is associated with a widow – I hope that came through (that she’s a widow!)?

Thanks for reading – look forward to your reaction and comments. 🙂

Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting this irresistible challenge and Roger Bultot for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this photo, click here.

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34 thoughts on “One Step Lower”

  1. Dear Dahlia

    I’m glad you explained the white in terms of widowhood. I didn’t know that before. I think she’s seeing that it’s time for a little independence is needed. Her sons will have to get used to it.



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  2. She is right, A woman is always dependent on the father or the husband and in old age the children. But it should not be like that. She has to learn to be financially independent from early age. In the UK girls and boys are encouraged to do part-time work from ages of 16 and rely less on parents financially. Even in India a lot of women earn money and are not obliged to anyone for their upkeeping. Oh, God! Am I making any sense?
    Good morning Dahlia. It is a lovely crisp morning. Mr.RRB came around looking for food. Nowadays he perches on the football abandoned in the garden.Looks so cute but too far away for me to take a good picture.

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  3. Wonderful way to present a picture….its amazing how the world runs and how the rules change with gender bias…but its very difficult to understand…

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  4. I aspire to learn the art of storytelling through dialog from you.
    I loved the inspiring message in your amazing story. A very unique take on the prompt.

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  5. The old ways persist despite changing times, don’t they? To some people here you’re “just” a woman. I’ve lost count of the times someone says, “Have your son do it.” My son is in the U.S. and can’t be traveling here every time I need to do something important. Good writing, Dahlia. —- Suzanne

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