SPF: Accursed

Photo (c) Mike Vore


Words 202

“That house looks eerie.” I said.

“It is haunted.” The villager touched his ears and backed away.

“Really? What happened?” I was intrigued.

“All because of one woman. Curse them all.” He spat.

“Tell me in detail Chachaji.” I offered him a cigarette. He settled himself comfortably on his haunches. He took a deep drag. “Two brothers lived here, Suresh and Ramesh. When Suresh was about 10 years old, they lost their parents. Suresh cared for Ramesh like a son. He refused to get married for fear that his wife may not accept Ramesh. They were model exemplary brothers.”

“Then?” I asked.

“Like any responsible father, Suresh arranged Ramesh’s marriage. Everything was perfect until she was caught.”


“Caught seducing Suresh.”


“She was of course killed on the spot.”

“And Suresh?”

“Suresh’s blameless! His reputation spotless, character impeccable.”

“Why did they leave?”

“The brothers fell out. Accidents happened.” He lowered his voice. “Her ghost forced them to leave.”


“Denied entry to even hell, she haunts that house.”

“Suresh may…?”

“She should’ve handled him better. Men are like little children. She has the power to manipulate and incite them. Mark my words, women are at the root of all evil.”


Written for the Sunday Photo Fictioneer – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting the challenge and Mike Vore for the photo. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

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COB: Some Cute Stuff

Hola friends, it’s been a while since I participated in Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge but worry not, I have been hard at work all this while 😉

Hope you like them as much as I do.

CockCock-a-doodle-do! Now that you are wide awake, let’s see what else is in my kitty.

Carpet catA designer rug – err oops a designer kitty 😀

Cats on wallThese two were having an important family discussion about their daughter’s upcoming wedding arrangements when my friend Svkuki Rekha (apologies to both – I plead old age) snapped them.

GoldenMoving on to bigger things, a huge bronze statue of Lord Shiva’s Nandi the Bull in eternal repose. I am not quite sure about the other one but it appears to have Greek overtones. What do you think?

OwlSuch a cute owl – loved the toes and the bow. Lovely color combination too! What say you?

DollThat’s me signing off for the day 😛

So which one is your favorite?

Do let me know – thanks for visiting and have a super day 🙂

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Just 4 Fun # 47

It’s Monday again and which face are you wearing – Monday face or Saturday face 😉


Frankly it makes me quite dizzy to get to Saturday! And the bald head reminds me of this one:


They don’t seem to be too happy about the whole number business. Clearly not their idea – so whose brainchild was it?


Did you hear about the day Mr Right had enough? No? Scroll down to find out 😉



After that profound thought a little reality check:


Hope you found something that you enjoyed – none of which are mine by the way. I received all of them as forwards/shares and am just keeping the fun going.

Have a super week and don’t forget to have some fun as well 🙂

And do let me know your favorite – or better still post your own and leave me a link I will be along in just a bit.

In the Stillness of the Night


All day long

I wait for

darkness to fall,

for them to slip into

the folds of my sleeves

and doze off.









For Becca’s Sunday Trees – 296

CB&W: Touch Wood

Yohoo I am back with my photo features – touch wood! Yep that’s the theme for this week’s BW challenge hosted by Cee. Okay fine – Things made with Wood. So come join me on my hunt for woody stuff 😀

MonkeyA makeshift ladder for monkeys – can you spot them?

Bearand bears. I would’ve loved to see it climb up 😀 I wonder what that barrel is for? Vat 69 perhaps 😉

VikingMoving on, we come to boats. Not any ordinary boat but ones used by Vikings on their quest to fulfill their adventurous spirits 😀

ToolsThey used these tools to aid them in their boat building tasks.

PalkiBoats carry people over water while this carries people over land. Mostly rich people or brides – the first time she goes to her new home in a palki, veiled and decorated.

tortoiseNext we have two painted wooden tortoises. The black one is my favorite – which one is yours?

OwlA hanging owl with its unblinking gaze trained right at you 😀

Owl2Another owl with fine craftsmanship – yep my favorite. Yours?


And They Lived Happily Ever After

Photo (c) Janet Webb

And they lived happily ever after

Words 97

“How’s the girl?” They gheraoed him upon his return from the ‘date’, “Should we say yes?”

“She can’t read. And she sneezes a lot.”


“She’s weird. She insisted I order. Then she cancelled half the items.”

“Ah the thrifty kinds.”

“I’m starving! A wasted candlelight dinner.” He grumbled.


“How’s the boy?” She too was grilled.

“I’m starving.”

“Didn’t you eat?”

“I couldn’t! They are very poor.”


“The restaurant didn’t have any electricity; only funny smelling candles which made me sneeze.”

“Did you like the boy?”

“You should’ve let me wear my specs. It was impossible to see anything.”


Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and Janet Webb for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

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SPF: Look Within


Look Within

Words 194

“What’s the matter?” Madhu asked. “Had a tiff with your hubby?”

“When don’t I?” Trupti kicked a pebble, “All he thinks about is work and money.”

Madhu hesitated. “Perhaps you should…”

“Not you too!” Trupti groaned. “Have a baby and everything will be fine!”

“Perhaps you should learn to appreciate him.” Madhu advised. “Raghu’s a nice boy, steady, decent, doesn’t smoke or…”

“The perfect matrimonial catch.” Trupti sneered.

“Was there someone else?” A sudden doubt assailed Madhu.

“I don’t get this marriage business. Why can’t we lead our own lives, the way we want to?”

“Because each of us is incomplete.” Madhu said. “See that wall?”

“You should see it in spring, it turns orange…”

“Ever wonder why the creeper grows up?”

“To avoid getting trampled or munched up?”

“Not just security but also the space to showcase herself.”

“Yeah right!” Trupti scoffed.

“It’s there,” Madhu pointed out. “It’s up to her to utilize it.”

“What does he get?”

“She’s the wall’s raison d’etre, and also gives it stability and keeps it grounded.”

“But are they happy?”

“Nobody else can make you happy. You have to teach yourself to be happy, to be content.”


Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for the photo and hosting the challenge. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt, click here.

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