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Moonshine accompanies Rajani as she journeys through life fulfilling her roles as a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and of course mother. The story deals with the real problems faced by many young girls who are suddenly thrust into matrimony and expected to don multiple key roles about which they have no clue other than that gleaned from romantic spiels.

This (now completed) story spanning 240 chapters, maintains a lighthearted note for the first 100 or so chapters as it traces the protagonist’s life through her formative years. However, subsequently, it become darker and more difficult and even disturbing as it is too close to reality. If you like real stories, about real people (for that is what i have attempted to portray) I would be more than happy to have you read ahead and look forward to your reactions, views and opinions however they may be.

Otherwise you may prefer to read some other lighter short stories or just browse through the About page with its myriad links.

Get set and click on Part 1: Sugar and Spice ~~ off we go~~



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