This is Not Funny


What the &^&%^$!!!

Just when things were getting back on track, just when Addu played a masterstroke – incriminating photographing evidence for all to see – they had to go and spoil everything.

Vishesh Vashisht Mummy ka naya avatar dekh kar munh khula ka khula hi reh gaya tha – wow!

Even more evil and black-hearted than our Shyambabua.

Ab ayega mazaa I thought.

I rubbed my hands in glee and settled down to watch some more shenanigans unfold, uncritical and careless of creative licenses…

I didn’t even blink when PP baba, who was desperate for a ‘moonlight bath’ left his quarry in the bedroom and went downstairs to boast of his impending conquest.

Who does that? But of course it was to give the Martian that millisecond space to teleport himself beside ‘Chandani’ upon hearing her cry for help.

And I just smirked when Addu reached out in the middle of a garden and sprinkled water out of thin air.

Yeah sure why not – after all he is a Professor! Hydrogen and oxygen molecules combine at the click of his fingers hai ki nahi?

But what really got my goat was that specific reiteration – tumhe kisi ne chua nahi.

Haan mujhe usne chua nahi

“Oh!” Ting! Went Addu’s dimaag ki batti. “You mean all izz well? In that case, I am willing to overlook your complicity in getting my parents killed and losing my brother – perhaps you are blameless!”

Addu softens and leans towards his ‘bedaag’ Chandni.

Hey! Wait! What’s that?

She has a baby?

She’s a mother?

She is a ‘fallen’ woman – Q.E.D. Case closed.

And he is back to his bull in a china shop mode.

Oh please!

How medieval, regressive and patriarchal can one be?

Chikoo is nothing but a hypocritical cheapster…

Side note: It takes three days for a kidnapper to kill a schoolgirl?

Oh I forgot!

He CANNOT touch her….

Extra side note: Dhyan rahe, allergy ho toh treatment ki zaroorat nahi hai, only diagnosis and identification of trigger agent is enough.


12 thoughts on “This is Not Funny”

  1. I felt sorry for Chandani. Her (step)mum hates her. So glad AdvSR or is it Advay rescued her. Thank you for the Khulasa without which I would not be able to see the funny side of the IPK3.

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    1. It’s inexplicable that Chandni should know! How can she know her Stepmum hates her and digest the sweet nothings and protests by her sisters that mum loves jiji the most – the CVs have a short memory – unlike the viewers 😉 😀


  2. I watched yesterday’s episode. After being beaten senseless by the goondas the Martian made a miraculous recovery and floored them senseless.I never saw any action it must have happened when I blinked my eyes. Advay then rescues and blackmails the hapless Chandani into marrying him. Great stuff. Excellent acting by everyone. Wooden Russian dolls have better expressions. I wonder how long this is going to last.

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    1. Yesterday and day before were the worst episodes – the previous one had Mika singing and dancing more than half the time on a very obviously different set. And the curtains are back or rather they have run out of curtains and have begun to attack table cloths. They seem to be running out of that too and only a bit was left for AdvSR but enough to act as a bib for all that bloodshed. And the way the father appears and disappears is hilarious. Where were the two youngest siblings? Mikoo and the sis i forget her name…creating a drama of their own 😉

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  3. Looks like the Martian has turned into a mere earthling as soon as his revenge is over and done. He became sickly sweet Advay. Come Dahlia give us your acerbic Khulasa. Need something to offset the sweet being served right now.

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    1. Ahh dont get me started on this regressive turn of events. Yesterday’s promo had me boiling at the way AdvSR was dragging C like some evil MIL while the blind Nirupa Roy fell down and died (hopefully). And just after the triple talaq was banned, AdvSR goes and says main ek raat ke baad tumhe chod raha hoon? What bloody bullshit. Professor sahab businessman kab se ban gaye? Aur apna chatta bhi khud nahi utha sakte kya? Aur yeh bhi nahi pata ki asman se upar bhi asman hi hai?


  4. Hi Dahlia ,I hope you are watching the changing IPK3. Looks like it is turning into a Saas Bahu drama with evil mausi and step mum. More of Technicolour Lalita Pawar/Nirupa Roy sagas. And the end of the Flying Martian and birth of sweet soft Chikoo. What do you think?

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    1. not to mention the sickly sweet sister and the overcute lil baby boy. Btw did you notice how quickly Meghu dumped the baby back to C and she to Mamaji? Why did he shift base from London err Mars? Too hot for his three piece suits? 😉 😀


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