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Hello Hi peepools!

Kaisan ho Nandkisore! Sab kushal mangal?

I have been missing IPK and its associated weird, wacky, crazy, roller coaster days 😦  SS fever continues to strike me once in a while – check out Ek Jashan Yahan Bhi (if you haven’t already).

Once in a while I toy with the idea of restarting Silver Streaks, while at times I consider writing a different beginning for SS distinct from that of IPK. I have almost an irresistible (suicidal) urge to check if I can create an entirely new loop to SS – crazy isnt it? I fool around with the possibility of publishing SS as a book but then the way ahead is rather complicated and hazy.

While I dither and fret over the future course of action, I opted (for the moment) to go with the flow and succumb to the itch as and when the IPK keeda attacks. Mostly to see if they can still create magic 😉

What do you think? Are you game? Or am I going to have to go it alone? See you around (hopefully) and spread the word if you find it good enough. By the way, this is not a regular feature (yet). Just as and when inspiration strikes. Pssttt – Comments and suggestions also act as effective triggers 😉 😀

A final word (err well just a figure of speech 😉 ). I will be posting under Pages (like Moonshine) so you will not get email notification (even if you are subscribed) whenever an update is posted. However,  I will insert a note under the latest MS chapter and Post to save you the bother of checking everyday – although that’s what I would like best 😀

And here are the links to some of the other one-shots that are based on SS but lost in the maze of ever-scrolling list of posts. The others of course are listed under DM’s Desk section.

  1. A Dino Tale
  2. Crush(ed)
  3. The Denouement
  4. SPF: Nipped in the Bud
  5. FFfAW #94: Lost in the Wilderness
  6. SPF: It’s a Match
  7. FFfAW # 103: The Wager
  8. FFftPP# 27: Shooed Out
  9. Hook, Line and Sinker
  10. Redrawing Battle Lines
  11. The Stowaway
  12. SPF: Forced into the Backseat
  13. Faith & Fury

And since you are here, how about browsing through the blog – who knows you may find something to your liking 😀

Short stories (including flash fiction) or the long rambling yarn Moonshine, the A to Z of the Great Indian Wedding and lots and lots of photos under Clicks and Pics

No? Not interested? Just want to read #ipkknd #arshi related stuff? Well perhaps you may like to check out this link.

Don’t forget to let me know you were here 🙂


DMami 🙂

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