Whimsical Notes

Photo (c) Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Whimsical Notes

Words 100

“Do your homework.” She told her seven-year-old, who was sprawled on the bed, his nose buried in a book. “I’m going to the market.”

He scrabbled up. “Market? I’m coming with you.” He hunted for his shoes.

“What?! No!” She was taken aback. “It’s only vegetable shopping. You hate that…”

“Bad things happen to girls in parking lots.” He said darkly. “I can’t do anything,” he admitted, “but I can shout for help.”

My baby, my knight!

“Would you like to learn to play the guitar?” Perhaps that would distract him.

“Does he have a mustache?”

“The teacher? Yes.”



A true account written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and the photo prompt. To read the other stories click here



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45 thoughts on “Whimsical Notes”

    1. I must be at fault as you arent the only one. I was attempting to paint a picture of a young boy who is trying to cope with the influx of information yet retaining his own perspectives priorities and ideas and deciding factors like the mushtache

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    1. Or i have lost it🤔🙄 He is a young reader and has recently acquired knowledge regarding the birds and the bees and is trying to assimilate it. The newspaper accounts of women being assaulted have made him apprehensive abt his mother’s safety. Yet he is young enough to have a different set of priorities and prejudicez i.e. mustache maketh the man

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  1. Made perfect sense to me. Mom wanting to go alone to market. Boy wanted to protect her, logically inferring from something that parking lots are unsafe. Easily veered to a new subject, music, by mom, his primary concern about the lessons being, of course, the facial hair of the instructor. Very convincing portrayal of a little kid!

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  2. Dear Dahlia,

    I can see by the comments that I wasn’t the only one thrown off by the switch in the story. The guitar lesson didn’t seem to fit. However, having said that, I loved that her seven-year-old wanted to protect her. Makes me think of when my sons were young.



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    1. The conversation is almost as it actually happened, except I asked my son about the guitar lesson on another day as his obsession and concern grew. One day he had dragged his octogenarian grandfather all the way to the main gate to ‘hunt’ for me as it was dark and i was late. I suggested guitar lessons to him to take his mind off me and he threw me with his precondition. 😀


  3. I’ll have to agree with the Fairy BlogMother on this one. I was a little thrown too.

    I am curious though as to WHY she was so adamant that he not go to the market with her? That part made me wonder what SHE was up to.

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    1. 😀 She knew from experience that he would be bored and would nag her to death at the market. Thanks for visiting Russel – i shall do better next time 🙂


  4. I got it Dahlia. You’re right, it’s odd the things kids kind of understand in their own way and the things they don’t, they ways they remain children and how they can sound very adult sometimes. I liked the randomness of the moustache – very child like

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  5. I understood perfectly. Some children are so easily distracted from one train of thought to another, often revealing deep-seated anxieties as they grass hopper through the day. Nicely done. Don’t always assume it’s your fault when people don’t ‘get it’. That way lies … if not madness… then disillusionment. 🙂

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  6. Hahaa… I know this story!! A sweet gesture with an even sweeter query, completely knocking you off with overwhelming love!! So cute!!

    Quite a far cry from your repertoire of short stories!!

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