Chapter 431: Bit of a Perspective

Anya was silent as she relooked at the situation.

“Anya dear, don’t forget, only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, so,” Khushi smiled, “sometimes you have to take off your own shoes and wear the other’s shoes to get an idea of where it is pinching him! Think from Sherry’s perspective dear, his lofty plans were a total flop wasn’t it? The kids were cranky and you were starving so what did he get for his pains – his wife walking out on him in a huff? Worse, she took his darling girls too! Was life fair to him?” Khushi drove home her point.

“I hate being taken for granted,” cornered Anya lashed out, “ek phone toh kar sakta tha? At least tell me that weren’t going out for dinner that guests were coming? At least I would have straightened up the mess at home,” she shuddered, “it was so embarrassing, the whole house was in a mess!”

“Aur iske liye tum ghar chhod dogi? Woh bhi bina bataye?” Khushi asked incredulously.

Anya flushed, “toh main kya karti, chup chaap sab sehti rahoon?”

Khushi looked at Anya, “No doubt there is a larger issue with you of being overworked and overtired, on top it you are on a diet, irritability and exhaustion is not surprising but if we take the events of the last evening – Sherry bringing guests home – per se that is nothing to get annoyed and upset about is it?” Khushi spread her hands and shrugged helplessly, “I mean yes you had plans, imaginary plans,” she stressed, “to go out with Sherry but in all likelihood the babies would not have let you have the kind of romantic quiet dinner you had in mind, phir kya karti? Babies ko chhod kar chalee aati?”

Anya flushed, “Maami you know I would never do that!” she protested.

Khushi shook her head, “No I don’t know that, for I never expected you to behave in such an immature impulsive manner in the first place, who knows what else you have in store for us,” she shrugged.

“Maami!” Anya was aghast, “Aap aise kaise keh sakte hai?! I think I must be the only person in the whole world whose parents don’t support me, instead they support the Jamai raja,” she said bitterly, “You know so many of my friends have packed their bags and gone off to their parents’ place where they have been welcomed with open arms not…not vilified like this,” Anya was in tears.

Khushi’s heart went out to the poor girl but she steeled herself – marriage (not to mention parenting) was a tricky business and not meant for the lily-livered.

“Aur tabhi toh hum kehte hain, aaj kal everyone knows their rights but not their duties,” both Khushi and Anya turned around in surprise.

Nani was standing at the doorway, flanked by Anjali and Arnav, “Aaiye Nani aaiye,” relieved Khushi escorted Nani inside and pulled a chair for her, sparing a warning frown for Arnav to keep his mouth shut and temper under control; he looked surprisingly calm; in fact he gently blinked at her and shoved his hands into his pockets as he stood by the doorway – Khushi’s heart thudded and she blushed pata nahi Laad Governor ne kya suna and more importantly kya samjha!

“Nani aap bhi mere side nahi hai,” Anya said in a small voice as tears slid down her cheeks.

“Bas bas bitiya bas,” Nani affectionately wiped her tears with her pallu, “Don’t you get it dear, Sherry and aur tum ek hi side main toh ho?” she said gently, “Life is difficult as it is with many battles ahead and the institution of marriage has been created so that both of you can face these together, side by side and not to spend your lives fighting with each trying to establish dominance over the other! Sara energy issi main waste ho jayega toh how will you deal with the myriad crises that dog the householder’s lives? Abhi toh bahut papad belna baaki hai – the children will grow up and become even more naughty, they are bound to fall ill, have issues in school, break a bone or two and of course their hearts too, and if their parents aren’t mature enough to deal with their own problems how will they provide emotional support to their children,” Nani caressed Anya’s head, “Patience and tehrav will win you more than any battle could, kabhi kabhi you should go out and look at the trees – come rain, come hail or storm, they stand unmoved and unyielding firm in their resolve and strength of purpose, and they never think ‘why only me’ nor do they stop giving shade thinking ‘what’s in it for me’ do they? You have to do certain things in life because that’s your life’s purpose,” Nani explained.

Anya made a face, “All very well Nani, but I am not a tree am I? I am a live living person with emotions and feelings,” she shrugged unhappily, “Probably would have been easier and better if I had been a tree.”

Nani sighed and adjusted her pallu, “Fair enough,” she nodded, “Then you can look to Khushi bitiya and learn a thing or two.”

“Mami!”All eyes swung to Khushi who flushed a deep red and looked away only to clash with Arnav’s eyes trained on her – the expression in his eyes and the swirling RV – it was a miracle that Khushi didn’t swoon right there and then. And it took all of Khushi’s self-control not to melt into his arms – Arnav wasn’t so hampered by societal norms, he simply reached out and slid his arm around her, his warm breath stirred the tendrils around her ear as he whispered huskily only for her ears, ‘Kkkhhushiii’

Khushi forgot where they were and drowned in the intoxicating heady rush of the moment – before the tsunami of ‘sanskar’ overwhelmed her and she stiffened, “Yeh kya kar rahein hain aap?” she hissed as she attempted to free herself.

Arnav just pulled closer and swung her out of the doorway, out of sight and cupped her face, “I love you Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada more than you will ever know,” he murmured softly as he stared down at her intently. His intense unmistakable sincere emotions shook Khushi to the very core, tears crowded her eyes, her throat closed up and her lips quivered, “Ahh Khushi,” whispered Arnav rather helplessly before stealing the tremble from her lips, which unashamedly clung to his.

Sanity returned soon enough and she withdrew, “What was that for?” she said gruffly trying to reign in her rioting emotions as the insistent RV persisted in playing havoc with her senses.

Arnav’s lips twisted, he raised a hand to straighten her lock, “That was for ‘wearing’ my shoes ever so often,” he blinked at her.

The RV swirled and whirled around in an ecstatic daze.

“But then on second thoughts,” he said musingly after a while, “itna bhi mahan kaam nahi karti ho,” she looked at him questioningly, he shrugged the faintest twinkle in his eyes, “After all, your feet are smaller than mine so its really no big deal,” he stated rather arrogantly.

Khushi’s mouth was a round O and her eyes narrowed as she looked at him incredulously, “Aaap aise,” she began hotly but then he stole her breath again and before she could recover completely he pushed her back in the room, “Kya Khushi itna important discussion chal raha hai aur tum yahan par apne husband ke saath romance kar rahi ho? Hawww,” he mocked her.

Khushi pressed her lips together and turned around to shoot daggers with her eyes (even though man hi man laddoo phoot rahe the) as she stumbled into the room while he simply crossed his arms and smirked, “Kya hua Mami?” Anya asked concernedly.

“Kuch nahi Anya,” Khushi brushed it away, “Just a minor demonstration of the Laad Governor’s high-handedness,” she pulled a face at Arnav who was leaning against the doorway wearing a half smile.

It was all Khushi could do not to fly right back into his arms.

That day was clearly RV’s day out.


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11 thoughts on “Chapter 431: Bit of a Perspective”

  1. I’m so thrilled Arnav heard all that! It’s not that he isn’t aware of it, but the ASR in him needs to hear it articulated.
    You go RV! We’re all right there with you 💃


  2. Anya was correct in leaving. Really at least her maika should have been more sympathetic to her plight. It is not easy to look after one baby let alone two. SSR could have helped more or at least be with her a bit more. But he has to bring so-called guests home(so what if he was cooking?). It would have been better if he came home early and even if they did not go out he could have cooked for her and take her and the kids out for an ice cream
    Anya is at a low self-esteem. She does not need stupid(I think) advise by her own family. Perhaps she should have stayed put, get depressed, stop eating and become ill. Then everyone would have rallied around her.
    She did right in leaving because now SSR and the others may realise that Anya needs more practical help and not advise what she should do / should have done. Why only Anya has to make changes?
    Thank you for the updates.
    Good Night Dahlia.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello writerji.. i m prachi & have found your gem accidentally.. what a marathon it has been for me ..430 chapters in few weeks. Brilliant & marvelous u r.. sabse mahatvpoorn aapne sabhi kirdaro ko dharawahik ke itne sameep rakha hai ki lagta hi nahi kahani padh rahe hai.. a round of applause for that👏👏👏👏.. since its not possible to comnent on 400+ chapters, i m starting from current one.. which is anya.. u know for me jury is still out.. what khushi & all r advising anya is rt.. in marriage more or less wife has to compromise more.. bitter but sadly true.. but what i m waiting to see how much class & advise will b given to sherry.. kyunki this excuse that ki oh arnav aisa hai tho sherry bhi hoga aur phir inke bete aur pote bhi aise honge.. ya phir khushi, nani etc ne kiya tho anya ko bhi same to same karna hoga.. both r extremely poor & pathetic excuse..kyunki one will not get khushi in every generation. For every raizada & malkik boy.. somewhere d women of raizada & mallik clan has to start teaching their boys too.. kyunki har ladki khushi nahi hoti.. aur aisa expect karna bhi bewakoofi hai.. & if d boys of raizada & mallik clan r going to b this way, with support of their maa, dadi, di & bhabhi.. than sooner or later broken relations is d future for them.. yes what anya did was extremely childish & immature but kya galati sirf uski hai??? Kya arnav ki tarah hona itni shaan ki baat hai ki uske khilaf toh bahut door, usse advise ya question karna bhi paap hai?? Since this matter is still going on.. i m still waiting that after giving hours & days of advise to anya. Rt from nani to anjali to khushi.. atleast sab na sahi but koi 1 tho sherry ko question karega?? Because seriously all said & done, rt now it is looking like anya is in her sasural, getting reprimanded from her nanand, jethani & nani saas..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Prachi welcome aboard and sorry for the delay in responding. For some reason the comment had been delivered to spam and just by chance I visited and retrieved it. You are so right – sab Khushi nahi hote and it is time the boys shaped up. But the problem is that boys dont read this kind of stuff, girls do and when they get into a relationship they are so defensive and determined not to be Khushi that they go the other extreme. Ultimately, even if a couple does manage fifty fifty, it’s the children who tilt the balance – and she is forced to toe the line. That’s why inlaws stress so much on a pota/poti for then she will be stuck. Look forward to your hours and days of advice to Anya (and by default us) and many thanks for your kind words 🙂


      1. U r really going too good.. this akash & arnav matter, reminds me of my family.. my father is 7 brothers, so u can imagine how many tu tu main we have within family.. & yes over d yrs, there have been major discords between brothers & subsequently d relation of wives & chidren is also affected.. but u know what, jitne achanak se sab kuch badal jata hai, waise se ek din achanak sab teek ho jata hai.. & than its like, did something happen ever?? Thats beauty of sibling relationship.. maybe there is bitterness for a period of time but d relation is so deep, that when hearts meet again, bitterness vanish.. yes u learn from it, some changes occur but ultimately whats matter is togetherness & love..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes I agree with your observations, between family often it just takes a small gesture to bring things back to normal. That’s the best part about family and yet the worst part is that often people are not willing to yield even that much – like in the Mahabharata, the entire Kurukshetra could have been avoided but Duryodhana was adamant in not even giving land equivalent to the tip of the needle.


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